December 16, 2022

Friday things, 12/16

Why are my Friday posts always up late? I just cannot bring myself to write them before Friday...that must be it. Also, was up half the night with a congested baby and a Wells who was complaining of every ache and pain he could think of (mostly to get himself out of a bath, initially). But we have next week and the week after to recuperate. I am making such a slow climb toward not being sick. Every day I feel better but, whatever bug I've had, it's been hanging on for 2 1/2 weeks. 

1. The White Lotus. If you're not watching, you've got two full seasons to enjoy now! It's great. It's just fantastic story-telling, casting, and characters. Worth the HBO Max subscription. While the seasons are very different in many ways, you do need to watch the first one to understand the second. 

2. Wells stayed on stage this year. He had a Christmas program at school and, if you remember, 3 year old Wells didn't do great. He cried and he sat with me during the performance last year. This year, he was one of the better-behaved kids up on the stage. 


This was still preferable (by a long shot!) to being 26 weeks pregnant, holding a crying 3 year old, with Scott being in Texas for the week. (i.e. last year)

3. The Dyatlov Pass episodes of The Prosecutors. I finally listened to them this week and there's so much to process. Highly recommend. 

4. This recipe was SO good. SO GOOD. As in, I will probably make it again next week. Cannot say enough good things about it. Please make it. 


This is so true: Any time a kid does anything that is not what you want, you, as the teacher, are told to ask yourself what YOU could be doing differently. bUiLd ThOsE rElAtIoNsHiPs, team. 


'Tis the season for elves, sickness, etc.

And Weekend things


  1. The card meme... that is so me. I'm like, yeah, i got it & as the cards are dealt - total blank... how is this played again? LOL
    I just started S2 of White Lotus & trying to avoid all spoilers!

  2. Thanks for the recipe recommendation! I love her website, so I'm sure this is a good one!


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