December 19, 2022

Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

I started my shopping super early this year, but I always find myself looking for one last gift for someone. I thought back to what I've grabbed to gift in the last week or so and then a few things that are just total five-star recommendations and would make perfect gifts that are not gift cards. 

For baby: Bath toys. I grabbed these for Sutton last week. The poor baby has no bath toys. She plays with whatever Wells has in the tub already. This consists of a plastic R2D2 he got from the school treasure box last year and some rubber goldfish from swimming lessons in Pittsburgh. This was a necessity. We had a similar set when Wells was a baby and he loved them. 

For toddler/preschooler: Hooded dinosaur blanket. I cannot even emphasize how much I love this thing. Wells' aunt and uncle sent it to him last spring. It is so soft and so comfortable and he sleeps with it every night. The head is like a built in pillow. It comes in all different types of animals. In fact, I sent one to our niece for her birthday (in pink) because it's that great. I almost want to grab one for Sutton for the future. I really do just love the Pillow Fort brand in general because it's pretty high-quality. I also got him the matching dino pillow and a complimentary comforter that is so soft and warm that I've been known to take it and use it. 

For girls. (or myself) These knit beanies. I am super picky about how beanies feel on my head. This is a good one. It's soft, not itchy, not staticky, and tight enough to be functional. (I absolutely tried it on in the store to make sure I'd like it.) 

For boys. (or husbands :) A team shirt. Scott got a Bills t-shirt for his birthday and he's getting a sweatshirt for Christmas. I feel like any boy, teen, or adult male would be perfectly happy with a team shirt. 

For teachers: (cute) School supplies. I got these fun pastel highlighters for Wells' teacher and I gave her a key ring and some chocolate too. 

What are your go-to ideas for gifts? (I do do gift cards but I kind of hate them, you know?)

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