December 20, 2022

Best Books of 2022

What a year. 

I started out with a very modest goal of 20 books. I had no expectations other than "keep reading, don't stop reading". 

While I read a few great books in January and February, it wasn't until I had a newborn in March and I was feeding her 8-10 times a day that I really started reading again. I am one million percent a Kindle reader. In the last few months, I've become a Kindle-app-on-my-phone reader because then I don't need to keep track of a separate device that way. I prefer to do any non-fiction through audio so, as Sutton has gotten older (and distracted by the screen of a phone or Kindle), I tend just listen to a book or podcast while I feed her. 

Goodreads has all stats available if you've hit your goal for the year, so here is that, and then I'll show you the books and my most-recommended if you're working on those TBRs for 2023.

*I am entirely aware that I dropped the ball and stopped posting books on Instagram. I should do a catch-up there before the end of the year.*

Starting at the beginning of 2022...

The Paper Palace was fantastic.
So was The Lies I Tell.

Stay Awake was good.
The One was terrific.
His & Hers was a favorite of the year. 

The First Shot was an excellent prequel.
When You Disappeared was amazing.
Apparently I gave The Other Wife 5 stars but I couldn't even remember what it was about. I had to look it up. 

The Housemaid was SO good.

The Good Samaritan was mind-blowing.

Live Your Truth and More Than a Healer are Christian must-reads. 


Favorite authors this year were Freida McFadden and John Marrs 

Favorite books were probably The Paper Palace, The Housemaid, His & Hers, The One, and The Good Samaritan.

Least favorite books: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, Darling Girl, and All Good People Here.
I had multiple DNFs that I won't go into and didn't bother explaining why I didn't finish. But those three ^ are ones I could articulate an opinion on why I didn't like them and we could happily discuss and go back and forth. 

Looking ahead, I'm not sure what my reading goal for 2023 will be. I have majorly slowed down my reading in the last few months, so maybe I'll start with 40 and see where it takes me? 

What was your best book of 2022? 
What are your reading goals for 2023?


  1. That's impressive that you doubled your goal! I also really liked The One and need to check out some of his other books.

  2. Yep.. some of these, I'm writing down to look out myself for. The Good Samaritan especially!
    That's so funny that Tomorrow, (etc) is so popular everywhere. It has won so many Best of year awards. You just never know what sticks for you.


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