May 16, 2022

Weekend Photos.

We're finally at a place where we can borrow library books and I don't worry for their well-being. 

Very hot Saturday. 

This is Sutton's elephant. On Friday, Wells wrestled it, "killed" it, said a prayer (Dear God, thank you for the food so good, help us do the things we should. Amen.), and "ate" it. 

I use the BruMate because I have two and they're FINE, but I'm not impressed. Also, baby moved to her own room this weekend. I kept her in the bassinet, not the crib yet, because she sleeps so well in the bassinet. 

Have I spent $8 this weekend on buying new episodes of Better Call Saul on Amazon? I have. 

Much nicer out yesterday.
Scout is...somewhere. 

May 13, 2022

Friday Favorites: Movies

This week got away from me. I blame it on the fact that I had, like, one thing to do Monday morning and that just meant I had to recuperate all of Monday into Tuesday and just kind of went from there. 

I had a conversation with Scott weeks ago about how I don't know what it says about me that my two favorite movies are Taken and Law Abiding Citizen

If you know me, you know I'm rarely a movie person. I prefer a long drawn out series I can spend weeks watching on a streaming network. Breaking Bad, Weeds, Friday Night Lights...even rewatching The Office...I need it to be never-ending. 

(I also don't know what it says about me that Wells and I watched El Camino together yesterday...I had the subtitles on and the volume way down soooo..judge not lest ye be judged and all that.)

Here is our winner for most evil TV villain of all time, by the way. 

Taken. Easily the best movie of whatever year it came out. Liam Neeson's best work for sure. This needs to be the plot enacted by parents today more readily. (I think this is how the movie discussion came up...talking about how you'd literally kill to protect your children.)

Law Abiding Citizen. I feel like this didn't get enough notoriety. Maybe it did? I think it was 2009 when it came out, so the internet was as BIG then so maybe I didn't notice. But a friend in Alaska mentioned this once, and then Scott said it was good, and so we watched it together. It's intense. I recommend it, whole-heartedly. It's like Dexter meets ...Taken? Yes, Dexter meets Taken. 

Unfaithful. Diane Lane is a treasure. There is something so sad and haunting about this movie. Was it a book? It should be a book. If you like a domestic literary thriller-type of book, this movie is for you. If you haven't seen this, find it. 

The Other Guys. This is the funniest movie. We watch it regularly, especially if it's been a long or hard week. I also just love Mark Wahlberg. I'll watch anything with him in it. Like Ted. We definitely own the movie Ted

National Treasure. I love a good Nicholas Cage adventure movie and this is possibly the best ever. A student told me this year that NT was his favorite movie. And then I had to tell the story about how NT 3 was supposed to come out in 2011 and I will always be sad about that project being canceled. Still, to this day, I am sad about it. 

Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I don't even know what it is about this movie. The cast, the storyline, the self-deprecating comedy, the writing. It's a winner. 

Such a loaded question here, but what's your favorite movie? 

May 6, 2022

Friday Things.

I've been making the poor choice to stay up late watching Netflix and the baby chose to be up from 2:30-5:00am this morning, just reinforcing how poor my choices have been... so let's try this in real time.

1. This week in i-hate-the-library:

6 months. For an ebook. 

2. My mom has been watching Call the Midwife and I cannot with that show. It's so depressing. I read the book years ago and it was fine, but I just find all the helpless babies so sad to watch.

3. I was supposed to go visit my class today but all of Missouri is flooded out and half the base is closed and the route we take follows the river and it's unpredictable. So no. The last time we lived here, our road flooded constantly and it was very stressful to live like that.  

4. This week I went to the dentist after procrastinating since January...don't recommend a dentist trip 6 weeks after having a baby. The hormones are still very much in your system, so holy bleeding gums. I also had a doctor's appointment, which I suppose I could go more into on IG stories. I went to the chiropractor, where they popped my hip back into place (they've been doing this since I was 30 weeks pregnant). She said it'll take up to 6 months for the ligaments to go back into place, which sounds exactly like something a chiropractor would say to keep you coming back. I took a load of boxes and bags to donate because I'm purging all the things. I also picked up the baby's birth certificate and made it to the post office to mail some gifts. I still feel like I accomplished nothing, so there's that. 

5. Things I did not do: have any success with the 3 books I'm trying to read. They're just not pulling me in. I hate spending my lounging around time on Twitter or Netflix, but those are both better options than reading books that aren't that great. 

6. Doing Pilates after bedtime, I know, is not going to work long-term because it'll take very little to throw off this routine..if I'm tired, if someone won't go down easily...but late-night Pilates has always been my thing. Fitting it into nap times or baby playtime is always a second choice. 

7.  I'm sorry, but this tweet cannot be shared enough times:

Happy Mother's Day!

May 3, 2022

Bought lately.

I've really been splitting my online shopping between Amazon and Target lately when it comes to things I "need". Amazon is where I go when I need something. Target is a close second. Walmart is only of use to me because it's there. (I have to say that the clothing, still, at Target is horrendous this spring and Walmart...I know you all love shopping there for random clothing pieces! just as bad. So, still at a loss on where to shop for clothing that is practical for summer as a SAHM.)

This baby gym. I really like it so far. We didn't have one with Wells. 

Wells' aunt and uncle sent him this dino blanket and it's pretty adorable and amazing. It's so soft that I'm jealous. I got him the pillow to match. I also got him a Pillowfort comforter from Target and it's so comfortable that I want one. Then I got one of the dino blankets in pink to send to Wells' cousin for her birthday this month. 

And onto Amazon...

I absolutely love our carpet and upholstery scrubber/cleaner. We use it all the time! Carpets, couches, etc. About a month ago, it was in the garage and a giant box fell off the shelf and landed right on the upholstery nozzle and smashed it to pieces. What are the chances? So I googled and ordered just the nozzle and it works perfectly. I alternate cleaning solutions. This is the one I grabbed most recently. 

Eye cream. This is my favorite and I've bought it multiple times. It's necessary since I'm up twice a night, at least, right now. 

Mouse traps. Ugh. But these are my favorite ones. Also, I do not reuse mouse traps. I'm not into that nonsense. 

That's kind of it for this month. I feel like I'm buying things all the time but, really, it's just formula from Amazon other than those few necessities.

I also did some in-person shopping this week, which is rare for me. But I had to go to Springfield, so I made it worth my while picking up some baby gifts, some decorations for the house, and a clutch for me (for inside the diaper bag). 

May 2, 2022

May Goals.

I haven't set goals since February and I'm not crazy enough to look back at them now.  March was unpredictable. April was survival mode. May is going to be survival mode too but I have to jump back in at some point. 

flower-planing is a goal this month too. our neighbor said the last people who lived here chopped down the most beautiful lilac bush. this year, for the first time, it's started to come back. 

1.  Do the May calendar for The Balanced Life. I'm committing to a full month of pilates before jumping back into any kind of cardio. I haven't done regular pilates since...oh-em-gee, maybe last May? I'm super excited to watch pilates work its magic in the post-partum months. I'll add in cardio workouts soon enough, but it feels good to know I have the confidence in the tried and true workouts I love and don't need to push myself into sweating to feel progress. 

2. Begin and follow through on a full month of Bible reading, going along with this plan

3. Read the two books that I have started but not been patient enough to sit down and finish. 

I have a lot of other random tasks on my plate for the month...packing up my classroom, cutting the grass, planting flowers, making a vet appointment, sorting through boxes in the garage and barn...

So I'm going to say if I can do #s 1 and 2 up there, I am going to reward myself with some book purchases. I very rarely buy books. Almost never, in fact. But, since my library is so bad that I've actually complained, I am going to be willing to spend a bit of money on books. I've always found it absolutely pointless to buy stacks of books you just have to store (and move around) when libraries offer them for F-R-E-E. But when I can't get an ebook I want to read for a least 6 months, I have to just throw in the towel. 

Again, I'm just kind of posting these for public accountability. Some days right now, honestly, my only goal is to make sure I have dinner made.

Any goals for May? 

April 29, 2022

Friday Recommendations #9

1. Align leggings.

Everyone sings the praises of Align leggings. I agree. I splurged on a pair in January 2021 and they are great for running errands or walking dogs. I don't buy random off-brand leggings, like ever, because they usually don't work out for me. 

However, I would never call these lounging around leggings. 

But, the point here: I put these on the other day and they fit perfectly. I'm certainly not as toned as the last time I tried them on (a year ago, probably) but they really are incredibly well-made and now I see why bloggers are always recommending them for pregnancy and post-partum. They were worth the investment because they are definitely the high quality you pay for with this brand. 

2. New trashcan. 

I have a thing with trashcans. When you move a lot, you have to plan on packing your trashcans and it's always one of the last things that get packed and usually gets damaged in some way because it's a mad rush during those days. I went through two in Colorado because I broke one. I left the nice one with Scott in CO when I was in Wyoming and then it got all messed up because he was remodeling things. Then I left it in Pittsburgh while I drove Wells to Kansas and didn't have a trashcan for a month so I bought a cheap small plastic one for temporary use. And then the trashcan got packed up and I didn't get it in Missouri until we were here for like a month so I started using that plastic one again because that got unpacked quickly for some reason. By the time the "nice" trashcan got unpacked, it was a mess and I've never felt like cleaning it so it's just been sitting in the garage. It's a whole long story, right?

So after almost a year of using a less than great trashcan, I bought myself a present. When we got home, Scott was like "another trashcan? seriously?". 

Checking all of the options

I know most people don't think about trashcans twice, but when you're always moving where's-the-trashcan-? is a big deal because it's really one of the kitchen necessities, you know? 

I really like this one that I chose. I can't find it on the website but the quality of the brand is pretty legitimate overall. Since I'm so picky about trashcans, the Simple Human brand has been one I've always wanted to get. 

3. Watership Down. 

This is a show on Netflix based on a book. It is not, I repeat not, for children. When I walked by the living room last week and saw it on, I thought it was the movie Hop, which Wells has watched before. Turns out, Wells was in the kitchen and Scott was watching by himself and I thought it was weird that Scott was watching Hop. But no. Not Hop. 

Watership Down has a true Animal Farm feel. Animal Farm is a book that, apparently, not enough of us have read, so go do that as a bonus recommendation. 

I can't say I truly enjoyed Watership Down because I just thought it was really weird, but it's worth your time if you feel like something thought-provoking. 

April 27, 2022

What's Up Wednesday.

Let's have at this. I have a few posts I wanted to write but I've got 15-20 tabs open all the time and am easily distracted right now. 

What we're eating this week:

My mom has done a bit of the cooking lately. She made meatloaf, which is my least favorite food in the entire world. Scott enjoyed it though. He knows he only gets meatloaf when one of our moms make it. So maybe once a year. Wells cried and spit it out, which proves he's my child. Scott said he's never seen anyone cry over meatloaf and he really should've hung around our house when I was little. I cried a lot on meatloaf night. 

What I'm loving:

Wells' imaginative play. 

What I've been up to:

Mostly picking up toys ^^^ . Also, procrastinating the most basic of household tasks (phone calls, mailing things, putting away dishes) while formulating a game plan for purging all baby clothes/gear we don't need and toys I don't want or need. Then I'm moving onto Excess Kitchen and Extra Decor (as the boxes are labeled). This is the first spring in 3 years that we haven't moved to a new house/state, so I am determined that we will not be hauling boxes of Unnecessary Things along on the next move. 

What I'm dreading: 

Going to the doctor next week. 

What I'm working on:

I bought a Bible in a Year plan. Haven't started it yet. It's here though. I was thinking to start May 1st. I wasn't feeling The Bible Recap this year. 

What I'm excited about:

Starting to work out again. I haven't decided if I want to actually go for a gym membership when there's so many at-home options. I think getting out of the house is important so I might look at a new gym here in town that has childcare. 

What I'm watching/reading:

I am doing a re-watch of Breaking Bad. After watching Better Call Saul, you see things in BB that you don't notice the first time and/or don't make sense, originally. I get pretty analytical about it all. Also, I plan on digging into a re-watch of El Camino afterward. (You don't have to tell me how productively I'm using my time off work. I already know.)

I grabbed The Club as a daily deal on Amazon the other day, since I am one week into a 6 month wait for it at the library and all. 

What I'm listening to:

I listen to exactly 3 podcasts every day. Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, and Allie Stuckey's Relatable. Some days I don't get through all of them and it rolls over. 

What I'm wearing:


I actually have a planned post on a maternity/post-partum clothing hack, so I'm basically not wearing anything new or special as I navigate the first few months after baby. Jumping back into things that are impulse buys (because after 9 months of being pregnant and dreaming about regular clothes again, everything would be an impulse buy!) isn't a great strategy for me. 

Um, plus, have you seen the hideous things in the stores? I don't know what Target is thinking and I don't know why Old Navy is following suit. They are my go-to stores for summer clothes. In addition, I was out and about the last couple of days: there is a shocking number of crop tops to be found in the wild. WHY. Truly, even if I had a huge clothing need and the money burning a hole in my pocket, I don't know where I would shop. 

What I'm doing this weekend:

I kinda wanted to plant some flowers. But I might need to wait til post-Mother's Day. Isn't that the rule? It's still kinda cold here. 

What I'm looking forward to next month:

Finding some sort of routine and some sort of normal, whatever that may be. Also, packing up my classroom. I mean, maybe that'll be a lot of work, but time to close the book on school, you know? 

April 25, 2022

Monday Memes.


I was in a cycle of avoidance with work emails last week. 
Like, I'd read them, feel like ^ for a day, then reply. 

We are getting dangerously close to this territory, shuffling furniture from one kid's room to the other. Poor Wells has a bed now. I'll show you the results when it's all finished. Maybe by summer. 

I have to say: I love Mondays now. 

                                                       A line must be drawn somewhere. 

April 21, 2022

Stuff and Things. 4/21

 I need a place to put my thoughts that isn't IG stories, so here we are. Back to Stuff and Things. 

Wells had his first Easter egg hunt, bounce house included, this week. It was like a cool #fall day in Missouri. 

Sutton enjoyed it as well:

This is the stroller I got. I'm not super sold on it yet but I think it'll do the job. It's really heavy. 

(I set it up for the first time about 27 minutes before we left the house.)

+I continue to be thoroughly disappointed in the local library. 6 months, at least. for an ebook. I'm still 3 months away from books I put on hold in December and January. 

I am truly unsettled by the "immunocompromised excuse". 
Almost anything falls into this category.
We all have pre-existing conditions if we want to see it that way. Those who are truly immunocompromised will take the precautions covid or no covid. 

+ In other news, we are now glorifying how wonderful it must have been to be a serf in the feudal system: 

+ Attempting to get out when the weather is decent. 

+ And, I realize I never posted about Easter. There are no sibling pictures because...well, there are sibling pictures but both of them looked so absolutely horrified at the prospect of sitting next to each other that I will not put those on the internet for now. 

April 19, 2022

One month (!) of Sutton

 I can't believe it's been a month. 

+She does enjoy her pacifier so far, which is something Wells had grown out of by 2 weeks old. We've got like 7 of them floating around now. I tried with that kid, often, and he never really took to one. With Sutton, I can't put it in her bassinet at night with her. She will see it, try to get to it, get angry, and yell. And we don't give it to her at night because she'll lose it and then want it and then no one sleeps, ever. 

+She does not tolerate a swaddle. Not even a little bit. I started leaving her arms out around 2 weeks old because she likes to roll to her side. Now, I just wrap a swaddle blanket (she does. not. tolerate. the velcro.) around her legs to keep her warm and in place. 

+She gained almost a pound in 2 1/2 weeks and she's definitely getting bigger and filling out. She was 6 lbs 6 oz when she was born and up to 7 lbs 2 oz at her two week appointment. She eats constantly. She grew out of her preemie sleepers and is fitting perfectly into newborn clothes and will be in 3-month ones soon. Still newborn diapers all the way. They finally aren't way too big. 

+Sleep is what it is, I guess. I wake up like 3 times a night to feed her. Right now, it's usually 12am, 3 or 4am, and then 6am-ish. 

+In regards to mom has been here to help and it's like having a day nurse instead of a night nurse. She takes care of the baby so much during the day that I'm able to sleep til 9am and take a nap when I have a chance in the afternoon. 

+That's pretty much it. She's a newborn still...she eats, she sleeps, and she gets her diaper changed. She is completely edible though and, after a rough start for the first week or so, I spend a lot of time snuggling her and feeling her hair. 

+As for post-partum life, I really, really just want to be able to work out again. I have only been on two walks since she's been born because the weather has been kind of awful this spring. The poor kid rarely gets outside. I am doing some post-partum yoga but my chiropractor told me not to do too much right now...she's been more helpful than the actual doctors have. I am really itching to get back to Pilates but I know the core work needs to be eased into slowly. 

As for the health part of recovery, I post a lot on Instagram about that if you want to go listen to my rambling stories. You can go to Sutton's birth story here if you want more on that. 

Aside from the fact that I could really use like 6 hours of sleep in a row, she's absolutely perfect and we completely adore her.