December 12, 2022

2 Weekends Before Christmas things.

The best part about not being a teacher this week:

I don't miss a single second of this nonsense. 

I'm not a huge fan of Christmas movies, especially of the Hallmark variety. There's two Christmas shows I will 100% go out of my way to watch each year though. The Santa Clause (original only) and Prep and Landing.

I admit I went through a Hallmark movie period/phase. It was like 2015-2017? That was a really hard time, personally, dealing with infertility and Christmas and I don't look back on it fondly all of the time. So the movies get wrapped into things that I'd rather not be reminded of. Is that weird? It's weird, I'm sure. Either way, I like a few of the classics and that's about it. 

While we're at it:

Onto weekend things...

Still sick-ish. Still haven't sent Christmas cards out. Still haven't wrapped (let alone mailed) all the Christmas presents. 

Wells and I made Scott a belated birthday cake last week.

Wells' little advent calendar. He brings it to me around 6am each day asking if he can have it. I've just started saying yes. It's easier. 
He figured out how this thing worked REAL quick.

We built this cookie house that we bought last month. It wasn't nearly as easy to decorate as they made it look. Luckily he's 4 and doesn't care. 

Scott stained the beams he put in a few weeks ago.
The long version of the story is that the ceiling was sagging due to poor construction methods in the roof/attic. So he had to reinforce the ceiling last fall. This year, he got around to boxing in the poles and then he stained them on Saturday. I went over them with polyurethane on Sunday.
I just love this walnut stain.

I re-polyurethaned the steps too. 

We have so many pictures of Wells in this thing because he loved it. She's hit or miss. 

...and this morning, not only did I oversleep but, I got a message from preschool saying Wells had a fever. I don't miss working and being responsible for a classroom at all, that's for sure.


  1. I mean, its not worth the fight - what a fun way to start the day too with 6am chocolate. Hope he understands when its over...its over - LOL

  2. I love the wood stain! Wish we had beams. I love the Kinderchocolate advent calendar since Tom is from Germany. I love the Oreo house! Yup, you do not miss school now. It's crazy!

  3. Meh, does it matter when we have chocolate? I think 6am is better than 7pm lol.


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