December 14, 2022

'Tis the season

'Tis the season for elves. And for moms low-key asking for free stuff. 

The store. The store has one. 

I have this real devilish thought every time someone posts a not-so-subtle give-me-something-for-free query: I should just post an affiliate link.

'Tis the season for sickness as well. Let's give thanks that some of us have the good sense to not put our kids' symptoms on the internet attached to our names, for everyone in the school district to see. 

'Tis the season for Santa arguments.

I admit. It's harder to keep up the Santa thing when you have a kid like Wells who notices and questions everything. Plus, with a 4 year age gap between him and Sutton, I'm going to be sweating bullets every December for the foreseeable future. For the record, I agree with Matt Walsh on this one. 

Lastly, 'tis the season for #hashtaggoalmaking.

I have 93289 things I'm planning on "starting to do" in January. You?


  1. NOOOO - all that sickness.
    Yep... I'm thinking of all the 2023 things to do too.

  2. I have one asking of Santa now. I ask him what he thinks and carry on.
    We are a Navy family ! We are accustomed to making plans that never happen!

  3. You are funny! All of these made me laugh. Your comment about the store really got me...we have a group similar here in my area on FB, and I really try not to be judgmental when people ask for free things. It's understandable if it's something super hard to find or expensive that you're only using once or twice...but the rest of us had to pay for it, so .... I feel you. I love the Matt Walsh comment too! I agree wholeheartedly. My son actually broke up with his long term girlfriend because they couldn't stop fighting over how she thought Santa was dumb and that we were terrible parents who lied to him all of his life and probably scarred him. I'm rolling my eyes, but we were all like, "Good riddance!".

  4. The store. The store has one-Love this, hilarious!!!!


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