August 10, 2022

What I Wore (uh, bought) Wednesday

Because it's still too hot for clothes in Missouri. I'm not putting a whole lot of thought into what I'm wearing. I still love these shorts from Target. I would recommend getting your usual size. I ordered a size up and they're a little shapeless but it's one million degrees here most days so I don't really care. They are more comfortable than trying to wear jean shorts when I go places. 

These are the fall outfits I grabbed for Sutton. You can tell I have a color palette I prefer. 

I don't know if I'm just incapable of finding them again (probably) but here's a link to the general area where I found these dresses. All of their dresses are very cute. I mean, everything is cute but you get the idea. 

AND I dug out the anorak I bought for Wells when he was a baby. It's very similar to the one they have in stock this year. I think it's just the cutest thing.

(Sutton has not only more clothes than I do, but she has more coats than I do. Which is really weird because she's like 130 days old.)

And a t-shirt dress straight from the bag. I got black but the other colors are still available too! I always make the mistake of getting purple or something because I tell myself I don't have anything in that color. Well, there's a reason. I've discovered that staple colors are much better for me.

And then my mom sent this Matilda Jane dress which is just perfect...too big, but maybe by Thanksgiving. 

I never expected to be a Matilda Jane fan but, living in southern Missouri, I might as well embrace it. 

I always go nuts buying things in August. I don't know why. I think it's a school shopping thing?
I can't even think about fall clothes when it's 90+ degrees but I saw this on Instagram and I want these jeans. Unfortunately, it's only linked to the sweater. If anyone wants to do some detective work for me, go for it. I tried :/ I even thought about messaging the influencer. They're probably not from Amazon...they're probably some of those $200 Nordstrom jeans or something. 

*There are affiliate links above but, as usual, I only link items we either have or have bought. It's not a wishlist :)


  1. We love Tea clothes too. My girls have a lot of it.

  2. My sister loved Tea for her daughter. I love Matilda Jane stuff for girls - well most of it. I think the quality is so good, too. You will be able to re-sell all of her stuff if you want to. Those huge children's clothing sales at churches are great. I used to find top brands of barely worn things. Not sure if you have that in your area, though.


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