August 1, 2022

Amazon lately....+ fall baby clothes?

I think Scott actually bought more from Amazon this month than I did, but unless you are interested in a "pro lift mechanic plastic creeper" or a "Toolwiz universal adjustable magnetic gauge tool" , I will skip over his purchases. 

*There are affiliate links in this post. The links are reserved for items we actually own and have purchased now or in the past :)* 

He did grab this book of the Federalist papers which is probably an important read for all of us Americans. I've read a few of them over the years but never all of them. 

I got this back-to-school board. I have, in the past, almost thought they were silly but I can see how they're useful now. I want to be able to document each year for Wells (and then Sutton), especially if we're moving around a lot. 

I got three of these footed pjs for Sutton...I really really like the Burt's Bees ones because they seem to have the prettiest variety of patterns. 

The only thing I got from Prime Day was Crest White Strips. I hate spending money on these kinds of things so I saw a semi-deal and grabbed them. *Insert giant shrug here* Usually I buy the Walmart brand since I'm always at Walmart and they work just fine too. (I say "usually" like I buy them all the time. I buy them like once or twice a year.)

And two subscribe and save items I've added in the last month...this is a hack and a game-changer. These giant Ziploc bags for organizing outgrown baby clothes and these Ziploc flexible totes for Wells' outgrown clothes and to also put the giant Ziploc bags into once they're full. They fit perfectly under beds! I saw this hack on a blog somewhere and it's so much better than hard totes or boxes. I could write a whole post on this storage system. 

Speaking of clothes...

So while I'm not fall clothes shopping for myself, Sutton is growing like a weed, so I got her a few things...I honestly can't let myself look at baby clothes for too long because I just want them all. 

I mean, this is probably "November-wear" in Missouri but I love an actual matching set
A two-way zip, footed sleep-n-play. Two-way zip is the only way to go. And then I grabbed this one-piece in a gray leopard print. I can't find the print on the website anymore (?).

I also adore this anorak and wanted it badly for Sutton...but I still have one from Wells' baby days so she'll get her own baby-in-an-anorak photo in a few months. 

October 2018. 

What are you buying for fall? (yeah, it's like August 1st, right? maybe a little early for fall clothes)


  1. Love all the cute clothes you grabbed! I got Zoe two fall outfits when we did her back to school shopping, but realistically she can't wear them until like November here. So I focused on more transitional pieces. Things she can wear a jean jacket or sweater over when it gets cooler. I will go pants shopping when it gets closer to the time she can wear them.

  2. Those Ziploc bags and totes would be great for college move in, too. I think the see-through ness is so nice for storage so you can find certain things so much easier. Great tip! I bet you are having trouble not buying all the cute baby girl clothes!

  3. I have never seen the large zip loc bags and totes - great idea! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases!


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