July 29, 2022

5 Friday Favorites, 7/29

1. The Peloton app. It is so worth the $13 a month. I used to have it, canceled it, got it again, canceled it...and then they lured me in with $13 for three months. I use it almost every single day. If it's not on the bike, it's barre classes and I am working my way through Crush Your Core with Emma Lovewell too. This is the first time, really, that I've: had no job, not been pregnant, and had fully-functioning internet since we got our $400 stationary bike and the Peloton app a year and a half ago. I'm completely taking advantage of this season. 

2. Politics have been so, so depressing lately. I can't even stand to listen to a lot of my normal political podcasts. Instead, I've been listening to true crime, which is depressing but true crime is always depressing so at least I get what I'm expecting. Anyway, my favorite thing to do is to make a drink, put on a true crime podcast, and...clean up the kitchen after the baby goes to bed. It's incredibly relaxing. It's a habit I picked up in Pittsburgh and I did it in Kansas too. I highly recommend just enjoying the time cleaning everything up at the end of the day, instead of dreading and cursing it. 

A gin and tonic because I'm apparently 62 years old.

3. The Dropout on Hulu. Very good. If you need 8 episodes of something to binge this weekend, it's for you. 

4. I ordered Kendamil from Target and I really like it. I think Sutton does too. She's actually been extra smiley and agreeable this week, being on it. Probably my imagination. 

If you're not following alltheformula drama out there, Kendamil is a British import. Other countries have much higher nutritional standards for baby formula than we do, so it's worth trying if you want to branch out! I have learned more about baby formula in the last few months than I ever knew before, so I feel pretty confident in moving to the import brands while they're around. It's kind of a unique opportunity. Under normal circumstances, you cannot import baby formula because it is so highly regulated.

5. Clearly a coping mechanism I have is meme-hunting. This week is a gold mine. 

Okay. So I hate the heat. BUT, I am completely miserable in the cold. If you want to make me mad, make me be outside when it's cold. I can't even give you a temp cut-off; it all depends on wind, humidity, sunlight, etc. If I am cold, I am not the person you want to be around. 

me vs. Scott. He once Facetimed me to *show* me our new truck in the driveway. 

I owned this movie. 


Scott also does double-takes on roadkill, so...

And the best one ever: 


  1. I love all the memes!! Especially the caller justification one - I would for sure pay for that! I have wondered if the formula shortage was still, well, a shortage. That would be highly stressful!

  2. I would have loved to try Kendamil or any formula that is better than our crap we have here. It still amazes me that we are supposed to be one of the "best" countries and yet we have some of the worst nutritional standards because everyone is bought out by these corporations that market to make people think what they are consuming is good for them. I wish I could get in the habit of enjoying a clean up lol.


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