July 27, 2022

July Books.

I have been tearing through books. I'm not complaining because it makes me feel super productive. It's the complete opposite of life with baby Wells; I think I read 3 books in his first 6 months. Maybe less. 

As always, you can follow reviews in real time on Instagram. 

I set a very modest goal of 20 books for 2022 and I surpassed that this month and am at 23 books for the year so far. 

We Were Never Here -- this was good enough but kind of super weird and went a few levels deep. Meaning, there's a lot to the story and you kept learning more about the characters as you went along. 

When You Disappeared -- This was a great story. Bordered literary fiction, to be honest. It was definitely more mystery than thriller. Highly recommend. 

Things We Do in the Dark -- I wasn't impressed with this. It was kind of lazy and filled with tropes. I liked the beginning more than the end. It just kind of ended with all the cliches coming together at once. Her other books are much, much more enthralling than this one was. Sorry. That's probably an unpopular opinion. Maybe she was in a hurry to get it to BOTM? 

What Lies Between Us -- This was insane. Seriously. Read it if you like a mystery. *all the mindblown emojis* I really like that John Marrs isn't afraid to just go for it. 

The Housemaid --- This was also insane. Could not put it down. 

Do Not Disturb --- This was good enough. It was a little bit "Lifetime movie". I wouldn't say it's a must-read, but it passed the time just fine. The reviews are good on Goodreads, but I'd say it's a low 3-star read. 

Insomnia -- This was good enough. Sarah Pinborough books are hit or miss. It wasn't was WTF as Behind Her Eyes, but it wasn't bad. I didn't really find Emma to be all that likable as a character, so I didn't really feel bad for her? The end ties into Behind Her Eyes, so watch for that. 

Currently reading: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin, I'm trying Book Lovers by Emily Henry but I already dislike it, and I have some other thriller in the queue on my Kindle. 

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