August 12, 2022

Friday Favorites, 8/12

1. We watched The Girl from Plainville over the last week or so. It's very...dramatic? I mean, sad too. How do you feel about Michelle? Was she guilty? If you need something to watch, it's not bad. Last night, we started the Woodstock documentary on Netflix. Really good. Seems like it was the original Fyre Fest. 

2. We're going to meet Wells' teacher and see his classroom today. The only hiccup has been that he has been switched to a morning class, instead of an afternoon class, which means I need to start getting out of bed before 9am. (There are not enough eye rolls in the world to demonstrate Scott's reaction when I tell him what time I get up every day.) In reality, this just means I need to start going to bed before midnight. 

I ordered his supplies online to save time and energy. 

3.  Scott got this dresser basically for free (two of them actually) and I've been working on it all week for Wells' room. 

I'm going to find some gold hardware for it next week. Color is Sherwin-Williams Fresh Arugula. 

4. Had a lot of happy mail this week. Is there anything better than when your packages start arriving after a weekend or so of online buying? (What a world we live in)


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  1. I love that dresser - what a deal! Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Can't wait to see the finish product!


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