August 16, 2022


 I think I went out more this past weekend than I have in the last month of weekends combined. I'm trying to say "yes" more and "no" less. So. Here we are. A bit part of this is that I know I'm not working so I can use the week to catch up what I tend to get behind on in general. Remember: we're still in the unpacking, remodeling phase over here and soon it will be time to start repacking (in a year or so), so I'm trying to still settle us in as much as possible. 

Monday morning kicked off with a trip to the park so, again, here we are. I'm still trying to figure out what day-to-day will look like with Wells back in school part of the time. Like, when does the baby nap (when do i nap?), when do I grocery shop, when do I exercise, when do I blog...   it's a whole big thing to change up your schedule like this. 

Friday morning, Wells got up early (i.e. his normal time) to go fishing with Scott. I took the baby and met them for breakfast later because I had to go out to buy a baby gift for someone anyway. 

Then we went to meet Wells' new teacher in the afternoon. 
This was too many activities for one day. 

Saturday was an event on the base and, because I'm trying to not default to saying no all of the time, we went together. 

Enjoying his Italian ice

The look on her face when she realized she was not getting any of my Italian ice.

The reason I don't often do weekend posts is because I never know how to end them? We went to church on Sunday and then took naps and then I made watermelon frose and then Scott poured concrete for the patio. Fascinating stuff right?

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  1. I wondered how to end posts and/ or include the banal as well when I started regularly writing recaps. I actually don't mind writing about the banal- just not sure anyone else wants to read it🤣. Obviously it's up to the writer to determine what to share or not to share. I don't think people mind reading about the minutia for the most part- especially if you have pictures of cute kids thrown in the mix like you do ;).


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