August 17, 2022

WIW Wednesday

I'm sharing two of my favorite small businesses today, in case you were interested.

I got this sweatshirt from Alaska Chicks. While outfitting myself in Alaskan clothing isn't exactly my m.o., this brand is high-quality and comfy and cute. I love their hats and headbands. 
I bought this because I got a coupon from the website and thought if I purchased a new sweatshirt maybe fall weather would arrive sooner. 

I browse the Carly Jean Los Angeles website often, so I grabbed this dress a couple of weeks ago. 

I couldn't believe, after checking out, that I *forgot to use the coupon code that was available*. This wasn't, like, $4 off. It was a difference of about $30. I emailed the company at like 11pm on a Friday night (the best time to shop online, when your inhibitions are low) and they emailed me back on Saturday morning saying they'd refund the discount; something they absolutely didn't have to do. Seriously, they are the best so I look forward to buying more and recommending them to everyone. 

These gray lace-ups from Universal Thread are awful. Just awfully uncomfortable. I've worn them a few times and they never really got better. Very disappointing. 
The camo ones are amazing. From last season though so I can't even find anything similar on the site. I got them for $9 on clearance back in December. 

Speaking of Target, I wore this over the weekend (don't mind the hair..holy humidity)...

It's from a year ago, but the sleeve detail is what makes it kind of a different option. Here's something similar that's on the site right now. 

If I had a reason to wear a lot of dresses right now, I'd get it for sure. 

And, finally, the flats. I cannot say enough good things about the flats. They're from Target, but they are so incredibly comfortable. I have two colors and I've gone through a few pairs over the years. They are the perfect teaching shoe. I don't wear them if I'm covering a lot of distance, but they're great for anything requiring a dressier shoe than slide-on sneakers. 

Basically, I'm trying to do these posts once a week or so to hold some personal accountability when it comes to clothing. Meaning, I will wear sweatpants when it's cold and gym shorts when it's warm as a rule unless I try a little bit harder to think about my clothes. I think athleisure will be the rule, not the exception, but still. 

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  1. I just ordered the this season dress you showed to see if it will work for me. I love your last season dress - the sleeves are so cute! I may have to try those flats. I am super picky - my Tieks from consignment hurt my big toe bone - what is that called. My Tory Burches are not that comfortable, my Rothy's would be great but I washed them and they slightly shrank (I had gotten lots of wear before this). I really loved my Hush Puppies flats from Amazon. Have you ever tried those?


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