August 19, 2022

Friday Favorites, 8/19

1. Watermelon frose. I made this last weekend. It was very good. However, it was very labor intensive so I don't know if I'll make it again. I also found the directions to be really confusing and all over the place. 

2. Keeper of the Ashes. This documentary series on Hulu is pretty good. I'd heard of the Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders on multiple true crime podcasts, so it was interesting to put faces to names and photographs and video to locations. It's terribly sad but worth a watch if you like true crime. Going away to camp seems like a horrible idea to me, either way. While I know many kids go to camp, I probably won't be on board with that. I would have absolutely hated it as a kid. 

3.  This brownie recipe. I got a wild hair to make brownies last week. I thought I had a bunch of potential recipes pinned, but no. So I search for one instead and then did not like the recipe I settled on. They weren't good. It was disappointing. I mean, they were edible but that was about it. So I found a recipe that I put on this very blog years ago. They were perfect. SO easy. Made in one pot on the stove and baked in 20 minutes. I cannot recommended them enough. I put a bit of extra flaky sea salt in. Any mix-ins would be great! I didn't have any powdered sugar but they're really good with frosting too. 

4. Wells has had a good week at preschool and, while this schedule is something new (stop it, I'm weak and out of practice), we're making it work.  

And then this one turned 5 months old yesterday:



In case you missed it:

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  1. We took a 5 month old baby on our boat last weekend! What a sweet age. This baby loved the motion of the boat and was so chill. I got a frozen sangria last night and it was soooo good! They also had frose, but I wanted to try something different. Happy weekend!


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