August 22, 2022

5 Months of Sutton.

I don't understand how she is 5 months old and yet, March seems like it was an absolute lifetime ago. 

I don't really have any deep thoughts on this particular day...looking back at what I write every other month, I'm still upset by the whole experience but I don't know. I admit there's nothing I can do about it now. And there was nothing I could do about it then. I don't know what could've possibly changed to make this not like it was?

Something very odd that I don't remember if I've mentioned...they gave me pancakes for breakfast in the hospital post-birth and the smell of them still kind of clings to my nostrils. I really don't think I'll ever eat pancakes again (also, all breakfast food is very unappealing, still). Anyway, for weeks, Sutton just smelled like those pancakes to me. Scott said she just always smelled like milk to him but all I got were pancakes. 

I listened to a podcast awhile back (can't remember which one) that actually gave me a lot of comfort in terms of why things happened the way they did. While I may have been surprised by the way Sutton arrived, God was not surprised. This was not some great shock or revelation to Him. It was literally the way she was supposed to come into the world, and that's kind of all there is to it. 

So, really, she's just continues to be a joy.

Sutton loves her baths. She loves her bottles. She loves to chew on blankets. And, praise the Lord, she loves to sleep all night long. 

Naps are hit or miss, though. She will nap for maybe 30 minutes at a time a few times a day. Maybe I can get 90 minutes out of her, but it's not a guarantee. 

No solid food yet. I modified the bumbo multi-seat because I don't really want to splurge on an upseat, but I need to dig the highchair out of the barn soon. Wells sat in the bumbo until he was 7 months old and she's not ready for a highchair yet. We just have an Ikea one. Anyway, I'm trying to just get her used to sitting at table with us and I'll probably start purees at 6 months. 

No pacifiers! She has weaned herself all on her own. I didn't mind her having a pacifier at all. but she'd rather chew on a blanket or on her hand. We have one in the crib that I will give her when I lay her down as her cue that it's time to sleep, but she usually spits it out and puts her thumb in her mouth instead, or she just falls asleep with nothing in her mouth. 

Bath time is 100% her favorite time. She is definitely the happiest in the tub. 

She's wearing 6-12 month clothing for the most part so it's kind of all over the place there. Size 2 diapers, moving up to size 3 next. 

No teeth yet but lots of drool. Not much hair but it definitely looks blonde now. 

The older she gets, the more I can tell we will be in trouble with this one because I tend to err on the side of believing she's the most perfect creature who has ever existed and it's definitely not hard for her to win Scott over once I'm already in that mindset. Wells is spoiled in his own way with just being the center of things because we did truly adjust our lives when we added him to the family. Sutton is something else though because she is just so smart and so sweet in her own way. 

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