August 26, 2022

Friday Favorites, 8/26

I meant to write more this week and I just got behind somehow. I don't even know how. It's not like I have a job. ha ha ha. 

1. I made this beef and broccoli stir-fry the other day. Very good. I added a bunch other other veggies too. I think the sauce is what makes the recipe so easy. It's the best homemade one I've come across. 

2. We started Mare of Easttown and it's really good. We also watched a few episodes of Ted Lasso but I wasn't over the top impressed. 

3. I think it's nice when people can laugh at themselves. A few months ago, I saw a Facebook post saying a local mom had run out of diapers and did anyone have like 5 diapers she could borrow until she could get to the store after naptime or whatever. My thought was what kind of moron runs out of diapers? 

Well, guess who almost ran out of diapers this week?

I placed the Amazon order late so I ended up needing to stop at Walmart and grab a box. 

I just thought this was funny because I don't stockpile diapers at all. They take up a lot of space. This used to happen to me with formula with Wells. I only ever bought a week's worth at a time. Now, with Sutton I have a huge stockpile of formula that I frontloaded over the last few months. I honestly don't know if I will even need to buy any more formula and she's only 5 months old. 

FWIW, I haaaate how expensive Pampers and Huggies are so I ended up grabbing these Hello Bello ones that were the cheapest according to the unit price. I really like them. So Sutton gets fancy diapers because she also doesn't do well with the Target ones that I always used for Wells. 

4. This episode of Joe Rogan with Seth Dillon, the CEO of The Babylon Bee. So good and refreshing when discourse takes place. 


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  1. Lately I feel we need to stockpile everything. I keep seeing ppl say get it all now while you can.


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