August 8, 2022

Binge-Worthy TV Shows (a link-up)

Another mom at the park started telling me her favorite tv shows a few weeks ago. 

Have you seen that meme where someone asks you to recommend a book or show or movie and all thoughts just leave your head and you remember nothing that you've even read or watched, let alone liked?

I couldn't remember a single show I'd watched, ever, that was worth recommending. 

I know I didn't like the shows she was recommending and I could say that (in my head) because I had seen them all. I just wasn't a fan.

I'm writing this a bit off the cuff here, so these are the first shows that come to mind when I think of bingeworthy series that I cannot get enough of and have seen too many times to count.

The Office. It's more than annoying that Netflix removed it. I ain't subscribing to Peacock. I have the DVDs but nothing is as convenient as turning on this show as background noise. (Shameless link back to the time I met the cast.) must be said...Pam/Jenna is awful and just listening to some of The Office Ladies podcast was enough to start to ruin the show for me.

Breaking Bad. This is, perhaps, the most brilliant show of all time. It got us through having norovirus on a cruise ship (thank GOD I had packed DVDs and Scott had his laptop). Follow it up with El Camino if you want the full experience. 

While feeding a baby way too late at night, back in April.

Better Call Saul. Okay, never mind. This is the most brilliant show of all time. It is a prequel to Breaking Bad. It's a full SIX seasons of prequel material that feeds into 5 seasons of BB without a single misstep. It's the work of an absolute genius. This one got us through the first month of being locked down in Pittsburgh and then a rewatch got me through the few weeks after Sutton was born and during the 6 days we were in the hospital. It was the only background noise I had while I was being given (toxic) doses of magnesium to counteract PPPE and the nurses definitely had a particularly look on their face when they saw what I was watching. (What was I stereotypically supposed to watch? Bravo?)

Anyway, season six just aired on AMC but I bought each episode from Amazon instead of waiting a year for it to come onto Netflix. 

Gossip Girl. I absolutely love Gossip Girl. It is such a comfort watch. I watched it all the way through the first time in 2014 and probably 5 or 6 times since. Notably, I rewatched the whole thing when I was like 9+ months pregnant with Wells back in 2018. 

Weeds. Again, an absolute comfort watch for me. We got the DVDs one by one from Netflix back in 2012 and watched them on a projector in our loft in Alaska. (Alaska winters are long and boring. I would go to the gym after work, make dinner, and then Scott would come home and we'd watch Weeds.) 

Shameless. I watched this all the way through back in 2016, I think. If you can get through the first episode, you can get through more. It was just so good. The first few seasons are the best ones. I'm not caught up on the new seasons on Netflix because I don't care about the characters they're focusing on now. 


So, what am I missing?

Currently, we are in desperate need of a new show to watch together!

Linking up!


  1. We also liked Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. I loved Gossip Girl the original show. Thanks for the blog visit and I hope you have a nice week.

  2. We really liked Breaking Bad too but I could not get into Better Call Saul.

  3. We just started Better Call Saul and I really like it! Apparently I need to stick with it!

  4. So many of these shows were my crutch during hard times. The office, always. I watched The Dinner Party in labor with Clara at the hospital. Gossip Girl is what I climbed into bed and watched every evening after work when I was pregnant with Gracie and violently sick. And breaking bad was my first trimester show with Clara. All such good escapes.

  5. I use to love Gossip Girl. I need to watch again.

  6. We just finished Reacher. It was GREAT! Pretty violent, but I am super sensitive and I could stand it, mostly. The storyline was fantastic. There’s only one season so far. It’s on Prime.
    Also, on hbo max, Our Flag Means Death was just so super weird, clever, and funny. Also just one season but I hope they make more!

  7. I think I am one of the only people that isn't obsessed with The Office. I didn't watch it when it aired, and my husband watches reruns of it all the time. I might lightly pay attention if I am in the room....but its not as funny as I want it to be. I enjoyed Breaking Bad, I feel like Better Call Saul moves too slowly for me. Weeds was so good!!!!I have never watched Gossip Girl but you are making me want to. I am into Lucifer right now. Trying to catch up on the most recent season.

  8. Gossip Girl was a favorite of mine. I'd forgotten about it! Thanks for linking up with us.

  9. I have seen and love all of them except Shameless. I have never seen that one.


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