January 31, 2022

Friday/Monday Recommendations #4 + 3 things I had wanted to do this weekend

The last several days didn't go as planned at all. Whatever bug Wells was fighting, he gave to me. I didn't even leave the house all weekend. Like, not even the mailbox and I knew I had a package from Target in there. I'm pretty sure Wells and I just slept. I managed to putter around the house a bit yesterday, but really it was just Scott doing everything for a day or so.

I picked Wells up early from school on Friday because he had a temperature again. I had lost my voice earlier in the week which was bad enough but I had no other symptoms. I ended up with what felt like a full-blown sinus infection on Friday night. It came out of nowhere and, honestly, I think has probably been aided by exhaustion. 

Normally, my strategy is to medicate myself into oblivion and power through. I can't quite do that right now, so I had to make do with just a bit of Tylenol (not even recommended for those who are pregnant anymore, btw). And I can't power through right now without extra time/rest because then I'd never get better. 

So anyway. I took today off "for Wells" but really, for me. I needed another day to get better and it's a serious shame that a few years ago, we wouldn't think twice about going out and about with a cold but now you are looked at as a moral failing and potential biohazard; I remember teaching through much, much worse than this. Even when someone asked you if you were sick, you'd just say "yeah, I got whatever's going around" and they'd nod sympathetically and you'd both go on with your day. 

Alright. That's my rant. 

1. I recommend you live in the country. Apparently, there were two guys who escaped from sheriff's custody the other day and were seen a mile or so from where we live. We have a local FB group whose only purpose is to report lost pets and suspicious activity:

*Scott sadly takes pistol out of holster and puts it back on the shelf.*

2. I highly recommend this episode (#552) from Allie Stuckey. There was even a follow-up (#554) last week. As someone who did IVF, I feel like I could say so much on the topic. 


I did it again. I bought some super fun stuff with an Amazon gift card. I said long ago that I don't use Amazon for fun. I use it for things I *need*. I swapped out my prenatals entirely and I'm just going to take this folate, after doing a bit of research (I had already been taking ones with folate and not folic acid...there's a difference!). The tea looked interesting too. 
Pink Stork comes highly, highly recommended and I've looked there before but never actually bought. 

4. This is amazing. Found at tiny local store, but I'm sure it's everywhere. 

5.  These were my goals for the weekend: I did none of it. However, I do recommend setting goals for the weekend. A lot of people do a top 3 for each day, but I don't accomplish much at home when I'm teaching full-time. So I do this over the weekend. 

*Find the bases to the carseat. We have two but haven't used them since Pittsburgh. We found the actual carseat weeks ago. (Because if these things aren't in the barn, we will have to buy a new one...)

*Work on the baby's room.

*Make and freeze chili. 

The midwife I saw the other day terrified me by saying that at the 32 week appointment they recommend you have everything ready to go by the 36 week appointment. So. 3 more weeks to accomplish allthethings. 

We're also looking at a snow/ice storm this week. Maybe living in the country won't pay off then. But, if I recollect my last winter in Missouri, the whole place shuts down for a week at the threat of snow. You'd think it was the legitimate south or something. (It's not.)


  1. I listened to that ABS podcast and really learned a lot. It's a topic that is not discussed much and I think it has really become a big business.

  2. That tea sounds yummy. I hope you are Wells are both feeling better. There is so much going around right now. Three weeks! Goodness that is going to go so fast.

  3. Hope you all are feeling better!!!
    That tea sounds like something I would love - I need to keep an eye out for it

  4. You'd think it was the legit south (it's not) I'm cracking up. As some IN the legit south, we do shut that shit down for snow lol.


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