January 14, 2022

Friday Recommendations #2

Totallllllllly meant to post some birthday things this week but all I got to was the cake

Here's what I'm definitely recommending on this Friday though:

1. My students keep being thoughtful enough to give me Amazon gift cards for Christmas and my birthday and I keep buying fun things like this: 

I am a huge collagen fan (put it in your coffee and it dissolves with no flavor) and the gummies are really something I'm using as a magnesium supplement. 

 I'm eyeing up either a blanket or a pair of maternity joggers for my next splurge. Rein me in now. 

2. Speaking of lame but practical: 

This is amazing. Easily the best protein drink I've ever tried and I've tried a lot of them (I lived off of a liquid protein diet for weeks when we did IVF, icymi back in 2017). 

2. I read The Paper Palace last weekend. So good. It's the first book I've finished since October (and before that, I hadn't finished a book since the July/August before I found out I was pregnant and wanted to throw up every time I looked at printed word). 

3. If you've not watched Dopesick, you need to. So incredibly well done. 

4. I scheduled a chiropractor appointment for next week. Have you been during pregnancy? I've never been at all, but I'm getting annoyed enough that improvement of my quality of life for the next two months might be worth the money. So this isn't so much a "recommendation" to go to the chiropractor as it is a recommendation to just schedule the appointments and get it over with. 

5. Lastly...this is worth a quick peek. I recommend it. 



  1. I’ve never tried collagen but I’ve considered it. I’m kind of scared of it? All supplements make me nervous on some level.

    Oh my gosh that tweet! I needed that laugh.

  2. You are the second person to recommend Dopesick today. I have it on my list, just need to get around to it. And people trust pharmaceutical companies to have our best interest at heart. I used to go to the chiropractor all the time and am going to start going back soon. I really had progress there for awhile. Harris a joke and a disgrace to our nation. She literally does nothing. The democrats can't even defend her because they never wanted her to start with.


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