January 11, 2022

(This year's) Birthday Cake Ice Cream Cake.

 I've made a lot of ice cream cakes over the years. Scott taught me how to make ice cream cakes when we were dating and I've played around with flavors ever since. 

Usually, I make one for his birthday and one for my birthday. This year, he decided he wanted cheesecake for his birthday. For the last few years, I've done a layer cake for my birthday but we just finished leftover layer cake that my mom made after Christmas so I wasn't in the mood to go down that route again. I've made layer cakes for Wells' last two birthdays; I feel like July in Missouri wouldn't be conducive to ice cream cake?

So here we are, back at ice cream cake for my birthday. Birthday-cake flavored ice cream is always my favorite, so I have tried multiple times to put this into ice cream cake...it can be really hard to find *good* birthday cake ice cream, so...I make my own. 

Here's the step by step directions: 

Please pardon my non-Pinterest-worthy mixing bowls. I like plastic bowls better than glass or metal because they don't splatter when I'm using a mixer so these 12 year old bowls are always what I reach for. 

Bake and frost a cake. Let ice cream soften. For this, I just used vanilla ice cream and baked a boxed vanilla cake that I added big sprinkles to a 'la homemade funfetti. I made a buttercream to put on top and then froze it after frosting. 

 I chopped up half of it and stirred it into the ice cream. 

I melted a tablespoon or two of butter and smashed up half a package of Golden Oreos into it. A potato masher is much less messy and much more efficient than a ziploc bag and a rolling pin. 

I spread the Oreos into a pan and froze for a bit. An hour? Maybe two? I don't remember. 

I left the ice cream out and covered with plastic wrap while the crust was freezing so it didn't re-freeze on me. You want it to be almost spreadable liquid. 

You want to refreeze the ice cream on the crust, then, for a few hours. Pull out the tub of cool whip and let it soften. 

Spread it over the top. 
Top with sprinkles or whatever you want. 
Store in the freezer. 

This is really such a non-recipe...you can do almost anything with it. Totally a nice special treat for a birthday, though, if you're not a traditional cake person. 


  1. That looks delicious! I’m assuming you did homemade frosting on the original cake? I love that you make your cakes. So many people buy them. The price of a nice bakery cake here is like $50!

  2. Oh my goodness... it looks amazing. All the ingredients I'm down for.

  3. This looks so good!!! I haven't had ice cream cake in so long. We tend to do cookie cakes for mine and Chris's bdays, and Zoe loves strawberry cake from a local bakery for hers.

  4. Totally into the idea of making ice cream cake at home!


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