January 26, 2022

Supplements lately + Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

For most of my adulthood, I barely remembered to take a vitamin. That changed with fertility treatments and all the supplements. And then I took prenatals for a year or so. Then I lost interest again. 

But it's winter and we've got preschool germs and school germs and traveling germs and the only thing I can do is up the supplement game. Like, I've gone all in. This is what I'm taking/buying and making everyone else take too. Much of it isn't about seeing immediate results, but about looking at the big picture of health and how I want to feel overall. This is a long game thing. It's really hard to know what to take or what to try and I usually hate research of almost any kind, but I don't really mind this. I can mostly find what I'm looking for on Amazon or at Walmart, too. 

*Clearly, clearly, I'm not a doctor. This is just what has been recommended to me by my doctors and what seems like a good idea for us right now.*

Collagen: I started collagen last year. It's a great extra source of protein. I put it in coffee in the morning and a smoothie if I have one later in the day. I don't do a full serving (2 scoops) but usually split it between the two drinks. 

Prenatals: I have tried the fancy ones and I don't like them. Anything chewy with omega-3 just makes me gag. I just buy the basic gummy prenatals because I like them. I did learn this time that you can skip a day and your baby won't, like, stop growing. I always assumed superstitiously that you needed to take them every day no matter what. They told me back in September that if I felt sick, prenatals often would make it worse so, it was fine to skip a few days. They're just more of a blanket recommendation for everyone than they are necessary day in and day out. 

Magnesium: I bought these Calm gummies after over a year of considering it. Sometimes I buy things like this and just don't use them like this sleep aid that I've thrown away twice now, so I was hesitant. Magnesium is supposed to help with leg cramps and contribute to more restful sleep. I did ask my doctor and she said a magnesium supplement is never a bad idea. The chiropractor I saw said magnesium is one of the number one supplements they recommend. 

Zinc: Because why not? This is a Zinc/Vitamin C blend. 

Liquid probiotic: I saw this recommended and, after reading up on it, it seemed like a really sensible idea. I'm not a huge kombucha fan, but that's basically what it tastes like. It's a small dose though and I only take it once a day. Scott and Wells take it too. It's not cheap, but I think that the investment in health is worth it. 

Vitamin D: My doctor told me everyone needs extra vitamin D and that, this time of year, our bodies aren't physically able to process enough in the short hours of sunlight even if we are outside a lot. These are for me and Scott. 

Immune Support + elderberry: I read recently that kids don't actually need a multivitamin. I give Wells these instead.

Is there anything I need to add? What do you take? 

This, as the title said, is my go-to smoothie lately. I went off of that recipe and the only addition I really make is the mango or berries to bulk it up. Pineapple would be good too. I don't like putting ice in my smoothies. 


  1. I'm surprised they're not having you take Vitamin D - but Its probably in your prenatal.
    I love some Elderberry!

  2. I am all about some supplements. I take a multivitamin, vitamin D and a probiotic every day. I give Zoe a multivitamin and probiotic. I used to do elderberry for us both, but our doctor said that the only thing he has ever seen work to boost immunity is a probiotic, whole foods and sleep. She was still catching everything when we were doing just a vitamin and elderberry...so he might be on to something.

    I recently started doing research into tumeric as an anti-inflammatory and am about to order a product for that. And I drink tart cherry juice several times a week for joint pain. I am going to look into magnesium. I get leg cramps at night when I rest.

  3. Sounds like you're fully covered! I take prenatals every day because I figure if someone is trying to grow a human and takes them then they have all the best nutrients you need (folic acid, etc.)! I take vitamin D daily in the winter, in the summer I skip it because my levels are incredibly high since I spend so much time outside. I love elderberry and kombucha so I take those whenever. Collagen always interests me but I'm struggling to find one I like. I enjoyed the one from Isagenix, but it's too $$$ to keep up with.


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