February 18, 2020

Unpopular Opinions II

Bonus unpopular opinion: Spending time/energy/money each year to get multiple sets of family photos done is completely overrated when you have little kids. They don't cooperate anyway.

I know I'd done other unpopular opinions posts in the last few years, but the most recent one was the only one I'd really considered when I wrote these ones out recently...

1. I don't get the trend of ordering all your clothes from Amazon.
#1 It's usually fast fashion, cheaply made, with little to nothing in the way of tags and the sizing is pretty random.
#2 I really like feeling a material (or knowing what a material will feel like from a trusted retailer) before I buy.
#3 It seems really wasteful? To have multiples of the same item, just because you want more than one color?

2. I don't like Taylor Swift. Her music jumped the shark around 2014 and I get that she's this supposed pop culture icon but she's not that good at...anything? I liked her a lot back in the day.

3. I play with the TV volume constantly so I'm pretty unpopular in this house. Since Scott generally stays up later than I do, he'll watch TV sometimes after I force myself to bed, but if I can even hear a snippet of sound from the living room, it keeps me up.  So we're constantly at odds over TV volume. It is a problem we've never in the world had until we moved into this shoebox. (It's also why, with all the problems stairs create, I want a two-story house very soon.)
But even when we're watching together or I'm watching by myself, I need the remote in my hand. I feel like the volume changes within a show multiple times and don't get me started on commercials. I classify myself as a HSP when it comes to loud noises and bright lights so this explains some of it, I think.

4. Hard seltzer is awful. I always think it will taste good. I always want to enjoy it. I want to be #extrabasic too, I suppose. But half of a hard seltzer will land me with a 3 day hangover.

5. I don't like buying snacks at Trader Joe's. I find the flavors to be off, even if they are a fun novelty. Most of the chips/crackers are way too salty, and I'm not someone who is picky about salt. (In fact, I once contemplated breaking up with someone because he complained that the chips at a restaurant were too salty...I added that to my reasons to break up with him, later on.)

6. I'm 97% sure that the moms who insist they do "no screen time" and wear it as a badge of honor are moms who either work full-time or have live-in help. Because if we weren't home all day without a schedule I had to keep, not just one I attempt to create, Wells would probably never watch TV.

7. Do not refer to me as "mama". This is a huuuuuuge pet peeve. Unless you are my child or talking to my child about me, I have a name. In fact, I've been listening to this podcast and I like it but I cringe and consider turning it off during the opening every week when they refer to the listener as "mama". I don't understand how THEY don't understand that they're alienating people this way.

What's your current unpopular opinion? 


  1. I'm a major HSP too and constantly having to change the volume, like when music comes... instantly too loud!

  2. LOL - I just tried Amazon Wardrobe :) Hey, I'd rather order things on my own & try it out & return it than pay that stupid $20.00 Stitch Fix "styling fee" BLAH

  3. Agree with most of these.

    However...I like Amazon clothes. My favorite pajama pants right now are from Amazon. And they have a label and a size ;)

    I also definitely have multiples of some of the same article of clothing, in different colors or patterns. When I find something that fits well, I often want it in more than one color (not like $200 coats but like, $15 t-shirts). I don’t consider it “wasteful” if I’m wearing them.

  4. I think Amazon definitely has some sketchy stuff as far as clothing goes, but James has gotten some Nike and Under Armour shirts from Amazon, and my favorite dress is from there. I just stay away from the weird stuff. A lot of people are getting upset with fast fashion these days, and I get it, but I don’t have the energy or conviction to worry about it right now. I just need it to fit, and that’s a battle enough.

    Taylor Swift is awful. I’ve never once liked her and everything about her makes me cringe.

  5. I am always scared to buy clothes online because most of the time it doesn't fit and I hate having to send it back. My hubby is starting to show signs of hearing loss and we try to find a compromise about the volume on the TV. But if I am not in the room, it's pretty loud. I do like a couple of snacks at TJ, specifically the dark chocolate caramels. OMG so good! But I don't care for the gummy snacks because they have an odd flavor? I think you are brave to post unpopular opinions on your blog because everyone is so sensitive these days. But as long as it is not mean spirited, what is the harm? I do find it interesting to read and it helps in getting to know someone that you may never meet in person.

  6. This made me laugh because my husband and I were just talking about TV volume-- I can't handle it being loud and it drives him crazy. I don't really care for Taylor Swift's music either, but I still love love story (I think that's what it was called, the romeo & juliet song). That' such a good picture of you guys, I wonder what Wells is checking out!

  7. I have almost never ordered anything to wear online...a couple times for a pair of shoes if I already knew what size fits me in the brand. The internet doesn't make good money off of me, I just way prefer shopping in real life.
    I pretty much do no screen time and I think there's a few factors 1) we don't have a TV, Angel only has a work laptop, and I would not trust Cyrus with my beloved laptop without me or Angel right there. 2) Angel likes to watch movies with him on my laptop so I figure he'll watch enough with Angel when he's around, and I don't like watching cartoons so it's not something I'm going to do with him. and 3) like you mentioned, Cyrus and Glenn and I are typically away from home all morning doing homeschool with the big kids, and then he naps in the afternoon, and after nap we do stuff together. I agree that it's really hard to fill all the hours in a day with an energetic toddler if you're at home a lot! Also, probably another factor is that we live in eternal summer so we have outside time and evening walks and stuff as an option...which is not a great option when it gets crazy cold in winter!

  8. And oh yeah, on multiple seasonal family photos...I can't quite imagine that being worth it, either. We have done professional photos once when Cyrus was 8 months old for CHristmas cards and then we did one last month. Both times were with the rest of my family so that we could split the photographer bill so it was really affordable...I think once a year is nice while kids are little and growing fast, but more often would be too much hassle for me. And I never wanted maternity or newborn photos...I want photos taken when I feel like a human! Selfish, maybe, but if you're only going to do photos once a year, I'm not going to do it at those times.

  9. I can't do loud TV volume either. And I have to take a nap or sleep downstairs if husband is watching TV because it just distracts and keeps me up. I've ordered a few nice clothing pieces off Amazon. I don't get the hard seltzer trend either; Not for me.

  10. I will buy some things from Amazon because there a few house brands I’ve found that I really like, specifically, Daily/Ritual. SUPER soft clothing. But I get what you’re saying. Pass me with T Swift. I’ve never been into her. I actually like hard seltzer, like a lot. #extrabasic I can’t stand being called “mama”, “love”, “sweetie”, or any of that other BS. I have a name, I’d prefer you use it.


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