July 31, 2019

Unpopular opinions

In this house, this is my unpopular opinion:

I know it's unpopular because I was being not-so-silently judged from the couch:

Here's a few more:

+I hate mid-century furniture.

+Drive-thrus should be reserved for people who truly cannot get out of the car easily. By this, I mean people with kids*. I almost never utilized a drive-thru before Wells. I always walked into Starbucks because it was actually quicker! But the physical act of carrying him and paying for and carrying out a drink or a bag of food and a drink: it's impossible. Like, actually impossible.

*Also pets, if it's a hot day.

+Marvel movies are dumb.

+I have no desire to lay in bed in the morning and look at my phone. In fact, I keep the phone on the other side of the room. I don't understand why people complain about this being such a timesuck. Just stop doing it.

+Sheetz isn't that great. Sheetz is a (mostly) Pennsylvania convenience store with made-to-order food, touch screen menus, etc. It doesn't really taste good. I don't know if I've just grown up, or if I've been exposed to too much great food all over the country, but Sheetz has no flavor to me anymore. (The hashbrowns were DELIGHTFUL when I was pregnant though.) And don't get me started on the coffee: it's worse than going to a DD. It's all sugar water if you attempt to get a flavored latte.
People who've moved from PA to other places always say how they miss Sheetz: I legitimately don't understand why. There's a lot better out there.

+After flying this past week, I have a proposal: I think you should have to pass a physical fitness test of sorts to be able to carry on and stow that bag in the overhead bins. Or you should have someone there, arranged by you to help you. Like, if you can't get it up in the bin or down out of the bin in a timely manner, you lose your privilege and have to check your bag.
I've noticed in the last few months that you either pay extra to carry on OR you pay extra to check a bag. WHY NOT JUST CHECK THE BAG????? It's easier for everyone involved. Scott always makes me check a bag when we're traveling for more than a day or two because there was the issue in 2011 where we actually had to buy another suitcase to take back with us to Alaska because I bought so much stuff on the east coast. His theory is that we need to have extra space even if we feel we don't need it. So this is a mentality others should adopt instead of trying to hoist up a bag that they can't even lift for fear of paying $10 more or waiting for 10 minutes at a baggage claim or something. Seriously.

What's YOUR unpopular opinion??? I'm all ears. 


  1. I'm forever running into Starbucks too - I can order before I get there, get in & out before any of the cars have moved from the drive thru

  2. Oh man I just watched The Bachelorette finally and there was major judgement coming from my husband haha. It truly was a s*show though. I don't understand the obsession with Sheetz either. Wawa is far superior :)

  3. I get the suitcase thing. I always have to lift my suitcase over my head a couple of times after I pack to make sure I can do it myself. I don't always fly solo, but if I do, I want to be able to manage it myself. We never check anymore because I don't want to wait for it. It's a rolling carry on and a backpack for each of us. Usually we are headed to see family so if we get desparate we have options. Last trip I sent Kevin back with a few items since he left before I did. His suitcase wasn't as full.


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