September 23, 2016

Friday Favorites...

I miss posting on Fridays. It's just exhausting to post 5 days a week, you know? But there's always things I'd like to give a shout-out to.

1. I do totally love the way Nordstrom Rack saves my card info. I went to order something the other night and thought Oh, I don't want to get up to get my wallet. Then Oh, wait. What's this? Done and bought.

2. I am loving that the weather is finally cooling off this weekend. I see some pumpkin cookie baking happening.

3.  I saw this on a friend's FB page and saved it immediately. It's so comforting.

4. I've been keeping up with new fall TV this week. I've watched...
This Is Us ----because social media wouldn't shut was okay...I'm not sure how it's going to be a whole season? Seems kind of like a movie.
New Girl  -------somewhat promising
The Goldbergs --------LOLOLOLOL...seriously, watch this show LOLOLOLOL
Designated Survivor ------Interesting

Up this weekend: Once Upon a Time!

5. Pumpkin Swap Sign-Ups are starting Monday!

September 22, 2016

S&T 9/22

----TGIF...Thank God It's Fall. 

----Alright, who watched Coupled this summer? I was late to the game and watched it on Hulu last weekend.
It was intriguing.
If you haven't heard of it, it's a classier and less produced version of The Bachelor/ette or BIP. (Wait, is that a thing?)

-----I've been having some strongly opinionated thoughts lately. I don't know why this video is saying this is why we need Common Core. Common Core has led to this kind of coddling. The spoon-feeding is still happening, regardless of "common core", because it's still a test that's being taught to. Basically I agree with the video, but the title is not right.

-----I took this OCD test that I don't really feel was at all scientific. I don't know that I have these tendencies all that much. I think it would depend on who I was being compared to. (I do know that ending sentences with prepositions reallllly bothers me, but I do it all the time on this blog...but not in my actual profession.)

However, I clicked too fast on one of the questions and knew it was not the right answer and that kind of bothered me. I would never classify myself as a Type A/OCD afflicted person, but I know I have my tendencies.

---I saw this written by another Rodan+Fields consultant. It's SO true. This is my paraphrased version, but I can send you her exact words if you'd like to see the source of this analogy...

If a friend says they have a headache, and you have a stash of Tylenol in your purse, you offer them one. I do this at least once a week at work (uh, we get a lot of headaches). 
I would never just walk around with Tylenol, offering it for no reason. 
But if that friend says they have a skin issue...acne, rosacea, eczema, dark spots, lines, wrinkles, sun damage, etc...I'm going to offer them Rodan+Fields. 
It solves problems! I would never try to convince you that you *need* it. I try to share what it has done for me, what it has done for others, and what it can do for you. 

---I've been working on catching up on season 2 of Undisclosed. I gave up about halfway through season 1 because it got too in-depth and I don't love legal jargon. I also got burnt out on that case because I thought he was innocent and Scott thought he was guilty and I couldn't wrap my mind around that.
I like specifics, but I also like interesting, and it had stopped being interesting at some point.
Anyway. Season 2 is good. Give it a listen!

Stuff, Things, etc.

September 20, 2016

How long do Rodan+Fields Products actually last?

When people try Rodan+Fields, I want to say that missing a day here or there won't make a difference and that's probably true. But my biggest secret as a consultant (and as a customer) is that I want you to use the products. I don't want you to buy them and never use them. You and I both get nothing out of that. I want you to love them and see results and become loyal to them the way I have. Most of all, I want them to heal your skin the way they healed mine. That won't happen if you never use them, or only use them once a week, or just once in a great while. In order to get these products to work, you have to go all in.

We go all in on 21 day fixes, and cleanses, and workout routines...and we often get them to work for awhile before we stop for one reason or another. (and unless you turn it into a lifestyle, you will, in fact, stop seeing results).

Life happens and that's okay, but literally all Rodan+Fields is asking us to do is wash our face every day. It takes minutes and it can change everything.

All that being's what I currently use:

Disclaimer: I buy my own products. But since I have somewhat of a scaffolded schedule of how/when I use the products, they don't need replenished all at once, which makes it affordable. Also, I'm linking to the products, but they aren't *quite* affiliate links. You'd have to actually buy the products to make them such. 

I use the Sulfur Wash, the Clarifying Toner, and the Dual Intensive Treatment in the morning. Then I put on the Multi-function Eye Cream. I carry the Triple Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 30 moisturizer with me, in case I have any dryness. However, if I know I'm going to be in the sun all day, I put it on before I leave the house. 

During the day...
I also carry the Essentials Lip Shield and the Soothe Sunscreen. If I'm outside for more than 10 minutes, I put the sunscreen on my face. It's matte and completely non-greasy. It can go on under or over make-up depending on your needs. I admit that I didn't used to love the Lip Shield, but I pulled it out to use again one day and, all of a sudden, I did love it. I can't explain this. But now I have a tube of it stashed everywhere. If I'm going to be outside, I put on the Essentials SPF 30 Sunscreen. I keep my tube of it by the door or I take it with me if I'll be outside elsewhere. 

At night...
At night, I wash my face with the Redefine Daily Cleansing Mask, usually in the shower. The smell of this alone is what keeps me using it. It is the freshest, cleanest, most pleasant smell out of all the products I've ever used. It's spa-like and heavenly. If I could truly recommend one thing to the general population, it's this! 
Sometimes I use the Microdermabrasion Paste either before or after. As you can see, I'm a fan of mixing and matching! After that, I use the Clarifying Toner, the Dual Intensive Treatment, and the Multi-function Eye Cream....those are my three MUSTS twice a day, every day. 

This seems like a lot of products (I never said I was low-maintenance), but here's approximately how long each product, that I use every day, lasts me:

Sulfur Wash---3 months
Clarifying Toner---2-3 months
Dual Intensive Treatment---2-3 months
Eye Cream---1 year
Triple Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (moisturizer)---1 year (I don't use it every day.)
Daily Cleansing Mask---I've been using it once a day or every other day since February-ish and I'm halfway through the tube. 
Microdermabrasion Paste-1 year

This is not a 30-day supply, as you can see, so I think you do get your money's worth!

How long do your current products last? I'm kind of curious. I used to buy Proactiv and Neutrogena every couple of months. 

September 19, 2016

Screenshots and Funny Stuff

Because it's Monday.

I can't remember if I mentioned it here (because I mention a lot of inconsequential things on this blog), but I've turned into Jojo when it comes to dogs. I see a dog, I reach out my arms for it, and I start talking to it. 

I don't like Halloween. It's on a Monday this year. 

By the end of the week, I have a nicely dramatic effect going on. 



September 15, 2016

S&T 9/15

Stuff, Things, etc.

I wish people wouldn't add me to their sales groups on Facebook. I don't want LuLaRoe or Younique. I would never be gutsy enough to add someone I barely know to a direct sales group without their permission. And my feelings on Younique are complex...I'm into healing your skin and fixing it, not covering it up.

A suggestion: Can we cut the weekends down to one day? If I could eliminate all of the Sundays between now and ______, time might speed itself along more quickly. Also, I don't need two days. I need Saturdays to run errands and clean and grade papers. Nothing's open on Sunday anyway. I need extra time to go to the post office, not sit around the house. We're wasting productive work time with this "two day weekend" thing.

Now that you know how I really feel (and probably hate me...), now seems like a good time to plug away...

Sign-ups start in a week and a half!

And speaking of fall, I got these boots on DSW's website for a steal. They are comfortable. They are attractive. They are the third pair of combat boots I've tried and the only ones I've loved.

And, fall again...I love the Steelers so much. Plus, I went on an online shopping spree last week (makes me feel better) and got a new Steelers shirt. I can wear it on "Broncos days" at work. need of recommendations...a book and a TV show. Supernatural isn't doing it. I plan to read allll the Show Us Your Books posts this weekend, but if you have a favorite from the last month or so, just drop the title in the comments!

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September 14, 2016

More Actual Confessions

There was supposed to be an outfit picture shared today. That did not happen. 6:30am is too early for that (and let's be honest, I was running late) and I changed at school so I couldn't do it later. It's a shame. I liked my skirt.

I'm very happy it's getting dark earlier. The dogs can't convince me to walk them at 8pm now. When it's dark, they know it's time to lay down.

Sometimes I feel the best use of my time at 6:20am (when I'm supposed to be getting ready for work) is to online shop. This is why I run late.

I will never, ever go to one of my high school reunions.

Moscato tastes like deployment and disappointment.

I had to buy individually wrapped candy corn packs in order to keep track of how much I eat.

There are candy corn "stains" inside one of my kitchen drawers from where I hide my stash from Scott.

I was ready to buy a new vacuum because ours wasn't working right. My friend told me to call Dyson and I was all No, no...and she was all Give me the serial number. I'll call. My laziness has reached a first-world level. Also, I bought a new vacuum.

I jabbed myself in my own eye last week when I was putting on eye cream.

Every single one of these teaching memes is ridiculously cliched but they are cliched because they are 110% true.

Any confessions today?

September 13, 2016

August Books

Get ready to laugh.

I read three books this month.

And I didn't even read two of them. I listened to them.

I maintain this though...

I've been too high-strung to sit and read. Reading, to me, isn't relaxing. It's not something I do as a way to relax. It's something I do when I'm already feeling kind of relaxed.

I've not felt relaxed for awhile.

Scott told me a few weeks ago that he was bored. I told him to read something. I'd sent him The Martian and said Hey, read that. He said he wasn't relaxed enough to read and that he stared at screens all day and the last thing he felt like doing was staring at more words.

I'm exactly the same way. It's why I don't blog at night. It's why I rarely answer emails after noon. I need to do all the word-related stuff first thing in the morning.

All of this to build my case of excuses.

Truly, Madly, Guilty by Liane Moriarity B
I really enjoyed this book. It's close to Big Little Lies, when it comes to plot, secrets, etc. It's not quite as sinister though. Information is revealed at you go and, honestly, I just really liked it.
I like the way Moriarity can take a character's child and make them into their own character. They're not bystanders, they're action-makers.
I would go for it if you're deciding whether or not to read. It was a 17 hour audiobook, but I love Caroline Lee and her storytelling. It's really like watching a movie.

Tempting Fate by Jane Green B+
People were kind of up in arms about the infidelity and everything in this book. How it made them uncomfortable and they couldn't relate and all that. Well, that's fiction, right?
And, truly, I was flat-out offended by the lack of reprisal and/or consequence in After I Do, but Tempting Fate didn't bug me. It was very similar to Unfaithful, which is really just a fantastic work of art starring Diane Lane and Richard Gere. I love seeing how a character's life can change so much and go through a downward spiral because of just a few, seemingly, minor decisions.
I liked the story and the way the background was kind of built in as you went.
The end was meh. It'd be an A, but I didn't like the end and Jane Green uses the word "delicious" too much.

The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarity A
I got this in the Audible sale a few weeks ago. I loved it. It wasn't narrated by Caroline Lee, but the narrator was good anyway. I liked her.
I liked the story. I liked the characters. It was a solid plotline. It came together nicely at the end, but not really in the expected way. So no spoilers from me.
If you've read Moriarity's books, I recommend this one. It's better than The Hypnotist's Love Story and Three Wishes. 


And then I started both of these books, got a chapter or so in, and then gave up. The library snatched the ebooks back from my Kindle and that was that. I have a hard time investing in books I don't/won't/might not love these days. I probably should've given it a solid 10% before giving up, but I also shouldn't be choosing to spend my weeknights watching Bachelor in Paradise instead of reading. 

The Nest by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney

The After Party by Anton DiSclafani


Just like every second Tuesday of the month, linking up with Jana and Steph!

September 12, 2016

Weekending + 7 years + 9/11

This weekend I...

...graded papers to get ready for the onslaught of questions I will get about midterm reports.

...fixed something with duct tape, as we are at that point in a deployment where shit randomly will begin to break. 4 deployments in, and I'm still not ready for this. 

...watched some TV. I started Supernatural. I already consider this to be a terrible mistake. I foresee nothing getting done for the next 218 episodes. It's not that it's THAT good. It's just good enough to hold my attention. 

...cleaned a little. 

...went to the grocery store and nowhere else and enjoyed that very much. 

Cheers to Monday and a very busy week ahead!


I'm not trying to get super deep here...just a thought I had...

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary and I reflect on this almost every year by remembering September 11th. Our rehearsal dinner was on the 11th, and it's easy to set aside what happened on that day as we go through our day-to-day life. However, it quite literally affects everything Scott and I have ever done or ever will do. He has been deployed for over half of our marriage. It is our reality. While I may not have lost someone on 9/11, I had no idea that it would mean all these things for my future as I sat in drivers' ed when the attacks came on the news on 9/11/01. 


September 8, 2016

STUFF and THINGS (is BACK) 9/8

Stuff, Things, etc.

Welcome to all link-up bloggers, old and new!

+Who watched the Bachelor in Paradise finale? Thoughts? I have many.

+Also, I'm pretty thrilled that Nick is the new Bachelor. He has personality (unlike Ben) and he can't blame naivety for his dumb decisions (like Jojo).

Also, I'll get a life as soon as the opportunity arises.

+Who is all caught up on Once Upon a Time? I just finished season 5 on Netflix. Ugh. I cried a few times. My love for Hook: it's never-ending. New episodes start September 25th!

+I love my new vacuum. Truthfully it looks a bit alien-like and I didn't want to get it for that very reason. But there's form and functionality to the design and it WORKS.'s FALL. Which means we're Pumpkin Swapping!

Just putting it out there...look for the sign-up at the end of the month!

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September 7, 2016

Planner Problems

I'm on my third planner for 2016. That is, I bought a planner last December, to start in January. Got sick of it by February. Bought a new one in March. Got annoyed with it in August and bought a new one.

Yes, that is a planner, on top of a planner, on top of a planner. 

I even wrote a whole post on why I switched from a day to day planner to a monthly planner (it was $5 from Target) and why I didn't believe in those "$60 planners" anymore, and then the html wasn't working on the post when I previewed it so it got pushed to the back of the queue and eventually deleted.

The upshot was that my days are pretty regimented and I have them "planned" at school with a lesson plan book and I didn't need an hour by hour planner because that was overkill.

I actually switched to Google calendar for most of the summer because:
1. I didn't need to find a pen in order to write something down.
2. It provided reminders.

Then I realized I kind of hate technology and it doesn't provide the same level of satisfaction to use Google calendar. There was no way to mark things complete. You either did it or you didn't. Reminders I have set from July are still there, recorded. In order to move past things, you just have to delete them or ignore them.

No, that wasn't going to work. I need to cross things out.

Then I realized that habit is habit and a planner was a good thing. That was when I started looking for a new paper planner.

I found myself on with one of those "$60 planners" (which are $70 for some reason now) in my shopping cart.

I knew that wasn't going to work out. I could buy a lot with the $70+shipping that I'd spend on an EC planner.

Something about fall signaled that I needed a new planner and a fresh start, so I set off for Target and bought my fresh start for $9.

This was the last one at my Target...$9, hard plastic cover (double cover on the front) front and back. It seems durable enough. It's just navy and white on the inside. No cutesy stuff. 

Tell me. What do you think about planners?
Planners and purses are two things I spend way too much time thinking about.