October 21, 2016

Funny Stuff for Friday

I want to say it has been a week. But truthfully, it's just felt like a week and I make situations worse than they are by pummeling things that have yet to happen with lots of worries and anxiety.

So it was really just a regular old week.

However, parent-teacher conferences are happening this week and that, by itself, is enough to push me over the edge. Also, I may or may not feel like I'm getting an ulcer from the stress. (I kind of want to say I'm kidding, but I don't think I am...this gets worse every year.)

Ugh. This is so cliche. It's the absolute truth though. All day long, I look like Ross.

And my favorite:

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October 20, 2016

Things I, like, really believe in

1. Pilates.
This is first on the list for a reason. If I could recommend one thing to anyone, it would be Pilates. I spent so many years killing myself at the gym for absolutely nothing. I get more out of 10-30 minutes a day on my mat than I did out of all those classes and cardio sessions. I mean, I miss the camaraderie of the gym. I miss the friends I used to spend time with there. But I never made gym friends in Colorado and the absolute inconvenience of simply getting to the gym here pushed me further and further into the arms of Pilates. I'm glad for this. Leaving my gym in Alaska was kind of traumatic for me, so I know that, wherever we go, I can take Pilates with me.

If you feel like there's something missing from your fitness routine, try Pilates. This is the website I use.

2. Coffee.
I legitimately don't trust people who don't drink coffee.

3. Rodan and Fields.
If you're going to invest in beauty products, why not make your skin the best it can be instead? I wear just enough make-up to look "finished". I don't want to have to cake it on to cover imperfections. Therefore, I need to improve my skin, not enhance my makeup collection. It's a personal philosophy, I suppose.

4. Having a dog. Or two.
I remember our lives pretty well before we had dogs. So, you won't hear me say I don't know what we did without them!, but I do recommend a pet. They add a fullness to your life that you didn't know was missing. They're a crazy amount of responsibility though.

5. Plaid.
Everything and anything, all year long.

Boots // Shirt was Target last year (similar) // Pants
(No affiliate links :)

6. Audiobooks.
Sometimes I think it doesn't matter how much you like to read. You don't always have time. I know we can say we all have the same amount of time in a day...but some peoples' schedules are just more conducive to reading. For instance, I can't text or do Pilates or walk the dogs or unload the dishwasher or commute or grade papers while I sit and read a book.

What's something you believe in and would recommend to anyone?
Stuff, Things, etc.
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October 18, 2016

I think I know my love language

I read The Five Love Languages about 4 years ago and Scott read it around the same time. We have it in the basement somewhere. He told me he didn't know what my love language was and I also couldn't pinpoint his.

I would come back to this thought every few months, every time Jojo would mention it on The Bachelorette, and reflect on Hmmmm, I wonder where I fit?

However, I think I know now. I don't know that this is something you can pin down when you're 25 years old. I feel like you need to be able to have some life experience under your belt; to know how you react to certain circumstances, to know what makes you tick. These things aren't always evident right away.

After listening to Gretchen Rubin's podcast episode on this topic a few weeks ago, I really started wondering about it again. I put myself in different situations, thinking about what made me happy and what just rolled off my back.

I think I'm Acts of Service. I appreciate the little things. The easiest way to get me on your side is to do something nice for me. I think we're all a little bit Words of Affirmation, but I'd rather have someone do something for me than tell me I did a good job. Words can be empty, you know?

Where this really comes in is that whatever our particular language is, that's what we tend to display to others because we understand it. Therefore, I'm all about Acts of Service. I pack Scott's lunch, I make dinner, I put clothes away and prep the things he needs for each next day as naturally as I do for myself. It's just part of my routine. When he can't find something, I know where it is (usually). Does he always appreciate this as much as I would? I know he's grateful, but he doesn't react the way I would because he's not Acts of Service. That MY language.

What's his?

Well. He's definitely into Words of Affirmation and I'm, for a teacher, remarkably bad at telling people what they need to hear. It just doesn't come naturally to me. I'm one of those people who never knows the right thing to say. I'm getting better at it, I think. Or maybe worse. I can't really tell. It depends on the situation.


What's your love language?

October 17, 2016

Motivating Motivation

I find it super telling that no one had any actual advice on last Monday's post. We really have nothing when it comes to a bag of tricks for getting through Mondays, do we?

Here's your weekly dose of motivation...

This is why it's worthwhile to place your worth in more than one place. 
Don't sink it all into one thing.

Not being the best at something doesn't mean you can't still try.

When all else fails, just repeat this ^ to yourself.

October 13, 2016

S&T 10/13

My favorite pin/quote of late. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm living a double life. Between playing 4th grade teacher and playing army wife, I operate on two very opposite ends of the spectrum.
I say "play" because they are roles; two different hats that I wear. Neither are games. Worthwhile? Yeah. Fun? No.

Sometimes I think God throws plantar fasciitis back at me to tell me to slow down. I rarely relax on the weekends. On Sunday, I was physically forced to sit down with my feet up.

Sometimes I think no one should be President. I almost said POTUS there, but I hate that abbreviation.

Sometimes I really get my money's worth: I bought this jacket and this skirt 5 years ago. Holding strong.

Sometimes I wear my coat all day because it's 50 degrees outside and I appreciated that greatly for the two days it lasted.

All the time, plaid goes with everything.

If you've not heard from your Pumpkin Swap partner yet, please let Becky or me know!
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Stuff, Things, etc.

October 12, 2016

(More) Confessions

I've been buying a lot of things lately. Mostly online. (Boots that will go with a anything. New bedding because we only have one set of bedding for our king-sized bed. Everything else we own is queen.) But I tell myself you deserve this. Which is never a good mentality. But a big chunk of that is that Scott is deployed and I spend all day being treated with indifference and, often, being chastised. So yes, I deserve this.

I ask for extra Chick-fil-a sauce when I get nuggets (or anything really) and I hoard it at home and eat it with sweet potato fries.

Something in this window's mechanism broke and it won't stay up on its own. I prop it up with this leftover fascia stone that we used in the basement. It's been like this since May.

I still haven't cleaned this window sill. #prairielife

If I made a list of everything in this house that was slightly broken, but still useable, your mouth would drop open.

I knew my dogs were spoiled when...every time I pull something out of the oven, they assume it's for them and crowd around the counter.

I will forever hover before I click if I suspect an affiliate link. The nondisclosure has to stop. I will not support your Anthro/Target/Nordstrom/etc habit if you don't make it clear that I'm doing that.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people use dry erase markers or wet erase markers on paper. THEY ARE NOT FOR THAT. I can't even watch when people (other teachers) use an Expo marker on chart paper. I literally have to look away. It makes my teeth tingle.

-------------That's your takeaway from this post: please, oh please, do not use dry erase markers on paper.

October 11, 2016

September Books

Well, it was not a high volume month.

These were DID NOT FINISH audiobooks:

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

Real Murders by Charlaine Harris

My Sister's Grave by Robert Dugoni

How to Talk to Anyone by Leil Lowndes

I may go back to the Harris book. I haven't decided yet. I returned the other three because they were just not good. I did learn that "Ove" is pronounce "Ooo-va".

Also a DNF: Who Do You Love? by Jennifer Weiner. It was from the library and I didn't have time to finish it and didn't feel like renewing because I didn't "love" it enough. It wasn't terrible so maybe some other time. ...also, I had no idea but Jennifer Weiner used to work for the newspaper in State College.
And I had a student named Jennifer Weiner a few years ago.


What did I read? Uh....truthfully, my attention span lately has been super short. Like, I can make it through a podcast and that's about it. I've really been into keeping up with my podcasts lately.

I've been reading The Headless Ghost by R.L. Stine at school. You might ask why I read a Goosebumps book to kids when there's better-quality stuff available, but they love it. I will read aloud to my class as long as they enjoy it and this class does enjoy it. Then there's a whole catalog of other Goosebumps books for them to move onto on their own. It never fails to impress me how completely off their predictions are about what's going to happen next. Each Goosebumps chapter leaves off with a cliff-hanger of sorts and they get very disappointed when I put the book away.
I know I'm doing God's work when kids tell me they're going to download this on their Kindle and read it over the weekend to find out what happens next.


I listened to The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. This was a solid C for me and wasn't about how not to care (what I was secretly hoping it'd be about). It was about how to choose what you care about carefully because if you waste energy on too many things, you'll end up caring about nothing.
That's what I got out of it. I liked the first half better than the second half. I wouldn't not recommend it.

I just finished The Things We Wish Were True by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen over the weekend. It was a solid story. Kind of Moriarity-ish but with a Southern twist. Maybe not as enthralling, but it did keep me wondering.  What I was mostly concerned with though was that they never ever mentioned anyone's age. I spent a lot of time preoccupied, wondering how old these kids were supposed to be. And I'm assuming the trio of main characters (Jencey, Everett, and Bryte) were about 30? I liked it. B-

Life According to Steph

October 10, 2016

Motivation? + 3 Things.

I don't need to write a weekend recap. I need you to tell me how you motivate yourself on Mondays. I don't love the weekends, but I always feel like I'm making such progress in life on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday...and then I have to start all over again?

How do you motivate yourself on Mondays?

Man, I love a good happy dog.

It goes without saying that I do not have Columbus Day off of work.


Three things I'd never give up
My dogs, American citizenship, whatever God-given abilities I do have (because we all want to be good at what we don't have, right?)

Three favorite vegetables
Tomatoes (they count), corn on the cob, sugar snap peas

Three shows I watched faithfully from beginning to end
Friends, True Blood, Homeland 

Three places I want to visit inside the US
Key West; De Smet, South Dakota; Hawaii

Three places I want to visit outside the US
Prague, Austria, ruins in Greece or Rome

Three things I always have with me
Chapstick (usually Carmex or RF), sunglasses, water bottle

Three things that are always in my car
Extra water, umbrella, hairbands

Three most recent phone calls were to/from

USAA, a parent from Girls on the Run, USAA again

Three books I read and loved in college
Brave New World, 1984, ...uh...I don't remember reading much in college. I liked those two though and still have them on my "best books" shelf.

Three most often used makeup products
BareMinerals powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow

Three things that make me laugh
When kids say something or write something, and they're being completely serious, but I find it funny. (i.e. an answer on a geography test that has nothing to do with the question: America has Mexico as an enemy and Mexico thinks the United States is their enemy. I'd actually be really interested in hearing more about this.)
When I tell Scott stories about the dogs via Skype
The Goldbergs
Bonus: The scene in Superbad when Jonah Hill gets hit by a car. Every time. Also, Harold and Kumar movies.

Three things that make me cry
When I can't do something and need Scott here to take care of it
When people get rid of their pets for no reason (their "reasons" are moot)
The scene in Once Upon a Time when the curse breaks and Charming and Snow see each other again (seriously, every time)

October 7, 2016

Funny Stuffs for Friday.

I don't really care about Halloween, but the bug one.

Scary true.


Unless you live by yourself. Then it's your problem.

Today I'm off to get a flu shot. I, optimistically, assume I'll be sick all weekend like I was last year. Fingers crossed.

Today is the LAST DAY for Pumpkin Swap Sign-ups! I'm shopping this weekend! (if I'm not laid up in bed with flu-like symptoms of course)

October 6, 2016

S&T 10/6 (Dog Food and Compulsive Shopping)

+We all know that I run out of dog food once in awhile because I'm a really bad judge of how long it lasts. To get by in the interim, before the Chewy order arrives, I stop at Safeway or Target and grab a smallish bag of Purina Chicken and Rice.

Once upon a time, we bought this food made out of duck and the dogs loved it and all was well. Then, Chewy discontinued the large size of that bag so I had to find something else. I went back to the salmon food that Scout used to eat from about 1 year of age and on. This, I'm sure, is where he developed his love for fish. Jett, of course, would eat anything so he used to eat the salmon food too. We've been into keeping the dogs on a grain-free diet because that's what's really best for hunting dogs. This is why the duck food and the salmon food worked out so well.

Unfortunately, these dogs don't like the salmon food anymore. I mean, they'll eat it. But they sniff around and abandon their bowls or they don't finish it. Scout has always been this way when it comes to food but to see Jett leave food in the bowl or not inhale it right away made me do a double-take.
They do, however, love them some Purina Chicken and Rice (that I buy when I need emergency dog food). They eat it so quickly...I've never seen Scout eat this way. Therefore, I've developed this theory that the salmon food is like the broccoli and plain chicken of dog food (no one really wants to eat that stuff) and the chicken and rice is like the pizza of dog food (everyone loves it).
So. I placed an order for a version of chicken and rice dog food and it should arrive this week.
In order to use up the salmon food (that is ex.pen.sive), I've started mixing it with the stuff they love; layering the chicken/rice on top of the salmon so they start eating it and then eat the salmon food too.

They always leave a little bit of the salmon food in the bowl. Just to remind me of their dissatisfaction.

+I needed an extra set of sheets, so I ordered these from L.L.Bean based on a friend's recommendation. I want a giant flannel comforter too, but I don't know if I can justify $500 on bedding. Hmmm...

+Also, I'm realllllllly into these Sole Society boots, but $90 for shoes is more than I usually spend. The $90 territory is reserved for bags and maybe coats.

+Who watched Timeless? I'm an absolute sucker for something that combines time travel/history teachers/pretty people. I liked Timeless. Go for it.

+Tomorrow is the last day to sign-up for the Pumpkin Swap! Expect to receive your partner by Monday :)


Stuff, Things, etc.

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