April 9, 2020

Week 4.

I don't remember dates of when we started social-distancing because we were sick the week before everything started being canceled/shut down so we had a bonus week in there.

But these photos are from the last week, which I have creatively named Week 4. Which means I think we've been at this for 5 weeks now, give or take a few days.

Empty parking lots are the bright side to all of this. 

Giving him some actual tools is something that provides much amusement. 

He calls the lawnmower a "trat-tor". 
Here, he was distracted from the "trat-tor" by an airplane. Since we live near an airport, there's always something flying over. 

We have had more than one meltdown over this water bottle. He wants to put it together by himself. Then he ends up soaked and the floor is a mess. 

The roof saga was on IG stories over the weekend. Dogs trying to follow Scott into the attic. 

Roasted gnocchi and zucchini with sausage/toasted garlic and marinara.

Scott made this: shredded yellow potatoes, eggs, shredded cheese. Seasoned with salt, pepper, and Montreal steak seasoning. Baked at 350 for 30 minutes and then put under the broiler. 

More "trat-tor". He got very upset when I put it back in the shed. 
So we had to say "good night" and "bye" to the lawnmower in a very ceremonial way. 

Mulching around the perennials. We have three of these plants at this rental, and they're fascinating to me. I don't even know what they are. I'm terrible at plants. Worse than most people, to be honest. 

Okay, this is borderline embarrassing:
We are using this time with Scott being around more to grill meat we find in our deep-freeze. Some of it has been in there since Colorado/Wyoming and definitely moved across the country with us (lots of wild game). 
These were two slightly freezer-burnt t-bone steaks that, judging by the date, we bought on sale almost two years ago. 
In a perfect storm of having run out of dry dog food on Tuesday and Wednesday, Jett and Scout split a steak with some brown rice for dinner. 
Don't @ me. 

We also grilled chicken and salmon.
Chicken should only ever be grilled, bone in, skin on. All other chicken is inferior. 

And THANK THE LORD for toddlers. The idea that he can play outside with Scott while I vacuum and clean up the kitchen without him trailing behind me, making a bigger mess, means that I am starting to get my footing back in general. 
Moderate independence is a wonderful thing. 

I do have to say this was the most boring and probably the hardest week in that sense. I appreciated the nice weather because we were able to get out and do yard work. Even if it's not our property, doing some sort of yard work in the spring always makes me feel accomplished. 

April 8, 2020

April Goals.


Does anyone feel this way when they think about goal-setting in April?

Let's first reflect back on March...

I did decorate for Easter. I did give myself a pedicure, but now I need another one. I did 2 out of 3 birthday gifts but none have been delivered because, well, you know. I have continued working on the packing of boxes in the basement.

But thinking about April...

1. Take bags to Goodwill.

2. Pack-up Easter.

3. Finish the 3 books on my nightstand (this probably won't happen but I can hope I get suddenly motivated to read)

4. Another at-home pedicure.

5. Track home workouts and keep up with Bible-reading plan. - - These are the two things that give my days at home a structure and a feeling of at least I'm doing something.

What goals are you setting for April???

April 7, 2020

Amazon lately...

I think this was the month that Amazon saved us all. If you aren't a fan of Amazon, maybe rethink that.

Note: There's no affiliate links here. This is just what I needed (or wanted) and bought and wanted to share with you all!

I grabbed this essential oils set. I would never spend this much normally, but I'm stuck at home now and like the house to smell good. This was the brand of oils that originally came with our diffuser two years ago and I liked them so much more than the ones I've been ordering on the cheap. Again, please check to see which are harmful to pets before you start diffusing!

Wells needed a trim. His hair was constantly sticking out around his ears. He doesn't have a ton of hair but it seems to be very fine so I thought I could just snip a bit here or there. Then, all of a sudden, his hair just started lying flat. It's like it grew to a point where it didn't stick out anymore? But now I have the hair-cutting scissors.

Baby wipes.

I looked to put together a Prime Pantry box with emergency snacks and almost everything was sold out. These were the only peanut butter-based items I could find, as well as the only tortilla chips I could find. Also, shelf-stable coffee creamer. I don't know what I would do without an emergency stash of creamer. I'm pretty weak, tbh.

Reusable diapers. This is for an actual apocalyptic emergency situation. They're adjustable and probably worth having on hand.

K-Cups. Because could you even imagine?

I grabbed this LCD Writing Tablet for Wells, thinking it'd be great for a sick day or a car ride. He doesn't understand it. I put it away for a later date.

I got these friction vehicles for Wells' Easter basket. I think I might put one in his basket and just pull the others out as needed, in case of emergencies.

My go-to highlights. More expensive than normal (usually it's about $11) but still much less than the $100+ I'd pay at a salon. They turned out really well this time! I buy a box every 3 months or so.

I grabbed this shampoo/conditioner for blond highlights. Love it so far.

And my guilty-pleasure purchase: I tend to get a new phone case every six months or so. It just makes me happy. I ordered "gold" but pretty sure they sent me rose gold. Whatever. Everything I buy tends to be rose gold these days anyway.

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April 6, 2020

(Leftover) Quesadillas

I'm going to do that annoying thing where a story precedes a recipe.

We're quarantined. We have time.

Scout the Dog is on a diet. This happens a few times a year, even when he was getting a mile or two through the fields each day in Colorado. He just tends to hold weight in a weird way. He gets so much human food from Wells...it's adding up.

So we skewered and grilled some NY strip steaks last week. I use this marinade, always, when preparing steak. Right before we put them on the grill, we sprinkled them with some Montreal steak seasoning. They were ah-mazing.

But the dogs also got their own skewer of plain steak tidbits, because they are ridiculously spoiled.

So don't feel too bad for Scout. He's permanently angry at me for "starving" him. And last night he took off across the front yard where Scott was spreading mulch, I grabbed him to haul him back in the house (slippers on and all) and we did the usual dance of him growling and pawing at me and me saying "go ahead, bite me, I dare you. seriously, do it". Scout kept growling and I kept lecturing him saying things like "I rocked you to sleep as a puppy...go ahead, bite me and you'll be in the basement for the night...you don't know how good you have it". (I hope Wells took notes.)

But anyway. Scout knows I love him because I make him steak and salmon quite often. We never grill meat without setting aside some for Scout and Jett.

The point of this recipe is that it's perfect for repurposing leftovers. Which is ideal for being stuck in the house all of the time and relying on what you have in the pantry.

I grilled some peppers and diced up the leftover steak and made quesadillas.

I squirted a bit of lime juice on the top and then served queso on the side. (I have a hoarded supply of queso in the pantry but that's a story for another blog post.)

Are you finding ways to repurpose your leftovers? I see many people talking about oddly enjoying the slower pace of life and this is part of it. I admit that I don't hate this side of quarantining. It's rewarding to become less wasteful. 

April 3, 2020

Making Life Easier This Week: Memes

They are one of the few bright spot in this whole mess.

If you need something to take your mind off of this new normal, I recommend Superbad. It's on Netflix. 

Two of the most unlikable people around, right? 

 Happy weekend.

April 2, 2020

Week 3.

I would kind of like to fast forward as quickly as possible. To get our country back on track. To get people healthy. To not be hesitant every time I leave the house. To get ON with things already.

But this blog is meant to document and there is no way I'm keeping a paper journal or even a word document with remembrances. So I've been intentionally taking pictures of all of the little things I want to remember. This is Week 3. Here is Week 1 and Week 2.

Wells finds hats and puts them on and then he'll go in search of a pair of shoes. 

My lounge pants are wearing thin. That means I've been lounging a bit too much, I'm guessing?

I made this lentil coconut curry for the second time and we really, really like it. SO easy too.

He was feeding his bear. This is one of the dozen pictures I took. He loved that I loved asking him to feed his bear. 

This is Vector Mechanics for Engineers. Scott had it out for a work project and Wells loved flipping through it and pointing out every "truck" and "tractor" he could find. 

We had a tornado warning on Saturday night, which was just perfection. 
Also, I maintain that one of the hardest parts of military life is trying to figure out where you are on a news channel's weather map when there's a tornado warning. 
This has happened in almost every state now.

This is as flooded as the yard has gotten here so far. And remember I mentioned how the roof was leaking last fall? They replaced the roof a month ago and...it's still leaking. So I'm not sure what the homeowner is planning on doing about that one, long-term.

This is an awful parenting hack, but I do use it: Wells loves milk so much. He also likes water. But sometimes he just wants to drink milk all day. To get him to drink water in those moments when he won't stop asking for milk ("mmmNAH" is how he says "milk"), I fill his bottle with water first.  
Then I make sure he's watching and I pour a teaspoon or so of ginger ale or Pedialyte or gatorade (whatever we happen to have open) into it. 
He gets such a kick out of it and thinks it's a really special treat. 
He'll take his bottle and yell "bye!" and walk off into the living room with it. 
He does the same when I give him snacks..."Bye!"

We went for a walk over the weekend and Wells saw his first snake. 

The trail was packed, of course. I don't know if people were dying for conversation or what but, because Scout was being particularly bad, Scott had to shock him. He yelped so loud that a man stopped and asked if he'd gotten bit by a snake.


Then, when Scott spotted these two baby garter snakes, he hunched over the ground and picked one up to show Wells, and another man stopped to ask what we were looking at.


And that's the end of Week 3.

So far Week 4 has included Scott fixing a broken doorknob and me going to Walmart. You'll have to come back next week to read about that.

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