September 26, 2022

6 months of Sutton.

Six months doesn't actually seem that long, since it feels like she's always been here. But when I think about "half a year", that makes it seem like time is flying. 

I did read something on instagram about hospital bags. And it didn't hit me until that minute that I really fit the description of what the poster was talking about; when we got home with Sutton, I didn't unpack my bag. It sat next to the front door for an entire week. I just didn't feel comfortable enough to unpack. Then I went back into the hospital and never had a bag...Scott just stuffed a few extra clothes and my toiletry bag (that was still sitting by the front door in my hospital bag) into his computer bag for when he came back to the hospital to sit with me for 3 more days. 

Then, I think after I was home for another few days, I unpacked the hospital bag. If you know me, you know I unpack the second I arrive home from any trip. This was not like that. I couldn't deal with that hospital bag. I, being superstitious, had used the same bag, same shower shoes, same robe, same Hydroflask, etc that I had taken to the hospital when Wells was born. So much for that. I really thought my biggest issues would be trying to drink enough water and what would I wear home (I don't remember what I wore home...though, after hospital stay #2, I one hundred percent wore pajamas, sneakers, and a winter coat. It was a sight.)


We're slowly starting solid food. I haven't pushed it and she hasn't seemed ready anyway. We did baby oatmeal last week and then started sweet potato puree over the weekend. I guess the method is 3-4 days of one food before adding in another. Here are my baby food making posts as a refresher on how seriously I took it last time.  I have no idea what food we'll try next. I kept an actual journal of Wells' food intake when he was starting solids LOL. Her bottles are usually 5 oz and they keep her pretty full it seems. We're still doing a mix of formula. This week, it's Gentlease + Kendamil. I have some Gerber lined up for next week. 

Her 6 month appointment is at the end of this week but I weighed her last weekend and she's almost 17 pounds, which is what Wells weighed at this age. She's wearing 9 and 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. She has two little teeth at the bottom; one halfway in and the other just broke through this past weekend. She hasn't so much as whimpered in the last several days though. She is so happy all of the time that I can't believe I saw another tooth coming in on Saturday. 

She is a lazy baby. She can roll over. She 100% chooses not to most of the time. She does it exclusively when I'm not watching. We will walk back into a room to find she's moved 3-4 feet in any direction, but she's like an Elf on the Shelf or something when it comes to movement. 

Our current schedule at 6+ months: 

She wakes up around 7am and has a bottle. On weekdays, we go to drop Wells off at preschool around 8:15 and then we go and walk for a bit and she has her morning nap in the stroller. She has bottle #2 around 10am. We pick Wells up at 11:30 and she has some oatmeal for lunch around 12:30 and another bottle around 1:00 and then is down for nap #2. If I'm lucky, I get 90 minutes out of her. Sometimes more, usually less. Either way, by 3pm, she's playing and doing whatever. Bottle #4 happens at some point. Usually around 4:30-5, I try to get her to sleep for another 30 minutes. She eats dinner around 5:30pm with us (even before we started purees, I would just sit her at the table) and then has bottle #5. Bathtime is around 6:30pm these days and then it's the last bottle and to bed around 7-7:15pm. If she skips that last catnap, bath/bed is earlier. 

Sutton is a Good Baby™. One of those that people dream about having. One of those that you can't figure out how to say anything bad about. She is so predictable. I almost always know exactly what she wants. She is completely content and smiley. She's an observer. She loves cloth books and studies them for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. 

She loves watching everybody, chirping/talking to herself, bath time, and her bottles. She tolerates stroller rides, headbands, and loud dog barking very well. 

September 23, 2022

Friday Favorites, 9/23

1. Love is Blind: After the Altar. If you're running short on trash TV, go for it. It's on Netflix. These Lachey Family Productions are the only reality TV I tend to watch these days. I saw, just recently, that another couple filed for divorce. Sad. 

2. Tehran. If you're not watching this show, you need to try it. We were absolutely sucked into the first season two years ago in Kansas. Like, could not look away. Recently saw the second season was out so we're in the middle of it right now. It's on Apple TV. 

3. These shorts are completely hit or miss with being in stock. I wish they had them in black or something too!  These are kind of similar. 

4. Cashew chicken. Incredibly easy. 


Wells wakes up at 6:30am at the latest and asks for breakfast and does not stop moving until I make him go to bed at night. 

Last weekend's search history was dark.

We have one from our wedding. 

In case you missed it:

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September 21, 2022

The best true crime podcasts.


I don't know how we got to this place, but here we are. 

I went through a heavy true crime phase back in spring 2020. Before that, I wasn't into it. But, while at home most days, I got really into the stories and the cases. Disassociation, we'll call it. I was just stuck in the house with two dogs and a toddler all day and while true crime is depressing, yes, it gave me something else to think about aside from the constant news cycle of covid.  

At some point, I got tired of it all and moved onto different types of podcasts again. 

A few months ago, my usual podcasts got repetitive and depressing. (my usual podcasts are of the political variety)
I went back to true crime. It is decidedly less depressing than the state of politics right now. These are the ones I'm recommending for you. 
(I'm not going to link everything because you'll be looking them up on a podcast app anyway.)


The Prosecutors. They break it all down from a legal perspective. It's much more expertise-driven than just "what? I can't believe that happened!!1!" (cough, Crime Junkie). 
They cover a lot of well-known cases, broken down into multiple episodes per case and my favorite-favorite-favorite part is when they give their opinion on what they think actually happened. That usually isn't part of the true crime podcast genre. Brett and Alice put the puzzle pieces together, whether the case is solved or unsolved, and tell us what probably happened based on the evidence. Love it. They have a second podcast called Legal Briefs where they go into the law and not just specific cases (last week's episode was great). I recommend the JonBenet Ramsey episodes and their Maura Murray theory makes so much sense. SO MUCH SENSE. 

Big Mad True Crime. Heather does great research and you can tell she really cares about the victims and their stories. She does a lot of more recent cases. I like how she talks quickly and has everything organized on her IG stories. I mentioned it a few weeks ago, but her Chris Watts episodes are amazing.  She does such a great job of making sure we know how evil and dumb Watts is/was, and at the same time.

Going West. They may be the only engaged couple out there with a true crime podcast. They have an extensive backlog. Like Heather from BMTC, they use an IG account to post pictures and details from the episodes. They cover a lot of older cases, a few very new ones, and most I'd never heard of. 

Generation Why. This has apparently been around for awhile. They cover the well-known and the obscure. They have quite the backlog so it'll keep you busy. 

True Crime Garage. I listened to this a lot back in 2020. I recommend it especially for road trips because they deep-dive and they do two episodes of week. They have so many episodes that you have to go to the  Stitcher app to get the oldest ones. They focus a lot on the midwest since they're in Columbus. The Delphi episodes are good ones, and go back in time and listen to the Lindsay Buziak case

I also started listening to Crime Weekly, but I like to watch them on Youtube since they show so many pictures and videos. I really enjoy the expert perspective of having a police officer on the show. 

Any recommendations? Do you listen to true crime? 

September 19, 2022

Phone Photos 2


A few weeks ago, my THUNDERSTORM AIR PURIFIER broke. I emailed Edenpure, sent it back, and they sent me a new one. Scott thinks I'm insane, but I notice such a difference with this. It just makes the air smell clean.


I like that Thursday Night Football is on Prime this year. 

He's been carrying these two dogs everywhere. One was mine, one was given to me by a student the year Wells was born. 

Wells' jacket and Wells' blanket. Her own bow.

Her own blanket, her own toy, her own jacket. Still Wells' stroller though. 

We had gorgeous sitting outside weather last week. Not this week.


September 16, 2022

Friday Favorites, 9/16

1. This dress from Target is just perfect for all seasons. It's 100% NOT see-through and almost feels like it's lined. I can't believe it was only $12. 

Then, I really like this dress but, for real, I need that price to drop before I pull the trigger. 

2. I saw this Freedom sweatshirt and I love it and the donation/mission behind it, but then I saw this:

Who dry-cleans sweatshirts? Or handwashes? I can see line/air-drying, but what is this about?

No. Just no. 

3. I don't see myself getting a Stanley mug. The only way I will get a Stanley mug is because everyone else has a Stanley mug and I don't want to be left out (at least I admit it). However, I ended up getting this at Walmart many weeks ago. I know everyone has their own water bottle/container dilemmas and this solved my problem and it works well. $13, not $40+shipping and a wait list. 

4.  Temperatures were a bit fall-like in the mornings this week and now we're going back up into the 90s for like 4 days and I hate everything. 

(She has her first tooth halfway in so she is hit or miss with hating everything too.)


Okay, on this one: Posts 2, 3, and 6 might as well be c/p'd from the actual groups I'm in on FB. ESPECIALLY THE FORMULA ONE. Also, you can sub in "diapers".

And this one: Posts 9 and 14. Exact replicas of what I read every single day online.

My favorite was when, two weeks into the school year, there was a 44 comment thread about what cold-like symptoms everyone's kids were experiencing. 

September 13, 2022

Scout and Jett go on vacay

If there's a word I hate, it's vacay. (Or if you don't like phonics "vaca".) But when referring to a dog's vacation, it's probably okay.

That's the only way I could think to title this post. They look forward to each and every hunting outing with Scott. He takes them as much as he possibly can; sometimes 2-3 days in a row on the weekends. But then, every year in September, they head out to the plains for several days to hunt. 

A few weeks ago, I was talking with a counselor (Insurance pays for it so I go once in awhile because I have nothing else to do) and she was wondering why I brought the baby with me if my husband was off work that day. I said Oh, he's hunting. She asked if I was okay with that. 


I, looking back, had no idea how much Scott wanted to hunt/fish in all of his spare time until after we got married. But the long and short of it is: he works 14 hour days, he rarely gets a day off, sometimes even works weekends, and we have two hunting dogs. So yes, I'm okay with it.

The counselor was just like "hmm most wives wouldn't be okay with him not taking the baby on a day off".  I believe her, based on her military clientele, but that still blows my mind. 

But really, the reason why I don't care how much he hunts is because of Jett and Scout. As long as they get to go, it's fine by me. 

They are dogs with a purpose. They look forward to this trip every year. They start running around the house from window to window when they see the camper getting packed. Scout saw Scott load up the guns one night and he did. not. sleep. for fear of missing his wake-up call. 

Opening weekend every September always happens to fall on our wedding anniversary, which Scott absolutely insists is not his fault and "take it up with the migration patterns". 

I didn't tell the counselor about that funny coincidence. 

(These are doves. I could show you the pictures of all the dead ducks too, but you're probably not here for that kind of content.)