December 11, 2018

November Books

Transcription by Kate Atkinson
Ugh. This was a disappointment. I didn't finish it. I got maybe a quarter of the way in? There was nothing special about it. It didn't pull me in, it didn't push me to turn the pages, I didn't feel anything for the characters, etc.
Goodreads felt the same from what I can tell so I don't feel like too much of an outlier.

The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman
A fairy tale of sorts. Inventive enough and I don't have a strong history with fairy tales. The only canon of fairy tale I ever cared for was Once Upon A Time (until it jumped the shark when the whole cast quit). If you like Neil Gaiman, you might as well read it as you make your way through his backlog of books.

The Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas
I had trouble putting this one down. It definitely pulled me in with the very first line. I didn't see the ending coming. This is an example of YA that I liked. A lot of YA, these days, doesn't agree with me.

Watching You by Lisa Jewell
This was good. It didn't stick with me like Then She Was Gone, but was more along the lines of I Found You, where the past and the present really mix together. A classic Lisa Jewell mystery/thriller. She's pretty reliable and I think I've read all her books now. I read most of it in one sitting with a baby who wouldn't nap unless I held him. It's published later this month. Thank you to NetGalley for the advanced copy!

These Is My Words by Nancy E. Turner
I used to read a lot of Dear America books when I was a tween/teen. This is like a Dear America book for adults. It's the journal of an 18 year old girl, as her family makes their way west in a wagon in the 1880s. It's kind of a sweeping family saga; it ends when she's in her mid-30s so it goes through a hugely important chunk of time for Sarah. I really cared about Sarah, her family, her friends, etc. There were plenty of moments when I was holding my breath as I waited for the narrator to get on with the story...some parts were incredibly suspenseful.
I ended up with the 14 hour audiobook because I saw it while I was browsing at the library. I had added it to my TBR two years ago after Modern Mrs. Darcy recommended it and I Capture the Castle in the same podcast. I Capture the Castle was one I tried last year and it was so incredibly boring and dumb (I think it was a DNF for me, and written, I thought, a lot like an Austen book and I don't do Austen books) that I think I put this one off as well, fearing the same.
But it was good. You should read it if you like historical fiction.

A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig
This is cute. I have a deep love and appreciation for Santa Claus origin stories. My favorite was one my 4th grade teacher read to us and I still remember it but, when I asked her about it after I became a 4th grade teacher myself, she said she remembered it but it was some obscure novella from a magazine in the early 90s and doubted if it could be tracked down again.
A Boy Called Christmas has great illustrations, so it'd make a perfect December read aloud for 2nd graders...I would read it aloud to 1st or 2nd. A 3rd grader might like it read aloud but they could definitely read it themselves.

I'll be back at the end of the month to wrap up what else I've read in December....that way I'm not dragging old books into a new year. I *want* to say I'm linking up today but I'm in Colorado and this post is written in advance so I'm probably not and will just catch up on all your book posts later in the week!

December 3, 2018

4 Months of Wells and Current Baby Favorites

Wells is going to be 5 months next week and I've been (somewhat intentionally) off my blogging game, so here we are...

I did take the picture the week he turned 4 months, so it's accurate at least.

Also, I'm aware how long this post is. It's mostly for the grandparents, the aunts, and the uncles. I'm also not above printing it out and stapling it into a baby book because there is no way I'm writing all this down twice.

He smiles and laughs all the time. We grab his chin and call it "chin meat" and he loves that. He likes looking in the mirror and laughing at our reflections too. He is turning into quite the chubby little baby, or so I thought. He's at the 16th percentile for weight and the 11th for height. He was in the 14th and 10th when he was born, so he's growing steadily and proportionally, I guess. He's all ankle rolls and wrist rolls though.

Eyes are still blue and hair is a fuzzy blondish/brown. I had fuzzy hair like this until I was probably a year old, so I don't expect it to start growing soon or anything.

Wells is in almost all 9 month clothes at this point. Anything I buy him from here on out, unless it really runs big, will be 12 month clothes because the 9 month Christmas pjs I just got him fit just right.

He rolled over at about 3 months and one week. Belly to back. He does it randomly and sporadically but, as I've learned from my many attempts to catch this on film, one cannot make a baby roll over. He doesn't spend as much time on his tummy as he probably *should* but that's because our house can be drafty with it's all-wood floors and Wyoming is cold and he also doesn't like it. He likes to be up where he can see me, so we do tummy time mostly on the bed when I'm folding laundry.

He is still not a fan of pacifiers. He chews on his hands all day long so I attempt a pacifier once a week or so and he just spits it out and looks at me with disgust. So I'm just packing them away. It's possible that he's starting to teethe but he would rather chew on his hands and shriek than have something in his mouth. He adores blankets though. I throw one on top of him and he'll hug it and roll around with it for quite awhile. I've found that the multitude of receiving blankets we have make great burp cloths/toys for him.

hug, hug, hug
That's a giraffe lovey that a student got me last year for him.

I packed away the 4 oz. bottles. I liked the little bottles because Wells actually has started holding onto them and putting them into his mouth and taking them out again, and he can't do that well with the 8 oz. But he's drinking 5-7 oz at a time and that was becoming nothing but a pile of bottles to make up, take apart, run through the dishwasher, and allow to dry every day. He still rarely drinks 8 oz. at a time though. He's definitely a snacker.

I'm using size 3 diapers, and my favorite are Huggies and Target's generic brand. The Wal-Mart brand is good too.  I'm grateful that he doesn't have super sensitive skin and can wear any diaper I've tried. I'm hoping he gets Scott's skin. Mine reacts to everything.

Sleep was the biggest focus for me over the last month and a half. Sometime around mid-October, he stopped sleeping at night and I think he went through the 4-month regression a month early because it's getting better now that I've been sleep-training him. I suppose I can talk more about that in a later update, because it's constantly changing anyway.

Wells' head has been one of my biggest stressors for the last two months. He was born with a round head and no one said anything about it until his two month appointment when the doctor mentioned it was getting flat and to do more tummy time. She said he might need physical therapy. Physical therapy is generally for babies who struggle turning their head or favor one side. He doesn't favor a side, really.
So anyway, my fear was that, with no 3 month appointment, they would say at 4 months that he needs some kind of intervention (that could've been started at 3 months). With us moving in January, right after he turns 6 months, I was worried that we wouldn't have time to start something like that and we'd be behind getting him set up elsewhere. (Given that we still don't know where we're going to LIVE, this was a particular thought that kept me up at night.)

In the end, the pediatrician said we could consult a physical therapist if we wanted to, or we could just work on keeping him off the back of his head. It's not a huge issue, I suppose. Just something I need to pay attention to (again, it keeps me up at night). Everything I've read online seems to point to heads evening out once babies start sitting upright more. Luckily, he spends time in his activity table now (and doesn't always fall asleep that way).

Things I use all the time:

Nose Frida + Nose Frida Saline Spray
I should've mentioned this awhile ago because I've been using it since month one. I honestly don't find the Nose Frida to be that gross, which is a common complaint about it. I would rather do this than change a messy diaper.
But I like the Nose Frida, as opposed to the bulbs because you can see exactly what you're getting out and it's so easy to clean. I just run it under hot soapy water and let it air dry. With a bulb, you never know what you're getting out, and the germs and potential mold that hang out inside...well, that bothers me because I can't truly clean it out and allow it to dry.
The saline spray that goes with it is also a lifesaver. Living at a high elevation and a pretty dry climate, I've been using this on Wells since he was a few weeks old. He doesn't even mind it. Anytime I hear him getting a little snuffly or congested, I use it and it also loosens everything up. He loves it and laughs when I spray it.

The bouncer. This thing is worth every penny. I registered for one because I thought I should. We kept it in the box until Wells was 3 weeks old because we just didn't need it right away. But for the last 3 months, we've used it every day. The vibration and the little mice make him so happy. It's the perfect place to park him and I even put it on the bathroom floor if I'm showering when Scott isn't home and Wells is awake. (The humidity is good for him, right?)
It's not the least bulky thing every invented, but it's worth it for now.
I would say a bouncer is something it wouldn't hurt to put on your registry. You don't need an expensive one, but I would get one with a hanging mobile or something for baby to look at. Wells really enjoys the mice and I would say this is why he dislikes the rock-and-play; there's nothing for him to look at, as he had gotten used to the mice on the bouncer and the swing.

The Snugapuppy swing returned in full force this past month. After him spending a lot of time in it his first 6 weeks, he started hating it for some reason. Well, after a month hanging out in the rock-and-play, he decided he hated the r-and-p even more, so the swing was looking pretty good. This is where I make my case that I think the r-and-p was a waste for us (This isn't the one we have but a rock-and-play is a rock-and-play...ours was automatic and I hated it.). He never liked it so it was really just a cradle; it wasn't anything that calmed him down or put him to sleep. In fact, if I had a dollar for everyone who told me I "needed" a r-and-p and it would solve any sleep problems and then had nothing to say back when I said he didn't like it....I would be able to pay for the r-and-p. As it is, I would like to snap it in half and burn it like kindling.

I HIGHLY recommend adding a swing to your registry if you're looking at these types of items. It's much more versatile, they can still sleep in it the way they do in the r-and-p, and there's many more music, sound, movement options. Plus, that mobile of mice. He loves them. It's not as easy to move around and takes up more space, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for 6 months.

The BIG news this past month was that we found out Wells is getting a little cousin in the spring! We don't know if this will be a boy or a girl yet, but I'm very excited for my brother and sister-in-law and I'm thrilled Wells will have a cousin close in age. (They can have the rock-and-play if they want it.)

November 27, 2018

An unintended break, Thanksgiving, and an *intended* break

Those two weeks went by fast. I had posts loosely planned for two weeks ago and last week. Then Wells had some vaccinations on the 13th and was really fussy, and maybe slightly feverish, for two days. So I couldn't get his 4-month update post together. Then, I admit, I felt a little bit of rebellious glee at the idea of not blogging. I also knew I would be in Colorado for Thanksgiving and there's no internet at that house so it seemed pointless.

So I don't know that I meant to take two weeks off, but I did. And if anything puts life into perspective about what you do and don't need, it's living out of a suitcase with a 4 month old for 5 days with limited LTE service. I checked Twitter a few times, Instagram once or twice, and then my email maybe once a day. It was nothing but sales emails for Black Friday and most from mailing lists I don't even remember signing up for.

I felt like I took more pictures than this over the last few days, but I must not have and here's what's worth sharing.

This sums it up. Scout, looking out the window, completely disinterested. Jett, as close to the baby as possible at all times. 

Also Jett.

Don't mind the dishes in the sink or the baby who wouldn't look at the camera. 

(Also, this is after getting up at 5am, driving 4 hours, unpacking allthethings, and cooking dinner, so I don't think I even noticed until justthissecond that my makeup completely melted off or something.)

He loves that table. I hauled it all the way to Colorado. 

It doubles as a high-chair at times. And Jett, waiting for his drippings/licks of rice cereal. 

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but my brother is also stationed in Colorado so he's gotten to see Wells more than once. He came over for Thanksgiving. 

Always chewing on a sleeve...

Part of the reason I went back for 5 days is because I had friends I wanted to see in case I don't get to see them over Christmas break. 

I was so glad Kylee finally got to meet Wells. She's the first person I told about him, face-to-face, way back in December of last year when I was 9 weeks pregnant.

Kylee and I taught five feet away from each other for 3 years. Literally, our desks were five feet apart, through an adjoining door. She was a first-year teacher when we met and we bonded over a love of Pepsi, Rose Gardner books, audiobooks in general, and The Bachelor. I would like to think that I gave her the support a new teacher needed but truthfully, after that first year, she did more for me than I ever did for her. She's done emergency sub plans for me, she closed out my classroom for me (including the dreaded end of the year checklist) when I had surgery the last week of school in 2017, and she's also been the only person I've trusted to watch my dogs overnight. I'd like to think I paid back the favors by having Scott fix her car a few times ha ha. 

Wells also got to meet my friend Kim and her kids, and hopefully I'll get a picture of them together over Christmas. Kim was the first person I met in Colorado at new teacher training waaaaay back in 2014. I wouldn't have made it through the last few years without her. 

All in all, when I add up the pluses in Colorado for me, those two are at the top of the list and it's not a terribly long list. Oh well. 

Onto the *intended* break part of the post...I'm going to be taking off from blogging, more or less, for the rest of 2018. I'm not too busy, it's not the baby, time isn't flying by too fast for me to write posts...I just figured it was time to take a break when I found myself wanting to write a diatribe about why I despise holiday gift guides on blogs. Instead of yelling about it, I'll just back off for a few weeks. I refuse to let my blog just fade away with the excuse of "life" or "busy", so I need to think about what I really want to share and what I don't. Other social media just doesn't float my boat the way blogging does, if that makes sense, so you'll never see me go to all-Instagram.

2016 was a hard year (a deployment year), 2017 was the year that I'm convinced broke me (almost everything that could've gone wrong that year, definitely went wrong), and 2018 has been harder mentally than any year I can remember. I just really need 2018 to be over so we can move on to what's next but in order to do that, I need to not rehash things on the internet because it forces me to think too much. I just want to go about life for awhile, and not worry about documentation.

I still have monthly baby updates to do and some book posts, as I've read a shocking amount of books in the last two weeks. But other than that, I'm not pressuring myself to post because I need a space between how things are and how I want to remember them, when we do leave this part of the country.

Or, who knows. Maybe I'll wake up next week and decide it's time to blog.

November 13, 2018

October Books

Soldier On by Vanessa Rasanen

I received this from the author as an ARC. Thanks Vanessa!

From Goodreads:

He's fighting for his country. She's praying for his safety. When tragedy strikes, can their marriage and faith survive?

Charlie and Meg Winters are no strangers to the military life and the challenges it brings. But when an IED rips through his convoy killing his friends, the loss proves almost too much to bear.

Meg finds her trust in Christ wavering, and secrets she's been keeping for years drive a wedge between her and her husband.

What if everything Meg believes is a lie?

What if Charlie finds out what she's done?

Can Meg and Charlie save their marriage or will the horrors of war and the ghosts of their past tear them apart and forever shipwreck her faith?

Soldier On is a gripping contemporary women's fiction novel. If you like inspirational stories of faith tested under pressure, then you'll love Vanessa Rasanen's true-to-life novel.

When it comes to me talking about how I felt about this book, the only thing I can say is how shockingly accurate it is. If you are a military wife, it'll hit a certain spot for you...whether it's a memory, an event, or an experience. For me, it reminded me of our first deployment, when I was in Alaska by myself, with only my army wife friends and, just like in the book, my church for support.

The characters of Meg and her friend Piper are so true to life. They easily could be army wives that I know. The story is written from a very relatable point of view and goes back and forth between the homefront and the soldiers on the front lines. I find that a lot of books featuring the military or military wives veer into the lane of chick lit or romance. This is so much more than that. It has friendship, love, faith and, honestly, at points was difficult to read because it's so real.

**I would caution you that if you are in the midst of a deployment or know that one is in your immediate future, you might want to put this on your TBR to read afterward. It's meant to be a book about faith and not meant to be triggering but we all deal with military life differently. I know that I tend to avoid military-related books when we're going through high-stress seasons of army life.**

Soldier On was released October 30th and is the first in a series, so you can check out more on Vanessa's website. The sequel is out this spring so I'll be picking that up!

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis
I wrote a separate blog post with a review, per my 2018 goal to try and write book reviews. I didn't like it.

Dear Fahrenheit 451 by Annie Spence

I really wanted to like this. It was a giant disappointment. Here's my Goodreads review.

The whole book could've just been a series of blog posts.

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne
I didn't like this. I wanted to like it pretty badly but I gave it 85 pages and just couldn't continue. There was a lot wrong with it, I thought, from shallow characters (personality and how they were written) to a kind of a lame and immature plot. To be honest, I think that most Hallmark movies have better-developed romances. Enemies to romance is a great plot, but these two had no actual reason to hate each other. There was no reason for the conflict. Unless immaturity is a reason? It seemed like Lucy had no life aside from going to this job, but not in a good workaholic way; just in a lame way. I legitimately wanted to know more about her but there was nothing.
Some reviewers on Goodreads were comparing it to 50 Shades of Gray and I can't say I disagree.

The Almost Sisters by Joshilyn Jackson
I wish I could say I finished it but it's a big book and at one chapter every 5 days...I wasn't making progress. What kind of kills me is that I know that if I LOVED it, I would've read it. Kind of like how I devoured The Last Mrs. Parrish while bouncing Wells in his bouncer with the other hand and shushing him.
Anyway, this wasn't bad...I got to page 91. I know I would've finished it on audiobook though. It's a great candidate for that if you're looking for one.
I took it back to the library yesterday and picked up the new Kate Atkinson, which I had had on hold.


My reading life is slowly turning into "I read this and I didn't like it and this is why", which is fine for now. Honestly, the last thing I feel like doing is reading. I know part of it is that if I have a good book, I WILL read it, and maybe I just haven't found a great one in a while.

I do have the new Rose Gardner on my Kindle (for $5 I'll buy a book I'm guaranteed to enjoy) and I also have Watching You by Lisa Jewell, courtesy of NetGalley. I need to read that before it expires in January.

Have you read any of these??? ^^^

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November 12, 2018

This weekend I...

Took a stroller walk. This is a park I go to when I don't have the dogs with me because it's right in town and our dogs don't do leashes.

There was a home football game going on. If you look closely, you can see the 6 people in the stands. (Sorry, that was mean.)

Made this recipe. Definitely addictive. I think this is the third year I've made them. Then I put together another version that was 2 cups of pecans/walnuts, 2 T. brown sugar, 2 T. white sugar, 1 egg white, 1 T. water, and 1 T. pumpkin pie spice. Bake at 275 degrees on a foil-lined pan for 30 minutes, stirring halfway through.

Watched the rest of Making a Murderer (season 2). Ugh. It's sickening. Kathleen Zellner is a hero and perhaps the smartest person around. And Laura Nirider too. They are tireless. Have you watched it? What do you think?

Watched season 5 of Younger. It was good, for sure. Afterward, I went back and watched a few of the first episodes. It's really that good if you haven't watched it yet. However, I have a question: not only is Hilary Duff's wardrobe questionable (what was that fur THING she was wearing in season 5?!)..but what is up with her hair? It always looks like the top of her head is dipped in an oil slick. Everyone else's hair looks great, so I'm assuming they just let her do her own. Or something like that. If you go back to season 1, her hair looked great. I don't get it.
Anyway. I just adore Josh.

Started putting up Christmas decorations. Did not finish.


I feel like I have a lot to do today? Lately, we've been sleeping in (Wells and I, that is, because he's up half the night) so that throws off naps and anything else I attempt to get done during the day.

Also, it's 10 degrees outside.

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November 9, 2018

3 Friday Favorites + Funny Stuff

1. I never thought I'd admire Alyssa Milano. Especially after Dianne Feinstein brought her out as a show pony back in September.

But seriously, good. for. her. Someone needs to take a stand against the known bigotry of the Women's March. Maybe if Hollywood does, they'll slowly fade away into their own racist obscurity? I'm not saying you're an anti-Semite if you're a Democrat, of course. But the powers-that-be of the Democratic base definitely have anti-Semitic ties.

I think it just discredits everything the Women's March stands for. Especially since they're not fans of white women either.

Also, I'm perfectly capable of understanding, researching, and voting for the candidates I choose. I don't need "help". 

2. We started season 2 of Making a Murderer. It was so good that one episode turned into three and then I went to bed at 11:30pm and that was a colossal mistake.

3. I got this planner from Target. The idea of "planning" 2019 is both terrifying and laughable. However, I need a place to write things down. So here we are.

Sometimes I can't actually remember if I've posted these "funnies" before. There may be some repeats.

November 7, 2018

Currently in November {a link-up}

Appreciating...that I didn't have to go back to work after having a baby. It's not that I don't want to. I do, actually, and I will at some point. However, going through the fourth trimester/newborn phase, I can't imagine doing this and teaching at the same time. I mentioned long ago that I knew I'd have to stop working when I had a baby because we can't juggle Scott's schedule, houses/moving, dogs, and a baby, plus me teaching, with no family or friends around to help. But I suppose I just am appreciative that I only have to feel flustered daily, instead of completely overwhelmed with no way to cope. Which is what it would look like if I were still teaching. things for that 4-6 month age range. I came to the game late, researching pregnancy long after I was pregnant and researching labor/delivery about 3 or 4 weeks before he was born, and that means that I research baby things on an as-needed basis. 
I ordered this activity table (#2) and it should be here this week. I really like the look of the first one better, but the second has many, many good reviews, has the foot plate/stand for balancing help since Wells is only not-quite-4 months, and is actually cheaper. The first one is cuter, I think, though. 

Posting...Yesterday I did a weekend recap post for the first time in forever. You can see why I never do them. They're awful boring. I also posted on Instagram about why I've been purposefully ignoring Instagram. 

Getting...No sleep after staying up late to watch the election results. And then, well...

He was up like 6 times or something. I don't even count or check the time anymore. 

Cooking...I made this Broccoli Cheddar Soup and it turned out well. I mean, no BC Soup is equivalent to Panera (mainly because I won't make the copycat recipes because I don't want to know what goes in there), but this is probably the best I've made at home. 

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November 6, 2018

This weekend I...

This is a day late because Scott was gone for 3 1/2 days instead of the usual 2 1/2 so it felt like a long weekend.

Was semi-excited for snow and there was no snow. Literally. None.

Started watching Steven Crowder on Youtube. He's from Canada so it makes him, I think, rather credible in the sense that he's experienced more than just living in America, when he talks about how great America actually is.  This video about Canadian healthcare terrified me. (If you are from Canada, can you say if this is the general trend?) We've driven the expanse of Canada twice and I know the prices always made me want to throw up, but the idea that people point to it as the model of how healthcare can/should work...those people need to watch this video. (Seriously Canadians, what's your experience with healthcare? I have been thrown into "civilian" healthcare after 8 years of military healthcare and that's different enough.)

Made 6 trips to the storage unit. I'm doing this thing where I'm unpacking, sorting, and repacking all the tubs so they're ready to go, with proper labels, when we move again. That way, I just have to pack this house, which I planned to do starting around Thanksgiving, but may begin earlier.

Slept in 2-4 hour chunks because of:

Watched some Charlie Brown's Christmas 

Watched The Nutcracker (1993 version) on Netflix. Contemplated Christmas.

Canceled my gym membership. It's a good thing too, because I'd forgotten they do a 30 day notice kind of nonsense, so I had to pay for November anyway. I was going on about how great the gym was a few weeks ago but last weekend I had this moment of clarity (probably around 2am) and Why are you doing this to yourself? popped into my head.  I realized that I didn't need to schedule my day around a class at the gym. It's not practical right now and I felt so much better once I let that go. The reason for me joining the gym was for me to just get out of the house by myself. But it didn't really help me. I initially felt lots of guilt about canceling, but this is not a season in which I'm allowing myself to feel guilty. (The only guilt I'm "allowed" is when I fail to take the dogs for a walk because then Scout is a walking and shaming reminder of that guilt.)

His Native American name would be Dog Who Waits By Door because this is what I get if he doesn't get a proper walk.

Went to Wal-Mart, bought nothing but groceries, got home and realized I probably should've gotten diapers too.

Finally got around to highlighting my hair.

Read exactly 1 chapter of a book.


I was going to say something political here but I won't. If you're able to go vote, you probably should. I would never try to shame anyone into it because I know how difficult it is for military families, etc. Just to get an absentee ballot, I had to start at the end of September. It's not always as easy as walking three blocks to a fire station or school. My polling place, for example, is at an elementary school 3,250 miles away. But, if voting is something you can do today, go do it.


November 2, 2018

Friday Favorites

1. Not dressing up for Halloween. Sometimes I have to think broadly to find some favorites from the week, but this is easy. I never hated Halloween and I think it's a great holiday for kids lets them be creative, there's cute games and movies that go along with it, and they can celebrate it with their friends. It's very much a kid-friendly holiday. wasn't until I started teaching in Colorado that, all of a sudden, teachers had to participate. I never dressed up in Alaska (if I did, it was a cowboy hat or a tiara or something) and in Missouri, they didn't do Halloween at my school.
In Colorado, each team of teachers had to have a theme for their costumes and they were judged on it. This gave me crippling anxiety...I don't know why. Each year, my coworker bought or made my costume for me and I just paid her for it. Minions, Power Rangers, Pac Man. It's a complete WASTE of a school week, to be honest, if Halloween falls in the middle of the week. If teachers complain about kids being "off", they totally did this to themselves. If anything, make it a 1 hour party in the afternoon and keep the rest of the day the same. But in my last building, the entire day was devoted to parades and parties and an assembly. What. a waste.

Whew. It's kind of nice that I can say this now.

Halloween is the worst, an article. If you care to read.

2. However, dressing up Wells was fun. The dogs decided to not cooperate, but oh well. I've never successfully gotten them to wear a costume so this year was no different.

3. As Wells gets heavier, so does the carseat. I found this video on how to carry a carseat without, essentially, killing your arm. It does work.

4. We went out for wings last night and I'd show you a picture but we have this rule about no phones out at restaurants and I made Scott put his away. But the wings were good and Wells enjoyed watching ESPN from the hanging TV. We'll go back.

5. On Wednesday, I had to choose between creating something for Teachers Pay Teachers and doing Pilates during naptime. I chose to create. This is a fiction book review project. It's based off of something that I used to do with my class, but very user/student-friendly and one of those things you just can't go wrong with, because it's all included in the packet. All that's missing is the book!

I'm going to have to start publishing these Friday Favorites posts on Thursday nights, because otherwise, they're getting out there kind of late.

October 31, 2018

What's Up Wednesday (Halloween Edition)

I bring you...the world's most apathetic Charlie Brown.

Which kind of fits with Charlie Brown's overall demeanor. 

That's better. I was tickling his foot here. 

What we're eating this week...
Chicken Enchiladas
Macaroni and Cheese (Annie's, obviously, because dinnertime is not when I'm feeling creative..don't worry, I put broccoli in it)
I think pizza at some point.
Salads, if I can get to the grocery store that has good prepackaged bag salads (Wal-Mart's are awful)

What I'm reminiscing about...
The days when we had DirecTV and actually got a Penn State game or two each year. 

We will placate ourselves with our PSU sweatshirt.

What I'm loving...
I am in the complete minority here, but I love when the days get shorter and it gets dark earlier. I was never that way until I lived in Alaska and now it's something I really look forward to each fall. I like wearing shorts and sandals, but I'm just not a summer person.

What we've been up to...
I've went through that whole tangent about making sure I get to the classes at the gym because I'm an Upholder and all, but part of that is just knowing myself really well and I hit a metaphorical wall last week and realized that the 6am class isn't for me. If I'm up with a baby at night, I need to sleep in and find a workout time that's better for this season. Therefore, I think I'm going to just quit the gym this week before they charge me for another month. I can figure out other class times that work, sure, but thinking about being somewhere at a certain time is really stressful at this point, still. This 6 month stint in Wyoming, honestly, just is just about flexibility (I'm writing this post at 9:24am, after all) and as long as things get done, it doesn't matter how or when. This is, obviously, why I belong to The Balanced Life; I've done Pilates at home for 4 years and have had great success. Accepting that I'm not going to be able to change where I'm at right now when it comes to the "season" is actually a relief. 

What I'm dreading...
The idea of packing up another house. We have a(nother) full DITY move in our future.

What I'm working on...
A routine. We went two months with NO routine. Now we're in a set time for bath/bottle/bed (the bed part is a joke, by the way) and Wells is falling into more predictable nap schedule...not just an "I fall asleep every time I eat" kind of napping routine. 

What I'm excited about...
Moving toward the holiday season is nice to think about. 

What I'm watching/reading...
We just finished season 4 of Bosch. So good! I actually stayed up wayyyy later than the baby the other night to watch it and that turned out to be a mistake. We think Wells' first word will be "Bosch" because he's watched all four seasons with us.

Over the weekend, I watched all the current episodes of A Million Little Things and I liked it a lot. Which is funny because I despise This is Us and and AMLT is SO much better, but the two are constantly compared (I think I just don't get the whole Mandy-Moore-is-an-actress thing, to be honest.)
Also, I watched all five current episodes of New Amsterdam that are on Hulu. The only medical dramas I've ever enjoyed are ER and The Good Doctor. New Amsterdam is a little ER-ish and I appreciate that. It has a lot of layers so I'd give it a try if you need a show. I'll keep going with it. 

Also, reading The Almost Sisters by Joshilyn Jackson. It's good enough that I keep going with it but I don't make a lot of progress because you can't read and do laundry/clean floors/make up bottles at the same time (and those are the 3 things I spend most of my time on).

What I'm listening to...
The Ben Shapiro Show, as usual. If you want an honest take on last weekend's sad events, this episode is for you.

What I'm wearing...
Leggings. I kind of gave up and realized that's all I'm wearing anyway, so I might as well embrace it. I don't really go anywhere that requires anything else. I got these ones in blue and in green from Old Navy and they're a good quality for the price. 

What I'm doing this weekend...
Highlighting my hair. I meant to do it yesterday and that didn't happen.

What I'm looking forward to next month...
I don't actually know. Is that an answer?

What else is new...
Um...I think I'm going to pull the Christmas tree out this weekend?

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