August 16, 2018

6 Things We Used Immediately and Often With a Newborn

Swaddles. Two of my students this past spring gave me SwaddleMe swaddles with velcro sides and more than one parent told me they were absolutely necessary and the best. We agree. Wells loves to be swaddled. There were many nurses who swaddled him up so well in the the hospital in regular blankets (once he was even double-swaddled). Scott spent a lot of time on Youtube that first night trying to figure out the best method. Finally I told him there were velcro swaddles in the bottom drawer of the changing table and to just bring one back to the hospital, please. They are definitely a game-changer.
They have all types on Amazon, but I'd just buy them at Wal-Mart. You can get two for about $15. We bought extras there because we generally go through three a day when it comes to diapers leaking on them.

Dr. Brown's Bottles. We started giving Wells a bottle on day 3 of his little life. That wasn't exactly in my plan, but feeding him in general is more important than how I feed him. A student had also given me a set of Dr. Brown's bottles as a gift, and my cousin had gifted us some off of our Amazon registry. We really like them. We also have the bottle warmer, which people told me was unnecessary, initially. However, I babysat for a 5 month old years ago in Alaska and I remember using the bottle warmer every time I fed her, so I knew we'd need one. We use it about 10-12 times a day.

Ubbi diaper pail. Friends told me that the Ubbi was better than the diaper genie because it's made of steel and doesn't hold odor like plastic does, plus you don't need the special bags. I agree.

Fisher-Price Snugapuppy Swing. Holy cow. I don't actually know what we'd do without this. He sleeps in it, listens to the sounds, rocks for contentment, can look around, and can be checked on by Jett at the same time.

This bottle station set-up. I saw this on Pinterest months and months ago and thought What a good idea.

The Boppy Lounger. We use this for everything. I also bought a waterproof cover because, stupidly, I somehow thought a white pillow would be a good idea. But he eats in this, he naps in this, he lounges and looks around while sucking on his pacifier, etc.  My mom bought it for us and it's more than paid for itself. I know he'll be not able to use it the same way once he learns to roll over, so we're using the heck out of it right now.

Anything you would add to this list? 

August 15, 2018

(Not) Back to School

School starts today at my old building.

If you're unfamiliar with my current circumstances, I'm taking a year or two (or five) off from full-time teaching because we're going to be moving more than once in these next few years due to the army, and I have a baby to take care of and childcare would cost most of a teacher's salary in this part of the country.

Last minute mad dash to get everything done.
The month of August is threat-level midnight for teachers. My piles and to-do lists were always unreal. I LOVED it, but it's incredibly stressful.

Surprise hundreds of dollars I "need" to spend.
There's always ten last-minute somethings you need to buy or pick-up or "try" for the new school year.

Teacher icebreakers and meeting new staff.
While I always thoroughly enjoyed that first day back, going through the motivational videos, the powerpoints, the introductions to the new staff (turnover in Colorado is unreal) was exhausting. All I ever wanted to do was keep checking the gradebook online to see how many more kids were being added to my list and get back to my classroom to continue on with my to-do lists.
Oh, and the icebreakers. There was always some lame way to get teachers to "know each other" and share about our "summers". My summers in Colorado, I've mentioned before, usually just included painting and mowing the field, so this was always my least favorite question to answer.

Trying to figure out new kids and parents.
It's so exciting to meet new kids. I really enjoy it. I always make it a point to shake their hand and talk to them, not just their parents, at meet-the-teacher night. However, you never know what you're getting into when you see 30 new faces looking at you on day one. Or when you see their names on the class list and desperately try to figure them out based on their school picture from the previous year. Exciting, yes. Somewhat terrifying about the awe of responsibility you're about to undertake? Also yes.
And parents. Well, you can tell who will be hard to deal with based on their reaction to unpacking the school supplies on meet-the-teacher night. You can also tell who will be absolutely delightful and it gives you faith in the work you're doing.


In the end, I would go back in a heartbeat and I hope to after a few years. I taught for 10 solid years; 2 of them subbing, both day-to-day and long-term positions, and then 8 years in a row in my own classroom, in 3 different states.
But, by saying I would go back, I mean I would go back to teaching as soon as it worked for our family, in a different state, under different circumstances. I would not go back to my previous position, in my previous location. I'll miss a lot of the people that I worked with, but I won't miss teaching in Colorado because it made me dislike teaching so much of the time. I have no problem explaining and defending this position to anyone who would ask me about it: I have the experience in other places to back up my opinion that Colorado schools just aren't that great. In the end, I've realized that I am definitely in a bit of mourning for my current lack of a professional position, but I'm not in mourning for the position I gave up.

I won't list all the things I'll miss about teaching because the list is long, but a lot of what I'll miss are parts of school that I experienced in other places. Someday I'll get back to those, but this year off may be just the shift and reset that I need. Plus, going back late, after a maternity leave, even under the most ideal circumstances, would be a traumatic event for all involved I'm sure.

Scott put a pig next to him (a dog toy) because he's been putting away a shocking amount of milk lately. 

August 14, 2018

Books I didn't finish in July

A perk of Scott's student status on campus is that I can browse the library and he checks out the books for me. I grabbed these three at the end of June.

I read exactly half of each one, lost interest, and returned them to the library.

He Said/She Said
This probably wasn't bad but it didn't move quickly enough to hold my attention and the back and forth between time periods was a struggle for some reason. Some of the details it gave were vague and I'd rather have just had more revealed toward the beginning. This means I still don't know how it ended so feel free to spoil it...but maybe not in the comments.

The Female Persuasion
Again, not "bad" but not something that pulled me in. I didn't like Grier or the guy (I can't even remember his name) for many reasons, but I appreciated Grier's perseverance. Especially because she went to college at a time I was in college and millenials and mass entitlement didn't really exist yet with that age group, though she came across as entitled at times. I did feel bad for her because her parents were awful.

Alternate Side
I don't get what the plot was. I really did read half of it and I'm still not sure I understood. It was like half Unfaithful, half Christmas with the Kranks (but I can't even be sure there was adultery because I didn't read that far). It could be subtitled My Discontent with my Privilege, I bet.
Maybe I'll try another Anna Quindlen book though. What is a good one?

And then I had grabbed Pray for Silence, the second in the Kate Burkholder series, from the library the day before Wells was born. I read 1/4 of it and never touched it again, returning it the day it was due. Maybe someday...

Have you read any of these???

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August 9, 2018

Final Bachelorette Thoughts + Paradise

I knew who the final guy would be because it's almost impossible to not be spoiled when it comes to this show. Granted, I've only watched for about 3 years now, but reading about it can take up an enormous amount of free time. It's just absolute nothingness when it comes down to it and I appreciate that and gladly use my free time to dive into Bachelor canon and build my stash of absolutely worthless knowledge.

I think it makes me more well-rounded, to be honest.

That being said, I have been less than invested in this season. I just didn't care? I like Becca. I didn't really see anything wrong with the selection of guys (some people said they thought she got a bad crop. Sexual assault convictions aside, she did a decent job of weeding them out.) I think I was just preoccupied and busy and stressed out and this seemed trivial.

But in the interest of attempting to be "well-rounded", I'll explain my thoughts on the finale.

1. I thought Garrett sounded so ridiculously sincere when he was talking about Becca after their final date. It wasn't the typical "I love you and the person you are" crap that we've seen from so many who proclaim their love toward the end of the season. He just sounded so real when he was talking about how he loved her midwestern accent.

2. Speaking of, does Blake have a strange accent? I think he does. I hate when these people say "you're my person" and he indeed said that. Did I feel bad for him? ABSOLUTELY. It was very hard to watch. Becca handled it as gracefully as one could...and I was glad she hadn't told him she loved him.

3.  I reallllllllly appreciated that Becca went into this not telling anyone she loved them and that she intentionally planned to tell the one person she said yes to, even if she had those feelings for both of them. It was like she had thought about the consequences of her actions before she made a mistake or something remarkable like that.

4. I thought Becca and Garrett looked so, so happy in the ATFR. It seemed so genuine and real and I *think* they'll be really happy together. It was a complete turnaround from Nick/Vanessa and Jordan/JoJo (even though those two are still together). Rachel was on the Bachelor Party podcast talking about how she wished she'd been given an edit on the finale that was more about the relationship with Bryan than about the breakup with Peter. If they'd edited that last episode differently last year, I bet we'd all felt differently about her and Bryan. I do actually think they'll last and get married and whatever, but she did mention (in another podcast) that he was modeling now and that's just annoying. You're like 38, Bryan. Keep being a chiropractor, please.

5. I thought that the excitement about Paradise was more about how people were over the fact that Becca picked Garrett and they wanted to move on. I wasn't excited about Paradise because the group of people are so fame-hungry that it's embarrassing to watch.

But here's 5 mini-thoughts on what I saw the other day...

a. Colton. Colton. Colton. Colton. Colllllllllllton.

b. I enjoyed Jordan's intro of chopping up the plastic chicken.

c. Bibiana is trying too hard.

d. Tia is clearly the new darling of the franchise.

e. JadeandTannerCarlyandEvanJadeandTannerCarlyandEvan. Let it go, Chris Harrison.

Thoughts and feelings about this oh-so-important topic?

August 7, 2018

Weekending 8/7

Hey, it's Tuesday already.

I don't want to say all of the days run together in a big blur, but every day is the same with feeding, changing, burping, laundry, laundry, laundry, dishes, they do run together in a way, but they're not blurry.

I'm on my own again with a baby right now so the blurriness may start soon.

Jett saw a puppy on our walk the other day and would not just let it go. He hates puppies.

No pictures of Scout here because he's mad at me. 
He rolled in a dead skunk last week and I've given him 4 baths since. Hopefully he runs off the scent completely as he chases rabbits in Colorado this week. 

My brother and sister-in-law sent us these from Baked by Melissa. Along with MUCH-appreciated diapers and wipes. 

Wells went on his second historical tour on Saturday. We went to the Ivinson Mansion. His first was to the Wyoming Territorial Prison.

He'll appreciate this someday.

Including a one-room schoolhouse that they found out on the plains and brought to Laramie to restore.

His cheeks are getting bigger.

A trip to the UW campus.

Side note: They sell lots of Erin Condren there, which I didn't expect at a campus bookstore.

 We ended the weekend with a hailstorm, but nothing like what Colorado Springs got hit with yesterday. It makes me sick just thinking about it. But remember, it's, like, the best city ever.

My parents were visiting last week and it was really nice to have two extra sets of hands around to feed, burp, and hold Wells. They also did tons of tummy time, so I have to keep that going. 
However, now I'm back to attempting "routine" and that will likely include heading down to Colorado, which will just bust up whatever routine I currently have going (which isn't much of a routine at all, honestly). Scott is off of school for 3 weeks and unless I want to do this by myself for 3 weeks and not see Scott or the dogs, I'll be packing up the whole house (because babies have a shocking amount of needs) and heading to the prairie for a few days.

August 3, 2018

5 Things Friday.

+This news story about how amazing Colorado Springs is. I think the headline says it all if we're talking about how Coloradans perceive themselves.

I could go on (and on and on) about this, but my point is this: the median salary is $49k and the median house price is $255k. You can't afford the median house on the median salary. The math doesn't check out. The only thoughts we really have are What did we miss? We don't love the place. We lived there for 3-4 years (me for four solid years, him intermittently with deployments and this Wyoming stint). We didn't like it any better than any other place we've been. I worked with mostly civilians and the general public anyway so I think I got a really good feel for the place. (That being said, please buy our house there.)

+Wells had his first visit to a museum/historic site. Exciting! We went to the Wyoming Territorial Prison museum on Tuesday. I recommend it if you're ever in Laramie.

Right before he peed all over everything during a diaper change. 
Bench, diaper bag, his own head, etc.

+Things Tidy People Don't Do. I fit this perfectly. It's why moving and change and no structure is so hard for me. I'm struggling right now.

+I'm thinking about trying out some different lipsticks. Do you have any recommendations?
I got pulled into the BeautyCounter website and started browsing. I tend to buy a new cheap-ish lipstick every fall and wear it for all of three days. Since I'm making an effort to brush my hair and put on makeup most days now, even if I don't get dressed really, I thought this would be a nice addition.

+Well, that turned into 4 Things Friday. I don't know what we have planned for this weekend yet since we did the one and only tourist attraction in Laramie (see above). Is anyone else just reallllllly excited for fall? I can't wait to get the 80+ degree days over with.

August 2, 2018

3rd Trimester Recap

(The fonts here are a bit off...I typed this in Word, originally.)

Well, I meant to write this and put it together and then Wells showed up early so I didn't write it until after he was born. The information is still the same though. While I didn't do bumpdates weekly or even monthly, consider this a recap of how I felt for the last 2-3 months. 

I don't actually remember how many weeks this was. I'd say 36/37 because I remember having contractions as we were driving to this lake. 

+The 3rd trimester does go on a bit forever. This is partially my own doing though because working made chunks of pregnancy fly by and when I wasn't working anymore, it really slowed things down. During the 1st trimester, I lived in fear of some spontaneous miscarriage because nothing in my past told me a healthy pregnancy would be a given. During the 2nd, it was worries over the anatomy scan (If genetic testing and IVF couldn't create a baby, how could this happen on its own? was my thought.) During the 3rd, it was perpetual fear that I wasn't feeling enough movement and by 36 weeks I was ready for him to arrive (mentally, not necessarily preparedness-wise) because I felt if he was out, he was safe. 

+My friend told my other friend (who had never been pregnant) how much she hated both her pregnancies. My two cents was that I "felt great" and that's the truth. I had a really easy pregnancy. I will fully admit that. Being pregnant wasn't my favorite thing in the world because I knew I wasn't really in control of my own body, but it certainly wasn't difficult or a hardship. I had no sickness, no swelling, no complications, no bleeding, my lifestyle didn't really change much, etc. I mean, getting bigger was the hardest part for me because it was just hard to get dressed for work most days. This was my own fault, though, because I didn't want to invest in a ton of maternity clothes for work.  I wouldn't be working my last two months of pregnancy so I really tried to get by with the minimal. 

+A lot of my first trimester symptoms came back during May...

Insomnia was the worst. I had restless leg syndrome too, so sleep wasn't as pleasant as the 2nd trimester, but I wasn't achey or sore or anything. I'm pretty sure Scott used the Snoogie pillow more than I did (my friend gave me hers and I'm glad I didn't buy one). 

In the last month, I got shooting pains up and down my thighs..a preview of contractions and the ligaments stretching out, I suppose. They would cripple me for a second, like a charlie horse. 

Crazy cravings for cereal were always there. Special K Red Berries is more or less what I'd been craving since December, off and on, and I had to really talk myself out of eating it for dinner most nights. Now, I can't even look at the stuff. (Other things I can't look at include Indian food, Reeses' Peanut Butter coffee creamer, and chickpeas.)

+I used cocoa butter lotion and this salve religiously and I really just got tired of putting it on every time I showered. It wasn't just my stomach: My arms and back and legs got the full treatment. I literally couldn't wait until I could stop doing that. The second he was born: no more itchiness. It was amazing. I haven't used lotion in weeks! I would say itchiness, all-over itchiness, was the worst symptom I experienced in the last 9 months (which I'm very fortunate to be able to say, I know). From what I can tell, I didn't end up with any stretch marks and though my belly button definitely popped out during the last month, it's back to normal now.

+As soon as I was clearly and visibly pregnant in the 3rd trimester, a lot of time was spent answering the questions Is this your first? How many do you want? Will you have more? Someone we met a few months ago said that we needed to have at least 8 kids because they have 7 and it's amazing. We don't even really respond to those kinds of comments anymore because otherwise, it just opens up a conversation that makes everyone feel bad and awkward and then we don't have any friends. However, later, I said to Scott that It's interesting how people assume that's okay to say. Like, just because they could (accidentally) have a bunch of kids, they think everyone else can too.

+Everyone has an opinion about your size when you're pregnant. You're either too big or too small, right? Everyone from coworkers to neighbors to the lady who cuts your hair.
I will say that the only person who made me uncomfortable was one midwife who said Don't listen to everyone who tells you to gain a ton of weight. You don't need to gain a ton of weight. Because that was at like 24 weeks, and what if I had started gaining weight quickly after that? You have very little control over your body when you're pregnant as it is.
I've discovered that fundal height is more important than pounds. At 32 weeks, I measured 32 cm and at 34 weeks, I measured 34.5 cm. At 36 weeks, 36 cm. And so on.

+I did tell myself, around 35 weeks, that there would be no more candy for the rest of this pregnancy. I got these awful cravings for gummy-like things (Twizzlers Bits, SPK, etc) and then I ate a bunch and got horrible headaches or stomachaches. I actually haven't had candy since.

+Going to the doctor in Laramie has been SO easy. It's the most relaxed experience. No gateguards, no security checks, no checking in and checking out with 3-4 different people. They give you options for appointments. Not just one day in which you have to take off work and rearrange your whole life in order to be there.
In fact, when I walked in weeks ago with my ID card (becausehowelsewilltheyverifymyidentity???), they were like You don't need that. You're already in the system. I appreciate that.
Scott went to the last few appointments with me and he was impressed not only with the experience but with the doctor. I have to say, she is amazing with so many credentials that I can't even list them all and I'm so grateful for this experience. She called my labor "fun" for her and she legitimately seemed to enjoy herself and loved doing her job. If you are ever in the area and in need of an OB referral, I would happily recommend her.

+When all was said and done, I gained 23 pounds with Wells and for the last couple of weeks, I just went back and forth between 2 pounds, usually depending on the time of day they weighed me at my appointments. The pounds didn't pack on like I expected them to at the end, but he was almost 7 pounds at 39 weeks and I totally lost my appetite toward the end anyway. Breakfast was always toast and, somewhat shamefully, dinner was always a milkshake. Most of what I gained was baby, in the front, like a basketball. Everyone who saw me immediately said "boy" because boys tend to be carried that way and I think that was part of what led to a good experience for me. I've still got a ways to go before I'm back in shape the way I was when it came to Pilates and fitness classes, but I'm not as far off as I expected to be, if that makes sense.

+And, last but not least, being pregnant did wonders for my immune system. I had one cold at 10 weeks back in December, but usually I get a sinus infection in January and another in April-ish. However, I was perfectly healthy for the next 30 weeks. Not so much as an upset stomach, and I worked in an elementary school; the only places germier are hospitals and airports. 

All in all, I would 100% do it again (If we should be so lucky and blessed to get another miracle and all), but I'm really happy to be not-pregnant again :)

At the Wyoming Territorial Prison museum the other day. #nofilter #justtired

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August 1, 2018

Currently (for August)

Following...Ben Shapiro and Matt Walsh on Twitter. I have a lot of spare daytime hours these days (you know, while the baby sleeps and then we're all up all night), so I tend to watch their shows each day online.

Ordering...I'm putting together a post on baby items you NEEEEEEEEEED to have and things we use allllllllllllll the time, just three weeks into this parenting thing. Something I've ordered recently because I realized we needed more of them ASAP:

Changing pad liners. We go through a couple a day, so it was getting annoying to wonder where the extras were..washer, dryer, laundry basket, etc...and was worth our while just to order some more.

Pinning...I've been meaning to make these lactation brownies for a week. But the energy output required is not what I currently have stored up, so I haven't. They look really good, though. 
But I've had a lot of spare time on my hands otherwise, so here's some funny things I've found lately:

Watching...Castle Rock. Well, we started it last week. I generally don't like scary shows but seeing Mickey drew us in.

That is my favorite episode in all of Shameless. 

Speaking of...Shameless season 8 is on Netflix now. I really dropped the ball on the real-time version this past winter, so I'll be catching up. This, honestly, might be one of my favorite shows ever. 

I don't know what I'm counting, to be honest. Now that I'm not pregnant anymore, I suppose I'm counting down to that clearance to work out again. I miss Pilates and yoga a lot and walking is great but not stretching and moving the way I'm used to is annoying. I go back to the doctor today for a 3-week post-partum visit and I'm hoping I can start some post-natal yoga very soon. I do lay on the floor on my back and do a few basic stretches because holy shoulder tightness...feeding/holding a baby will really tense you up. 

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July 27, 2018

5 Bachelorette Things (Becca)

Oh, Becca.

I've not paid that much attention to this season just because the release of news stories spoiled it really early on and, honestly, I find the show pretty cringe-worthy in general. It actually is embarrassing to pay too much attention to when it's physically on the screen. I really just enjoy recaps and thoughts and opinions about it because everyone interprets the show so differently.

Here's what I'm thinking at this point and, keep in mind, I do know who "wins" (always in quotations that word needs to be).

1. Blake is boring. Period. He's probably a great guy but he looks boring and he seems boring. Also, I had to look up where Bailey, Colorado is and it's really out there.

2. Becca, what Arie did to you is not what you did to Jason. You respectfully let the guy go before the fantasy suites because you didn't see a point in prolonging things. You are still playing "the game" of being the Bachelorette. Arie proposed to you, planned a life with you, ambushed you on camera, and told the whole world he was leaving you for the most boring person on the planet. That is different.

3. All I could think about was how dirty that river they were floating on had to be. Lots of elephant feces and whatnot.

4. I actually liked Jason and don't get why everyone has to hate on his hair. At least he isn't identical to every.other.guy. He'd be an okay Bachelor but who can really predict who they'll pick...

5. I don't get all the Garrett hate. I understand what he did and I understand that a lot of people use their own political bias (i.e. every podcaster) to be against him now. This does not mean he's a bad person or an awful individual. It means he liked something on Instagram that was a politically-driven joke that was made in poor taste. "People" want him to give more of a genuine apology than he already did and "grow and learn" from his "mistake" but couldn't he just say whatever will sound best to shut people up? Yes. He could lie if that would make everyone happy. It'd probably be easier than giving the actual statement/apology he already did, because that is being said to not be evidence enough of his "willingness" to "grow".

Just because you believe he's wrong doesn't mean you're right for stringing him up. He can be wrong and you can still not be right.

For the record, I legitimately don't think he's racist. I think he just thought some memes were funny and that was the end of the story. YOU don't have to like/date/marry him but YOU (to alllll the podcasters I hate-listen to) don't need to take on the responsibility of attempting to change his opinion or take it so darn personally.

And let's not forget that another contestant was actually convicted of sexual assault in the last month and that he was charged with it before going on the show. People seem to be more willing to wave that away as a producer/recruiter error while this was all about what a terrible person (non-assaulting) Garrett is.

Well, to end the week on a heavy note, there we are.

This weekend we have my parents and my brother visiting and maybe some friends too, so it'll be the opposite of last weekend, which will be nice.

July 25, 2018

Solo Parenting Weekend

We can file this under the most self-less thing I've ever done.

I knew Scott would have to go back to Colorado eventually to take care of the house situation there.  Putting off that house is not a productive means of procrastination. He'd been in Wyoming for two weekends in a row and he offered to stay another and I more or less made him go. He wanted to take the dogs. That was fine, I supposed. It's not like I couldn't get them out (Wells and I have been for a walk each day anyway, and I even managed to take the dogs and the baby by myself last week), but the tremendous guilt I feel when they're unnecessarily away from Scott is too much for me to handle. They needed the trip back to chase bunnies and spend time with Scott.

He offered for me to come too, or he said he'd come right back if I couldn't handle it. I said I'd pack up and head to Colorado if I really needed to. But, truthfully, there's still nothing for me to do there and I wouldn't even know where to start when it came to packing up everything we'd need for the baby. So I might as well do nothing here and keep the baby on his schedule (ha ha ha). I plan on going back to Colorado with Wells soon-ish because there's many people I want him to meet, but I'm hoping to put that off for a month or so, and maybe wait til it's not 100 degrees every day.

So Scott left Thursday evening and I spent five days (and five nights) solo with a newborn.

I'm not a night owl. In fact, being in bed by 9pm on any night (weekday, summer, weekend, vacation, etc) is preferable to me. Scott had been doing the night feedings, usually around 11:00pm, 2:00am, 5:00am, etc. My "job" has been to get up around 7:00 or 8:00am, feed the baby, feed the dogs, make breakfast, etc, and then Scott had been sleeping in until 9:00am or so since he can set his own schedule this summer with his research project.

So this was a shift for me.

Anyway, here's some pictures.

His nails grow like crazy so until Scott is around to cut them again, it's mittens. He was born with talons.

I stopped to take off my jacket on the trail the other day. He slept right through that. 

My takeaway was really just that it was lonely. I was held to a feeding and pumping schedule of every 2-3 hours. With broken sleep, I didn't have the energy to tackle projects during the day...seriously, I worked at a very simple to-do list for 5 days ("dust", "cut up cardboard", "take out trash", "thank you cards", etc.). I will say that a newborn is almost easier to take care of than a dog, but I know a dog will just go to sleep at night and not bother me until daylight, so I suppose it all evens out.

Along with the schedule that we're trying to implement with Wells, I realized verrrry quickly that I literally know no one here. The only people I know in Laramie are the occasional pleasantries I've exchanged with random people Scott knows. I don't think I even remember anyone's name. (Because we're awful people) We don't even really talk to the neighbors. So, in many ways, I can't wait to get him to Colorado to meet my friends.

I could go to Target or wherever but it seems like I'd just end up spending money unnecessarily in that case. And if I'm not willing to drive back to Colorado Springs to our own house with the baby right now, I might as well just stay home for the weekend.

So mainly I just browsed non-maternity clothes online and tried to research when I can start Pilates/yoga again (I miss it and it's only been two weeks).

Other than that, I finished UnReal and I will say that season 4 was just as good as season 1 (seasons 2 and 3 didn't impress me) and Rachel is the worst. Anyone have any thoughts on it?

I also was able to really watch The Bachelorette for the first time in weeks (uh, at 5am yesterday), so I have some thoughts on that for Friday.

Today we have a doctor's appointment for a 2-week check-up and, now that Scott is back, I think I'll actually cook something for dinner.