September 19, 2017

My issue with Instagram

The jeans are American Eagle and are amazing. They're not super high-rise but I can't remember what they actually are. I bought them last year. The tank is Gap and I would've bought ten had I known how much I'd love it, but they never sold another one after last summer. The Keds are from Amazon because they are cheaper on Amazon than they are anywhere else.

Oh Jett-Jett.

I did this thing where I dropped Instagram. I took it off my phone because it wasn't making me happy. It was making me feel awful, actually. I fully understand that this is a "me" issue and has nothing to do with anyone else. I needed a social media detox in a major way and it was very freeing to just cut that out for a bit. It was about 4 weeks that I needed to clear my head of constant connection.
To give you the lay of the land, I don't have Facebook on my phone and eliminating IG just meant that I was left with Twitter so I've read a lot of Twitter over the last month. Snapchat is something I'm just hoping will die sooner rather than later. I've never tried it.

I wholly understand that social media is the highlight reel and it's what people choose to show; something about people taking pictures of donuts and family walks on Saturday mornings when I'm doing outdoor chores and trying to make it to the grocery store just rubbed me the wrong way. Again, I'm still trying to sort these feelings out. I think that maybe if I were more present on IG, and even Facebook, I could help alleviate some of this pressure I feel. It's a funny balance to try to get to, because I don't want to put too much of myself out there after 2016-2017. I attempted to be very careful of my internet footprint.

I do know that part of the problem is that I have blog friends and real-life friends on IG and I feel awkward about posting things...I used to have a much less filtered view of life and social media but now I worry about what people think. Maybe this means it's time to move and start over ha ha ha. But really now. I don't worry about posting on my blog because I don't know who reads it. I can see who likes my IG pictures or FB posts. 

This is a weird issue to be concerned about, right? It is the ULTIMATE in first-world issues. I suppose a hiatus from anything can be good for a person, though.

I think Instagram is a great way to share, to learn about others, and to communicate and stay in touch. Aside from the "social media influencers", I don't think anyone needs to use it to make money. I've actually had Instagram since 2011. That's waaaaay before the general population and clearly I have blogging to thank for that.

I think that when you are in a place of feeling "less than", Instagram is a horrible place to be. Whether that "less than" comes from difficulties, strife, or just not feeling good enough, it's somewhere I've found as not a good place for me to hang out and spend my time.

On the flip side, I don't think I've ever just dropped the ball on IG. I've done that with Facebook plenty of times. Then, I realized that Facebook, even if I post little to nothing (EVEN SCOTT POSTS THINGS ON FACEBOOK), is a valuable tool for keeping in touch with people. I do this mainly through messages because I get super weirded out by the fact that just about anyone can search for me on Facebook and find me, even if I have my privacy settings locked down.  This is also why I took my Instagram to private. I don't want people I work with or know too well in real life to find me. It's unprofessional on some level, I feel. Plus, if I worked in an industry where social media was a thing, that would be totally different. Social media is not part of public school on the teachers' end and the fact that I am scrutinized for every other word I say verbally means that I don't want to leave an imprint. It is shockingly obvious to me, writing this, that this problem came about when we moved to Colorado. I never, ever feared this before when we were in Alaska and Missouri.

Scott. Posting on Facebook.

ANYWAY. Lots of thoughts.

What do you think? Instagram? Facebook? Private? Public? 

September 18, 2017

WIW Last Week

I'm really trying to get back into the habit of wearing things I'd like to actually remember with a picture. I don't know how long this will last, but I'm going to try.

None of this is new. But a lot of it is new in the sense that I bought it last spring in clearance sales and never took the tags off because I ran out of time at the end of the school year. Also, I didn't really care about much of anything at the end of last school year and I was basically putting on the most comfortable thing I could find each day.

(The bricks are from last February when we needed to prop the door open to move furniture. This may be an issue of priorities...)

Shirt is J.Crew clearance last spring//Skirt is Stitchfix last fall and the crazy amount of times I've worn it makes me want to try Stitchfix for the umpteenth time//Sandals are Target

This is a t-shirt from Target. // The skirt is Gap from two years ago and I just now took the tags off. There was something I didn't and still don't love about it, but it worked. It's probably too short. But I'll wear it with tights in the winter.  // Shoes are Target.

Side note: I almost always wear my hair half back because I cannot stand it falling into my face. 

Fall is thankfully arriving this week, not only by the date, but in the sense of temperatures below 80 degrees. Not every day, of course, but enough to make me okay with Colorado weather.

Is it fall where you are? I want to wear my boots. 

September 15, 2017

5 Final BIP Things.

I don't actually know what I'm going to talk about on Fridays now that this show is over. I didn't mean to post about it every week lately, because it's kind of embarrassing that I watch and follow so closely. The big question is: what am I going to do with all of my free time?

1. Ben Zorn's relationship with his dog is a lot like my life. I don't understand why everyone thinks it's so weird. I'm not even being sarcastic here.

2. Oh poor Jack Stone.  I can't even with this...he was too good for any of those barely-employed chicks anyway.

3. Anyone who randomly punches Robby is okay in my book. Robby is the worst. Here's the latest from Reality Steve. If you listen to Rose Pricks, Ronnie Karam does the funniest impressions of Robby. Like, laugh til you cry kind of funny.

4. And this is exactly why Peter is the one everyone loves.

5. If you didn't need another reason to dislike Dean, he's a Broncos fan.

Um, and he drinks Bud Light. 

Thoughts on the couples? Derek and Taylor will probably do just fine. Adam will hang onto Raven until she puts her name in to be the Bachelorette next year. And that's all that we've got...Oh, and we can talk about the relationship between Lacey and her quest for validation/self-esteem. But we've probably all been there. Just not with Daniel, so that's a particular kind of low self-esteem problem that she had.

Until January!

September 14, 2017

Stuff and Things I found on my computer

Because I finally cleaned off my desktop this past weekend. It was bad.

Because it's funny and true.

I took these next three screenshots because I was appalled by the fact that these recipes have so many ingredients and so much mash-up happening and this is why I don't cook or bake for the internet anymore. I can't do this. It makes my head hurt. I'm sure it all tastes amazing but I don't want to spend two years getting from raw ingredients to eating what I made. I feel like this is what is expected out there because of Pinterest. But do people really want to eat complicated food on a regular basis? I like to experiment with flavors and ideas, but so many ingredients just means I'll never make it.

Amanda is 100% a mean girl. 

The dogs sleep while I get ready for school. 

So I did buy these sneakers and I think they'll be just fine. Since it was BOGO, I got these boots too. 

I'm undecided about whether to keep them though. Thoughts? I realized that someoneIdon'tlike has them and that makes me not want them. 

Tomorrow I'll have my weekly (final) BIP thoughts. It's been quite the "journey".

September 13, 2017

September Goals


My last goals post was in April. Or was it March?

I don't remember.
I did have goals for May, but then May ended up being pure survival mode.

Then it was summer and goals don't matter in the summer, obviously.

August was stressful and busy.

But now it's almost fall and the world can right itself again.

So here's a few things I want to stay on top of this month...

1. Get my school work/grading done during the week. Scott is away during the week these days so I have no excuse not to get it all done while I sit around and watch TV. Then I can enjoy the weekends.

2. Finish the most recent season of Once Upon a Time. It's on Netflix now and that makes it so much easier to watch for some reason. I attempted it on Hulu in June and that didn't work out. I don't actually know if I'll finish it because's boring me.

3. Finalize plans for traveling to Pennsylvania in October. I need a dress/shoes, we need plane tickets, hotel reservations, etc. (etc.)...there's a lot of "etc" happening here. I need to arrange for the dogs' care and for the time I'll miss  from school (which will probably only be two days or so but still...#planningahead). My brother is getting married.

4. Maintain 30 minutes of Pilates a day. I can do's just a matter of taking care of it before I get too tired at night because then I'll just give up and go to bed. I'm doing well so far.

5. Get The Great Pumpkin Swap organized and off the ground. Yes, we ARE pumpkin-swapping again! Sign-ups start on 9/25 so mark your calendar to join in with me and Becky if you're interested!

What goals do you have this month? I need inspiration for October.

September 12, 2017

August Book(s) 2017

I had a weekend recap more or less ready to mainly involved Scott taking the dogs hunting and me watching hurricane coverage..but then I woke up to an internet outage yesterday so I scrapped it.

I taught a somewhat brilliant 9/11 lesson yesterday (I'm sure I'll get a phone call or something) and put more into it this year than I have in the past. These kids were born in 2008 (...). They really just wanted to know about the specifics of the towers, both Twin and the new one, and the planes. We also got into a conversation about how the subway works. We read some great non-fiction kid-friendly articles and watched the BrainPop video, as well as listened to President Bush's speech from that day. I will #primarysource forever.

And then they referred to # as a hashtag when they saw it in front of a number.

I can't do everything.


Happy wedding anniversary day to us! 

Someone said to me a few weeks ago, "Oh you've been married what? 4 years?". No, 8 years today. It's been a VERY full 8 years at that. 
^This was exactly one week before we packed up and moved from Pennsylvania to Alaska.


As a rule, or pattern that I've noticed anyway, I don't read in August. I don't have time. Which is a cliche excuse but I don't have the headspace to read. Headspace is equal to time, I've often found.

That being said...I had plenty of time to watch Bachelor in Paradise lately. It takes very little mental effort, that show. But it also takes an enormous amount to physical time.

Also, I suspended my Audible account but I wasn't enjoying audiobooks the way I used to. I have one if I get desperate, but otherwise, I'm okay for now with podcasts on my commute.

Beartown by Fredrik Backman C-
My thoughts are many: This is probably the most popular book out there. I was on the wait list for 3 months.
I felt that I had trouble connecting with the story because of the vague, prosy writing. This, for example, is the last page. Don't worry, it gives nothing away.

To me, this makes about as much sense as "pizza....garage.....couch".

This kind of writing makes me feel like I'm reading or watching or visualizing through some sort of filmy material. I couldn't get the clear picture of what was happening. I heard one or two reviewers say that it's a book about hockey that's not about hockey. No. It was entirely about hockey. I found myself skimming all the locker room and practice scenes. Even the game scenes, really. The big game was told in snippets of metaphors from different POVs and it was exhausting. I skimmed ahead. I found I did like the end, though I skipped from 70% to 96% in order to get there and I feel like I didn't miss a thing. The only reason, I'm convinced, I even got to the end is because I had 11 hours left on my library loan and I'd waited 3 months for the book and, darn it, I was going to get to the last page.
I didn't like A Man Called Ove either and this could very well be a translation issue because the books are originally written in Swedish. However, I think Britt-Marie was Here sounds interesting. I don't think it's the author alone; I think it's a translation problem and these Swedish books just aren't for me OR it's because Backman is put up on this pedestal and maybe I expected too much.
But, then again, it is the vagueness that got me; both of the Megan Miranda books I've read were written the same way and I'll never pick up another of hers again because I found I just couldn't connect and didn't care. Beartown was much better, as a story, than either of those, though.
But I do think Beartown had too many characters. For the ones who were introduced mid-book, I just didn't care.

Did you read it?

I really think I like the method of reading one or two books and doing deep-dive reviews, rather than reading a bunch and not being able to talk about them.

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September 8, 2017 this show over yet?

I'm so sick of this show at this point but it's the only extracurricular I have right now. I'm in need of absolute mindless nothingness in my downtime and this fits the description. It's meaningless and mindless and takes up a surprising amount of time in order to properly follow this show (what with the tweet-reading, the podcast-listening, etc.)

The only person worse than Mike Fleiss is Nick Viall. The only person worse than (the newly single) Nick...would be Dean.
Also, everyone in the franchise would fit the description of "younger than Nick".

2.  Effing Dean.

3. Scott was sitting on the couch doing something on a computer while I was watching Monday night's episode. When Ben Z. said he was leaving because he has a dog at home, Scott looked up and got interested. He wanted to know why no one wanted Ben Z. Exactly. 

4. I love this.

5. I think if we need to give Dean any credit at all, it'll be because he didn't mix up any names.

As far as Arie being the next Bachelor, I know nothing about him. I knew he was on Emily's season. I didn't watch back then. When talking to my coworkers, they didn't know who he was at all because they almost literally weren't born back then. I was closer to 30 than 20 in 2012 and they were like 19.
I am glad they went with someone out of the current clique because the folks from the last couple of seasons are really in this for followers and exposure and that's kind of annoying.

They're all a little too thirsty. 


September 7, 2017

Not gonna lie

I have two pairs of these best-shoes-ever from Target and I'm contemplating a third. My friend is currently disliking her new Tieks and that means long-live Target and their $16 shoes.

I'll own that rubber boot tanline. It's from manual labor in old boots, not hanging out in Hunters or something fun like that.

I spent an hour yesterday grading papers in the Big O Tire waiting room because three (3) of my tires were low on air and the tire light was on. I would say that I could've just fixed the air issue, because I thought it was a nail or screw or something in a tire, but let's face it: I definitely couldn't have fixed the air issue myself.

I tried to shut the truck door and hit my knee. It was terrible. My knee, I'm predicting, is terribly swollen this morning.

I definitely thought about eating this whole pizza last night (Scentsy for scale).

I have taken more Mucinex in the last 2 1/2 weeks than one probably should. I cannot kick this thing.

I get a lot of joy out of buying new soap for each season.


September 6, 2017

Airing of Grievances (September 2017)

I know there are people out there who have very serious problems right now...those displaced by hurricanes or those who are in danger of being kicked out of the only country they've ever known. But these are just a few things that have bugged me lately, in a more or less first-world kind of way.

1. When people say they "eat clean". I despise this term so much. It can mean different things to different people and, for most of the world, it literally means their food isn't dirty. I feel like the people who use it are trying to sound superior to those around their internet presence, especially when they throw in "extremely" as a modifier. Sure, maybe they're not trying to sound superior (who am I to judge?), but that's not something that comes off clearly in a 200 character comment on Instagram simply because other people can't read your tone.
Also, I get that it's all-encompassing and saves time when trying to describe your eating habits but "I try not to eat processed food" sounds so much better if you want people to like you. Because, like clockwork, the "80/20" calculation gets thrown around as soon as someone says they eat "clean".  If you're going to use that in defense of your eating habits, I want to see actual mathematical ratios written in a notebook so you can prove that you "eat clean" 80% of the time. I can't figure out how someone judges what those amounts are.
Please. Just eat food. Anything that takes that much thought isn't sustainable.

2. Office Max. I stopped in there a few weeks ago to look at some planners and I noticed they had the exact same Blue Sky line as Target at over twice the price. Office Max, this is why no one shops at your store. Give me a Target or Wal-Mart any day.

3. University registrars. Back in 2013, we were ripped off by MS&T in Missouri. I don't remember why or how or whatever the circumstances may have been but I think (Scott tells me) I posted something on Facebook or on here and the president of the university actually reached out to Scott to try to resolve the issue and we never did get our money back. Again, I don't remember the circumstances.
Something similar happened at the current school Scott is enrolled at...they wouldn't give him in-state tuition rates. He's an Alaska resident and, as a member of the active duty army (no matter what you're trying to do), you get in-resident benefits of ANY state you live in. It's one of the perks of the military life. They were refusing and this refusal would actually ruin his whole career because what he's doing now is very important to our army was a stressful week when this was going on and they eventually backed down but he should not have had to tell them he was going to get a lawyer because they were violating an actual law. (It wasn't about us just paying to make up the difference; the army is paying for this program and we don't get a say in that.)
I *think* the problem is officially resolved but you never know when you're dealing with a combination of the army+college. It's putting two things together that are known to cause difficulty to anyone they encounter.

4. When people wear boots/pants/sweaters/scarves in August because it's #fall. It's not fall. It's 90 degrees out and I am seriously judging you.

5. When teachers call students "babies". "Low babies", "high babies", or anything "baby" related. Drives. Me. Insane. You can't nudge students into responsibility and accountability when you treat them like they have no bearing on their own intelligence. For non-teachers: "low babies" are kids who aren't at grade level, "high babies" are above grade level. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Oh, flip-phone era LC. Who else misses those days?

Any grievances to air?

September 5, 2017

5 Long Weekend Things

1. I went to Old Navy in hopes of finding a cheap dress to add to my collection of work clothes. I need summer clothes to get me to November because I thought I lived in Colorado, but it's more Texas-like than I had ever thought it would be. Every year is the same struggle.

Why does Old Navy always insist on selling the most unflattering clothes out there? I should've taken a picture of this on, but the flowered one was a SACK. It's literally a sack. And the black and white dress is the texture of Barbie clothes and goes on just as gracefully. Awfulness.

2.  I ate a lot of candy while Scott took the dogs dove hunting. I offered to go and he said he didn't want to listen to anyone complain and I pretended not to know what he was talking about. I watched the Penn State game.

3. This is the literal story of my life when it comes to hunting. Scout finds something, anything, to swim in and then rolls around in the dirt.


4. I did order these sneakers online though. I had to take back the black/gold ones (tear) because they were perfect in every way but, as I walked around the house in them, I noticed that they pinched the top of my feet.

5. We painted the shed, cut grass, cleaned the basement, and generally did a lot of labor on this Labor Day weekend. We ended Monday by having a bunch of thorns pulled out of our paws. Not pleasant.

I think my #goals for #fall should be making my weekends more exciting and, as soon as fall weather actually arrives (i.e. not 90 degrees), I'll work on that.

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