January 28, 2020

18 months of Wells.

This post is way after his actual 18 month mark, but his 18 month appointment wasn't until this week. I wanted to get a weight/height in here.

Unfortunately, we don't have a height because they couldn't get one. 
He wouldn't stop flailing. He weighed 24 pounds though. 


I went on and on about sleep on Instagram last month. Wells did great with sleep for a few months there, and then fell apart as we traveled for Christmas. Luckily this short-lived. As for an 18 month sleep regression...eh? His only change is that he gets up earlier than I would prefer. He goes to bed at 7pm, as usual, and will get up around 6am, which I do not like. I'm trying to push him closer to 7am, but it's easier said than done. I think he's waking up hungry.

He's still napping consistently, though his naps have been really early (10am-12pm) the last two weeks. He's still perfectly happy all afternoon and evening. So as long as he IS napping, I don't really care when he does it. I just want him to start sleeping later in the morning. Ten+ hours straight at night isn't anything I'm going to complain about, though. I, personally, just need to go to bed earlier if I'm tired, instead of forcing myself to stay up and do things. (This is totally a me problem, not a Wells problem.)

I'm waiting a few more months, and then I'm going to start using the "okay to wake" function on the Hatch Rest. But since he's had that Rest since before he was born, it's like wallpaper to him. I was wondering if getting an actual "okay to wake" clock might be worth it, because it'll be new and novel.

He has a pillow now and loves sleeping with his (my) moose.

Scott bought me this moose a week after we moved to Alaska.


I love coming up with new things for Wells to eat and I really enjoy putting his meals together. His favorite food is probably Club Multigrain Crackers and he particularly likes it when I dip them in guacamole.
And some days, he really just drinks so much milk that it fills him up.
He loves chips. Like, to the point where I don't buy them because if he sees me eating them, he'll eat them too, until I put them away.
He will eat cakes, cookies, ice cream, but we don't give him those things very often. He's never had juice or chocolate milk* and I don't plan on starting that any time soon. I'm not averse to giving him something sweet, but there's really no point in starting that; he'll discover it all on his own eventually.

*I've met a mom or two who've said their 18 month old will only drink chocolate milk and not regular milk. Okay, Jan. If Wells would only drink chocolate milk, Wells would be only drinking water.

He loves grapes, and will gnaw on half an apple for awhile. It's a good source of amusement for him. He loves baked potatoes too, and I don't even put anything on them. He just eats them plain.  Anything with corn and black beans and Mexican seasoning is also always a winner.
I try to mix vegetables in some form into all of his food but, aside from that watermelon phase over the summer, he's really not into fruit. Cheese and yogurt also seem to be on his no-go list.
Wells loves him a smoothie though, and on the days when all he seems to consume are dry Cheerios, crackers, and milk, if he and I can split a spinach and kale smoothie, it's been a Good Day.
I use my regular smoothie recipe: half a banana, a few frozen chunks of pineapple and mango, greens, and unsweetened almond milk. He loves it.

Another trend I've heard parents talk about: toddlers will not sit to eat. I've been quite consistent to this point. But he eats so often and in small doses so I try not to get too shrill about it. Messy stuff is always eaten in the highchair, but he loves to eat Cheerios in his

He's getting much better at going out to eat. I take food for him and give him a bit of whatever I have. He has taken quite a liking to crab rangoon.

He doesn't eat a ton of meat; usually he just spits it out. I always had texture issues with meat as a kid, so I don't really care.


Dada, mama, Jett, more, and car. Me-me-me is what he says while I'm pouring his milk or getting him a snack. He also has a lot of random words that mean something to him, but I haven't been able to nail down a definition: dooka-dooka, gee, and whoa-whoa (which I think is uh-oh). I say please and thank you for him but he can't repeat it yet. He understands us just fine. If I say "Little Baby Bum", he runs to sit in his chair in front of the TV,  if I say "bath", he runs to stand by the tub, and if I say "find a book", it means it's time for bed and he gathers up his lovies and runs to his room to pick a book on the shelf. He just recently started saying bye-bye and waving. He'll say bye-bye dada, which is very cute. He'll say hot when he touches warm water or eats warm food.

He's been saying hop and trying to hop. He says quack and clap pretty often. He will applaud himself and cheer if he knows he did something correctly.
He likes animal sounds and vehicles of all kinds. His favorites are fire trucks and ambulances. He doesn't call them cars but I'm sure he's said fire truck a few times. He just does not speak on command so it's hard to get a metric on his words sometimes.

He loves giraffes. He finds them anywhere they happen to be. He does say "gee" at this point, so we think maybe he's trying to get out "giraffe". The same with planes. He doesn't have a word for those, though.

Some randoms:

He cannot climb. It's almost comical and I'm. so. grateful. He can get from his Anywhere Chair up onto the couch, but only if I push the chair up next to the couch for him. He just, in the last month or so, started pushing himself down off of the couch. Now, at other peoples' houses, if the couch is lower, he can go up. He cannot do it here though and I think that's great.

He has little to no patience for the stroller. So we only use it to take walks with the dogs because I can't maneuver three small living things at once. (This is when I truly miss the tiny baby in the Ergo. Life was easy in that regard when he was less than 5 months.)
He walks or we carry him. He's learning how to hold hands but I think he's still a little short for that so it's not natural to him at all. We practice, though.

He does not care what we think. He's ridiculously independent unless, of course, he's at the gym childcare. So, there's that.

We went to the Children's Museum last week again and he just ran off.

I couldn't even get a picture of him with Daniel's trolley because he wouldn't stop long enough to look up. (This is why we don't even bother with a stroller in this type of situation now.)

Also, he's been really into this lately:

I can only hope he has a proclivity toward all things neat and orderly in the future. Fingers crossed.

January 27, 2020

An absolutely do-able Bible reading plan

A few weeks ago, a friend said I didn't know you were religious when I said I was trying to read the Bible this year.

I wasn't sure what to say to that. We don't go to church. I know it's a weak excuse, but we can't right now. I could dive deep on that one, but it is what it is. Like my friend, I'm thinking that many non-religious people generally assume that in order to be religious, you have to go to church. I also think this depends where you are from; in Pittsburgh, religious usually equals Catholic. In Alaska, I think I knew of *one* Catholic church but I didn't know where it was, but I knew our friends went there so it existed. Everything was generally nondenominational. We also went to an Alliance church and a Southern Baptist church there and liked both.

The religious thing isn't always connected to a church.

So my long-form answer to this friend would've been that I have spent the last 9 years trying to "read the Bible in a year", but have done multiple devotionals and Bible studies and spend hours each week listening to Biblical podcasts in an attempt to educate myself and push my thinking in the direction I prefer it to point. 

At this point, devotionals are just decorative. They aren't getting me where I want to be. If I'm going to spend time on this, I'm going to just go all in.

I've learned that "religious" and "relationship with God" are different and I'm trying to fall into the second category but also not fall into the pit of "you do you" and "Jesus is your boyfriend".  It's a balance. Devotionals have tended to point me toward "how is this about me?" and something I've really learned in the last two years is that it's NOT ABOUT ME AT ALL (forthcoming in a future blog post, btw).

But back to this conversation with a friend...

I could've led with "I was raised Methodist and married in a Methodist church" but that doesn't actually explain anything.

I could've gone into "We'll likely send Wells to a Christian school at some point, so we'll definitely be more involved in a local religious community...at some point".

I could've talked about how I spent every morning of the first 6 months of pregnancy, staring at The Bible Project on my computer, a stack of devotionals, and my one lone cup of caffeine at 5am every morning before work. Because I did.

I could've mentioned that my cousin and I used to "meet" on IM every Monday night for a year to do a Bible study together. She was in college in Pittsburgh and I was living in Alaska. We would read a chapter each week, take notes, and discuss. I specifically remember Romans, Acts, and Matthew, but we did do more than that.

I also could've mentioned that, in the military community where everything and everyone is moving so quickly, sometimes the only way to make friends is to get thyself to a church. That's what worked for me, anyway.

But I didn't do any of that because the toddlers were screaming about something. And we moved onto another topic of conversation.

This is probably why 2020 needs to be the year in which I read the Bible from start to finish. Because then maybe I'd know what to say to her.

My issues with most Bible-reading plans are many:

My study Bible is huge and I end up not taking the time to physically sit with it each day.

Printing a plan and reading, all on paper, usually gets away from me.

Devotionals aren't for me anymore. I don't want to tiptoe around the Bible. I just want to read it.

I don't know *much* about SheReadsTruth, but it seems like there's a paywall. I'm not paying for a plan. Also, it's more of a devotional, right?

I really enjoy The Bible Project videos but I don't always make the time to watch the videos. I used to, a couple of years ago, but I rarely get up early enough to have that kind of time in the morning now.

Same with reading on my phone. I 100% realized I do better with digital reading concerning the Bible but my phone isn't big enough for me to really prefer it as a method of choice.

So, the solution:

The Bible Recap. It's a 5-10 minute podcast EACH DAY that corresponds with a Bible reading plan.

The plan can be found on the regular Bible app. You just search for The Bible Recap under the "Plans". I use my iPad to do the reading. It's bigger than my phone and I don't have social media apps on my iPad, so I'm less likely to get distracted. A lot of people tend to read first thing in the morning. I do it last thing at night.

It gives you a video for each book of the Bible; The Bible Project ones that are so informative and well-put-together, as a matter of fact.

Then it gives you the chapters for each day.

You listen to the podcast after you read.

Or, if you're like me, you listen to the podcast before you read and it doesn't actually matter. It just picks out the major themes of the reading for that day. It's not a ministry. It's just a quick recap or summary of what was read.

I like that it's put together chronologically, but not necessarily in the order the books were written. It's more of a historical timeline and I really appreciate the continuity there.

Finally, the plan "started" on January 1st, but I started around January 13th and did double reading and listening for a week and now I'm caught up. I did that for ME, but you can just start now and it'll adjust your finish date. It doesn't actually matter when you finish, date-wise. I just like to be current on all my podcasts so I wanted to be up-to-date with the newest ones and not listening too far in advance of me actually reading it.

I am 100% more likely to keep up with my podcast schedule than I am to keep up with anything else in my life. So if I know there's a 5-10 minute podcast waiting for me on that day's reading, I'm going to do the reading. That's the kind of accountability that speaks my language.

The best part is that you can pick it up right now. Today. And just get started. You don't need to wait for anything.  I didn't expect this to be a goal of mine for 2020 and I didn't make resolutions to begin with. But this is something I got started on and feel like continuing, so if you want to join in, go for it. Here's a link with more info! The podcast is a great place to start.

January 25, 2020

The Bachelor is really boring right now.

My habit up until this season has usually been to listen to the recap podcasts and then go back and loosely watch the episode. Sometimes I never really get through the episode. This week I did.

My current deal with Scott is that we watch together on Monday nights. We have this habit we're trying to form right now: no phones or devices from 7-9pm. So Wells goes to bed and then we have to talk or watch TV without the distraction of phones, iPads, computers, etc. The "deal" part is that he can play on his phone while we watch, so Monday night is a freebie.

It kind of kills me to deal with commercials though. So I usually get through an hour and then I just watch the rest the next day.

And you can see how much I currently care about Peter and the women on this season: I was going to write this on Friday morning (ideally Thursday night) and it's Saturday night.

My holy grail of Bachelor podcasts is Bachelor Party. Juliet always has great guests and has a level of credibility. To me, she really likes the show and geeks out over it so it's an enjoyable listen.

This week she had Rachel Lindsay and Rachel always seems to be truthful. I like that. I guess she has her own podcast but I don't care that much. Not enough to add in another podcast.

She mentioned that Demi told her that when she was on this show for this episode the girls came across as completely there for the wrong reasons. I get that they want to be influencers. Cool. But the level of meta is complete and we're full circle and Peter doesn't seem to understand that most are there for the opportunity, not for love.

That's a real obviously moment but Demi said they were more excited to meet her than, it seemed, just to be there on the date.

On Here to Make Friends, they really took Alayah's side.

I was pretty shocked. They generally hate on anyone who is like Alayah.

HTMF is absolutely a guilty pleasure dislike-listen for me. They hate on this show so much. Like, they can't even pretend half the time.

I may be the only one, but I find Victoria P. incredibly boring. Like, I just can't be bothered to really care. She has a horrible backstory, but the pageant thing...eh. She still had herself together enough to compete in pageants. If she's as credible as she seems, she's too good for Peter.

On I Hate Green Beans, sometimes I wish Lincee and Some Guy would literally just read an article or a fact or scroll Twitter once in awhile. They rarely know the most basic things. I can't remember what it was this week that made me sigh in frustration, but they're always mixing up names and professions and locations and it's. not. that. hard.
I prefer her blog posts 100% to her podcast but I don't always feel like reading, so it's easier to listen.

But, skipping ahead...if you checked out spoilers...there really aren't any. Reality Steve (I CANNOT with his site...there's so many ads that I can't even scroll) doesn't have a clear winner. And, out of the few he assumes it is (rumor has it his source was producer Elan Gale and Elan left the show last year), I'm sure you can already guess based on how things are going so far this season. It's not hard.

I did go back to unavoiding spoilers this season because, after going unspoiled for Hannah's season, I felt oddly disconnected from the ending. I get more out of it this way, which is strange.

Anywho. Thoughts so far???

January 23, 2020

Stuff and Things 1/23

+Barre workouts at home. Since I made a big deal about quitting the gym and getting workouts done at home, I figured I should share some of what I'm doing. I started just clicking around on Youtube the other day and came across some different barre workouts.
I did a few over the weekend that I should've bookmarked! Then I did this 25 minute one last night. I broke an actual sweat and had to put shorts on halfway through.

+TV this week...

Cheer. I finally watched this over the weekend and it wasn't at all what I expected. I found it interesting, for sure. I also found that it was the opposite of the competitive cheer documentary I  had assumed it would be; there were no stage parents, aside from Gabi's. The kids were mostly in this on their own. Many came from hard childhoods. Morgan and Jerry's stories were really sad.
Also, it seemed like some of these kids had NO skills when it came to college. Like, the most they required of themselves academically was taking an online course, together, in a library, with an adult hovering over them to make sure they did it. At a community college.
They had these coaches/trainers helicoptering over them to make sure they did the basic requirements of life and that, to me, was the sad part. Eating, sleeping, doing laundry (Gabi's parents, especially). Like, just survive, please. I don't quite trust the university system at this point, as there's a lot of preying on 18 year olds when it comes to loans and ideologies. We're not setting up future adults for the success needed to become contributing members of society.
But many, many 18-19 year olds have figured out things without the hovering and hand-holding that was happening here.
Monica runs a tight ship and I liked that part of it. She has high expectations. But she only seemed to have those expectations because she needed those students to compete.
It seemed a little like high school to me.

Schitt's Creek.
I tried to watch a few episodes of this awhile back and there's something about Catherine O'Hara that makes me want to ....not watch anymore. She's so shrill. I just can't. I think this stems back to Beetlejuice being my least favorite movie ever and I just can't watch this without seeing her in that. For some reason, she's easy to ignore in Home Alone.
But Scott had watched season one at some point and said the siblings were funny enough to keep at it. So we started from the beginning. It's definitely hilarious.

Aaron Hernandez documentary.
I only have watched the first two episodes.
I think it's safe to say that Hernandez LITERALLY videotaped himself and his fiancee committing criminal acts using his own security system. Handed that case to the police. Just plain handed it to them.
Also, this was in 2013? I do not remember this happening. At all.
But I do need to finish this limited series this weekend so I can catch up with the rest of the world.

We watched both seasons of this two weeks ago. If you like crude British humor, it's for you. It was incredibly depressing in many ways but the storyline was enthralling. I couldn't wait to see what would happen next and where the story would go. (Did I already talk about this show? I feel like I did?)

+I read two books over the weekend. I'll talk about them more come February book link-up time, but both were really great.

+If you missed me talking about sweatpants yesterday, these are my outdoor/general purpose sweatpants. I don't wear them away from the yard unless I'm walking the dogs. 

And some random funny things...

I suppose I'll have some Bachelor thoughts tomorrow? I feel like there's not much to say but once you're this far into the canon of useless knowledge, it seems silly to stop now. 

January 22, 2020

A downhill slide...

I told Scott he needs to have a come-to-Jesus with me. I wear pajamas constantly. Like, *nice* pajamas, though. Clothes you wouldn't suspect to be pajamas. Modal joggers (size down!), zip-ups, etc.

But I'm in this current habit of having "nice" sweatpants for going outside. Like, you shouldn't have "nice" sweatpants.

This is a big push toward getting a job, truthfully. I'd be forced to wear actual clothes. I miss it.

This seems like the dumbest problem in the world, but it's a reality if you don't have to get dressed every day. Why would you? I used to use my weekends for sweats, no make-up, and no hair styling because I could. Now all the days blend together.

I do tell myself that if I do my hair a bit and put on make-up, it negates the sweatpants. Thoughts?

But, on Monday, we went out for the afternoon and I wore this.

(It's fine. I don't love it. It's not overly flattering but the puffy look is okay once in awhile. I got a medium.)
The jeans are a still a winner (I should've tucked in the sweatshirt, huh?)

I tend to use animal print as a neutral, but it was really cold out, so I ended up just putting on my Uggs instead of wearing these shoes to walk through the city. I want to like these Target sneakers more than I actually do :(

And, when Scott saw what I was wearing, he said You look nice. Jeans and a sweatshirt = nice now, I guess.

January 21, 2020

A (very late) birthday recap

This is just a random compilation of things I wanted to share from a few weeks ago...

I baked this cake, and just made a basic buttercream. I wasn't disappointed. I like a thick, sugary frosting, personally. 

My hand-mixer died last year, so my mom got me a new one for Christmas, plus the mixing bowl I'd been wanting since I was a teenager. She always had one and it makes dips and frosting so much easier because they don't splatter everywhere. Tupperware makes them and I'd never gotten around to ordering one, but I would think about it every time I would make frosting. That has seemed to be a lot, so this is much appreciated. 
Hand-mixers are the best way to make frostings, always. 

We stopped at a bakery and got these macarons. They were okay? I feel like I've never had any, so I have no frame of reference. My cousin, who has had macarons all over the world, said they were legitimate. 
They weren't sweet enough for me, but maybe that just is what it is.

My cousin also brought a cake from Whole Foods and it was good. Light, fluffy frosting that definitely contributed to the sugar-hangover I had all weekend.

I ordered myself this bag. Scout enjoyed the paper. It came with like 7 newspapers worth of wrapping. I don't understand why. 

It looks great with my sweatpants, right? 
More on this tomorrow.

I also grabbed these pans at Costco and called them a birthday present. They've been on my "maybe to buy" list for over a year. 

Wells was in a mood after his nap.

But not too much of a mood that he couldn't stuff down some crab rangoon at a Thai restaurant downtown.

I think he ate 3. 

January 20, 2020

Why I quit the gym

I found myself getting really introspective a couple of weeks ago:

Why was I trying to go to the gym every day (or at least a few days a week)?

What was I hoping to accomplish?

Why was I plunking Wells into childcare when it was unnecessary, aside from the fact that I want him to be able to handle a childcare situation?

If it was that important to me, why couldn't I just wait until Scott got home and go at like 7pm? Or why couldn't we go all together, as a family, in the evenings?

To understand where I'm coming from, we need to go back to Alaska...

The gym was my safe place. Aside from my classroom, it's all I had when Scott was deployed for that one full year. A lot of my friends had young kids so we just kind of ran in different circles. I had my job and I had whatever I did on the blog and I had the gym. I made friends there and I had a schedule I kept to because it gave me structure. I didn't even have a dog!

So, when I move to a new place, I always think I wonder what gyms are nearby?...especially now that I'm not working. My job gave me a social outlet in Colorado for 4 years and our remodel and our dogs kept me busy enough that I didn't care about finding a gym and I didn't want to drive 45 minutes to one anyway. I would go to occasional classes on Ft. Carson but it wasn't fun or convenient like it was in Missouri and Alaska.

I developed a nice routine of just ("just" isn't a good word for it) Pilates and yoga (during pregnancy especially!) and dog-walking through the fields. Same in Wyoming.

It worked. It worked well.

When we came here, Scott wanted to join a gym so we got a family membership. He'd always had access to free military gyms (for PT, obviously) and had adored ("adored" isn't a strong enough word for it) the gym at the University of Wyoming.

Last winter, some nights I would go to the LA Fitness here, some nights he would go. But his job was unpredictable. His schedule would change at the last minute. And traffic: sometimes his commute would be 30 minutes, sometimes it was 90. I couldn't say I wanted to go to a 5:45pm class on Tuesdays because something would always come up. Or if Wells was fussy, it was harder to leave. And once he really started eating solids, dinner was a messy disaster and I didn't want to deal with the clean-up later that night. Or Scott, with his kind-hearted non-Cry-it-out parenting, couldn't get Wells to sleep at 7pm. I was the one who always pushed CIO (because it's worth it). It wasn't worth it to me, personally, to up-end the evening for everyone to go to a class I didn't really want to go to, with instructors who weren't that great, when I knew I could do 30 minutes of Pilates while we watched TV at night.

Sometimes I would go on the weekends. But it was HARD to get up at 7:30am for a class when I'd been up the night before 2-3 times with Wells. Back in those days, we were still sleeping until at least 9:00am because he wasn't sleeping through the night.

It just wasn't worth the sacrifice of me being exhausted the rest of the day.

I could've taken Wells to childcare at the gym, but no: I didn't trust them.  A lot of that came from the fact that LA Fitness had messed up our memberships more than once, had charged our credit card multiple times when they weren't supposed to, and couldn't provide competent customer service to save their own lives. I did not trust them with my baby.

So, I waited until he could walk before I tried that out.

And, to further complain about LA Fitness, I never felt like the instructors cared. I wasn't used to that. I'd never gone to a new-to-me class and not had the instructor introduce themselves. It's kind of teacher 101. I went to 20-30 classes, I bet, in the last year and an instructor never actually spoke to me. It's important to ask about modifications, health concerns, etc. if you don't know someone in your class. <<< This is why, if you can go to a private gym, it's probably worth your while. The instructors have more skin in the game and tend to care more.

Actually, some personal trainer from the gym kept calling me and saying they were offering free sessions and he kept setting up appointments for me; finally I said, No. When he asked why I was against a free session, I said I think it would be an unproductive use of my time and of his time and there were other people out there he could help. I said I had been a certified instructor and there was nothing he could tell me that I didn't know or hadn't been told before. He just laughed, said that was probably true, and that was the end of it.

It makes me slightly sick to know how gyms prey on people. Which is why, if you're going to find a gym, it's important to find one you trust and feel comfortable with. I felt the opposite with LA Fitness.

Scott and I talked through solutions to this problem:
Could we all go together? Well, the evenings are really crowded there right now, so no.
And I really hate the idea of wasting evenings when we can be playing and eating dinner and, you know, generally staying on a schedule.
Could we keep trying childcare? Eh. What was that going to accomplish, really? Me on a treadmill for 20 minutes? That seems pointless when we could be out on a playdate or running errands or anything other than rote cardio for the sake of rote cardio.

So. I went in and I canceled my membership. It wasn't a Chandler Bing moment. She just took me off the account but it's still good for 45 days, so I still have the membership until March 3rd.

I've been making a lot of use of Youtube workouts, using yoga, barre, Pilates...there's so much free content out there! Finding 20-30 minutes and feeling great at the end is a better use of time right now, rather than gathering everything up, going to the gym at a certain time (childcare was only open for certain hours anyway) and dealing with the stress and, this time of year, the cold. I don't need a gym membership to accomplish what I want to right now.

In addition, talking to another mom here, she told me how the YMCA she goes to does a childcare that is more like a daycare/camp, where they play with the kids and have games and stations. My jaw probably dropped open. The LA Fitness childcare is like a holding pen. There was only ever one lady I liked there. The others looked bothered.

That just made me mad and reaffirmed my current good decision-making skills.

What about you? Is the gym a yay or a nay? 

I have NO IDEA what things will look like in 6 months or in a year. I do know that if we're close enough to our next base for the gym to be convenient, I might pick up the habit again. Especially once Wells eventually starts preschool or nursery school or something (military gyms generally don't offer childcare). I have learned that fitness doesn't have to be tied to one gym, routine, or building.

January 17, 2020

Pete the Pilot, Episode 2

*Light, very light, spoilers ahead*

Gah. I usually don't do these types of posts until later in the season. There's not much to say at this point, right? Especially since instead of using a wide angle lens and looking at alllllll the girls, we know a lot about 3 or 4 of them.

Hannah Ann is kind of the worst, isn't she?

Kelsey is annoying but harmless. And she's definitely not a bully. Hannah Ann reminds me of the girl in every elementary class I've ever taught who has insisted that she's being bullied. There's always one.

My solution to these two:

Moving on...

I listened to a podcast or two in which the hosts were really "grossed out" about Victoria F. modeling for a white lives matter campaign? It was about saving white marlins? The fish? But had like Confederate flags in the background? Okay, fine. Maybe not a bright choice.

But I'm much more grossed out by the fact that she is a known homewrecker in her hometown of Virginia Beach, as reported by Reality Steve (this isn't a spoiler...it's out there everywhere) and reported by Sydney from Colton's season, with whom she went to high school. And wait til we get to the Chase Rice date.

(These aren't *really* spoilers. She seems like such a fake that it doesn't matter.)

Also, see the word "modeling"? Yes, She Who Was a Little Scared to compete in an Instagram fashion show has had actual modeling experience. So, yeah. "Scared".

And, also, Hannah Ann is my least favorite by a mile. There's just something about her. She's best buddies IRL with Hannah G. and one podcaster said she's like Hannah G.'s evil twin. 

I do like Lexie, Victoria P., and Alexa. Natasha is funny too. Her maturity shows and I appreciate that. 

Eh, you know...maybe we should just do a cage match with everyone? Janice Dickinson can judge.

January 16, 2020

Stuff and Things 1/16

+My goal is to clean off my phone this weekend, concerning pictures. I can't deal with the iCloud situation any longer. I have everything automatically uploading to Google photos. I need to stop being fearful of losing everything.

Tried to take 18 month pictures. It went as well as expected. 

+I think our good weather streak is about to end, but we've been attempting to just play in the yard a lot of days. Yesterday, we watched planes and he'd stop smiling and pointing as soon as I took the camera out. 

+Yoga begets yoga. I started, as I start most Januarys (Januaries?), with the intention of doing yoga every day if I could. The more I do, the more I crave it.

So, for now, I'm easily keeping up with the yoga. SarahBeth Yoga is wonderful. And I've also done some Yoga with Adriene.

I want to go around suggesting them to people IRL, but I feel like that's weird?

That's why I have a blog, I guess.

+And I have to mention/vent: I don't get these for sale or trade groups on Facebook. I hatehatehate that my newsfeed is just allthegroups, allthetime. People are ridiculous too. I've mentioned before that I don't understand a lot these people, but I've noticed a trend: many say "my husband said no" when it comes to "I may want it" as a response. They'll come back with the husband excuse later. Is that for real? I cannot imagine even telling Scott I was stopping by someone's porch to pick up a potty training book or a free shelf or...something? I told him when I sold a stroller and the bouncer, really just for the purpose of safety, so he knew I was going somewhere to meet someone.

All this to say, I'm trying to get rid of our Christmas tree because I don't want to move the ginormous box again and setting up that tree is a lot of work for a non-pre-lit tree. I hate stringing lights on a tree.
Someone wanted it and then said her husband said no. It's free.

+Speaking of...if you want this devotional, let me know. It's like new. I'm just not going to use it. I bought it myself and got about 1/3 of the way through before I moved onto a Bible-reading plan.

+I must be having some sort of crisis because I cut off of all my hair the other day. 

+I haven't even watched the whole Bachelor episode yet this week because I just haven't had the uninterrupted time. But I listened to this and, again, I'm no Nick fan: but he has wise words for the Hannah Brown stans. Basically, move on. 

+I went to bed at 8:30 last night. Scott was asleep by 8:00. So that's how things are going around here. 

This is what the entire week has looked like. 

January 15, 2020

SAHM Clothes

It's a struggle.

A dumb struggle.

But a struggle.

Last week, we had a playdate.

I considered, very briefly, wearing jeans, because I'm really questioning the idea that any friends I do have only ever see me in leggings.

Then, I realized they were my good jeans and there was no way I was washing jeans after sitting on the floor at someone else's house all afternoon because you don't wash Madewell jeans unless you have to. I don't anyway. (And I'm SUPER weird in that I even wash my socks after they've been on someone else's floor. I don't know where this comes from. I wear slippers in my own house.)

Leggings it was.

Leggings // Sweatshirt is from Costco. 
They don't have it anymore, but it's heavy and soft and I'm impressed with the quality for whatever it cost..probably $12.

I really miss wearing skirts. Like, intensely miss it.

There's nothing stopping me, really, from pulling out leggings/skirts/dresses. I do feel like I'll look dumb? Like, why would I be wearing a skirt or a dress? It would be much more functional than jeans, because I feel like I'm constantly readjusting jeans and you readjust a lot when you're hauling around a toddler.

Again with the dumb struggle thing. This is not an actual problem.

I was briefly considering a skirt/dress challenge in February. I mean, why not?

The truth: For the last 3 months of pregnancy two years ago, I never pulled on a pair of pants. I wore dresses/leggings/shorts exclusively from about 30 weeks on. It's just how I'm naturally more comfortable. << that fact kind of proves it, because you likely revert to your natural state of comfort during the end of pregnancy.

Anyway, skirt/dress challenge? Dumb idea? I know leggings and sweatshirts is "the dream", but it gets to be boring after a bit.

(After re-reading this, I should probably say "dumb" again just to get my point across.)