February 19, 2020

WIW x2 (how do you feel about mom jeans?)

I skipped last week, so today it's two outfits.

First, a clarification:

I said yesterday in my unpopular opinions post that I can't do Amazon clothes. By this, I mean that I struggle with buying Amazon clothes that aren't a specific brand. I find that many of those are off on the sizing and/or have no tags to begin with.

I got some leggings that did not match the reviews and Scott got some shirts that are crazily sized (different colors of the same size are different sizes). Buying name brands from Amazon is different, because you generally know what you're getting. My strange Shein experience feeds into this. Buying when you don't know the brand is unnecessarily stressful.

I definitely own multiples of certain clothing items in different colors but I would be incredibly disappointed if I loved one thing from Amazon and the second one wasn't the same when it arrived.

But this sweatshirt is a good example. It's camo. A random off-brand something-or-other from Marshall's. But I didn't buy it because I liked the way it looked on the website. I walked by it in the store and it was soft and heavy and a great fit when I put it on in the dressing room.

And these Athleta pants.

I always tell myself I'll stop wearing them but I never do. (THEY ARE 50% OFF RIGHT NOW. I bought my last 3 pairs full-price ...and one was when I was pregnant so they don't fit now... and it seems like they're being discontinued? So I just grabbed another pair. I wear them constantly and they are hands-down the best work-wear I ever bought as a teacher.)

And then this one:

Just for fun: my boots, that you can't see because of the glare, are 2.5 years old and cost not that much in comparison to all the shoes Wells has amassed, including these brand-new See Kai Run ones I couldn't resist. 

I have this Nordstrom shirt in two colors, both bought when they were on sale a couple of years ago. I like it, don't love it. But it was fabulous as non-maternity maternity wear. It's just very shapeless now. But obviously I'm not opposed to having more than one of a particular item.

So I tucked it into my jeans (jeans!) with a Target tee from 3 years ago underneath.

These aren't mom jeans...I still don't know how I feel about those things. These are just high-waisted ones that hold their shape pretty well. 

But seriously, how do you feel about mom jeans? You know? These ones?

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