November 4, 2019

November Goals

I was going to do a few weekend things this morning in a blog post, but Blogger isn't letting me add pictures? So this post was already done. 

Let's recap October...

Clean out bathroom drawers/linen closet. Eh, not really? I kind of did. I want to come up with an excuse, but I don't have one. I actually did clean out my bathroom drawer but Wells like to pull things out when I'm getting ready so it's not exactly organized anymore.

Toddler Time. Yes. I've been doing this since mid-September and I officially stopped going to the 6-12 month group a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed the people and the babies there and Wells got along with them all just fine, but I just could not relate to their struggles anymore. Truth be told, 6-12 months was really hard for me, baby-wise. I preferred 0-4 months and now he's very enjoyable. The stress of starting solid foods, "when will he/she crawl?", etc. I am SO GLAD we're past that. Like, thrilled. I felt a huge relief when he turned one.

Go to a fall festival/pumpkin patch. Yes. Wells and I went to this one with my family near my parents' house.

Paint a pumpkin. Yes.

15 month pictures. Yes.

Get started on Christmas presents. I've already started.

Christmas cards. Order them. I don't know. I may procrastinate this. At least I'm planning to procrastinate this in advance.

Try 4 new recipes.

Continue going to the gym because I need to get out of the house this winter and I need to establish that routine like now. And putting Wells in childcare there is fine. It's fine. He needs this too, even if he cries and they have to call me after 30 minutes. F-i-n-e.

What goals do you have for November???


  1. Good for you sticking with the gym.
    I'm trying to get in the habit now of working out before work... this is going to be a challenge!

  2. So interesting to me how different stages of raising kids presents different challenges, and how different stages test moms in different ways. The newborn stage is seemingly always the hardest for me and it seems to get a bit easier after six months, but I'm definitely with you that there's a definite relief that comes with hitting that first year mark! There's just something about how they're finally able to start communicating and how they're starting to gain some independence (plus I stop nursing or giving formula at a year) that just makes a huge difference.

  3. 30 mon is better than no minutes!!
    I hope to start Christmas shopping this weekend...we shall see!

  4. 'planning to procrastinate this in advance' hahaha.
    i suck at trying new recipes. i want to, but... lazy.


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