November 5, 2019

Blogging every (week)day + Weekending

I saw this on another blog and it piqued my interest. I mean, why not?

I meant to post my November goals today but Blogger was acting weird for me during that 10 minutes of time I had to sit down at my computer between breakfast and when Wells would soon lose interest in Daniel I just published it yesterday since it was done and now I'm left with an empty day.

Considering that I generally have 2-3 empty blogging days per week, I have some filling in to do.

So here we are.

On Saturday, Scott ran a 10-miler in downtown Pittsburgh. 

I needed to keep Wells busy in the morning then, so I took him to Costco and grabbed a few Christmas presents. After Scott came home and we went for a family walk, we ordered Chinese because I really just wanted crab rangoon. I hate how much I love crab rangoon. This particularly place nearby makes them in triangles and they're HUGE. I ate all 6 myself. I gave Wells a piece. He, I think, ate it. I also ordered shrimp and lo mein and figured that was as good a time as any to find out if he had a shellfish allergy. 

Has anyone finished season 2 of Big Little Lies? I think season 2 was one of the more unnecessary things that needed to be created. 

Scott has been watching Jack Ryan and he's actually been waiting and constantly asking me when season 2 would be coming out. 
I never watched season 1. I really can't remember why, but I just never cared? 

I have actually been rewatching The Office and making Wells watch an episode with me each night before bed while he plays with his puzzle. (I'm not even really kidding here.)

 I took the weekend to start a new book (pictured above). So good. I can hardly put it down. If you look at the cover, it's so similar to Little Fires Everywhere, but Ask Again, Yes is SO MUCH BETTER than LFE. It's like the book that LFE wants to be. 

And Sunday was rough. We won't talk about DST because seriously: we've done it every year. It's not a new thing. But it was rough. 

And Monday was hard too:

Hopefully today goes better?
I can't stop going. I don't know what else to do but keep at it. 

And does anyone else need to go to the grocery store 2-3 times a week? Just me? 
I just went on Friday. 

In other news, I need a haircut and my GreatClips coupon just expired. 

So now I'll be paying $15+tip instead of $7+tip. It's funny how I didn't *think* I needed a haircut until after that coupon expired. 
My hair requires verrrrrry little in terms of cutting/styling so I'm certainly not picky about cuts.

I did buy some highlights yesterday so we'll see how long that kit sits on the bathroom counter before I get around to spending an entire naptime on the task. 

Is anyone else interested in joining NaBloPoMo2019? Some of you are so great about writing blog posts each day as it is! At least this will force me to get creative. 


  1. I gotta find a better way to do my hair... I spend $95.00 every 6 weeks & I need to actually go every 5 weeks now. YEAHHH - I'm not made of money - I gotta find a better way.
    I used to love crab ragoon. My daddy loved that too.
    High five to Scott for doing 10 miles!

  2. Daily posting is hard - especially when you have been barely posting! Love that Wells is getting his Office education so early.


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