November 1, 2019

3 on Friday + Halloween and funnies

1. Halloween.

And blurry because he wouldn't stop moving:

2. Padded fireplace. I saw a friend's dangerous stone fireplace, which is very similar to ours, covered with these foam pads. I had a set I bought last winter when Wells was first learning to push himself up to sitting and I didn't know what to expect. I used that mat for all of 3 weeks before I realized it was a waste of time/space. It's been sitting in the basement, piled up ever since, and I couldn't even give it away because these things aren't *that* expensive and everyone seems to have a set.
So, I chopped it up to fit our stone fireplace ledge. And then I taped the fireplace doors shut because his favorite this to do is climb up there and open the doors. It doesn't fit seamlessly but it'll do the job. My friend's fit better at her house because they have carpet. It doesn't go quite as snugly against a wood floor. But his play yard is still up against it so it works for us.

3. Wild Fable leggings. I grabbed a black pair at Target two weeks ago while visiting family, and they are perfect. The right thickness, high-waisted (but they don't strangle you), and ankle-length. I ordered a gray camo pair online when I couldn't find them at my local Target the other day. And they're only $14! I'd like to meet the fool (IRL) who pays $100 for a pair of leggings.

Funny things.

This. The "industrial farmhouse" trend is hopefully a decorating style that goes away quickly. The only thing that bothers me more than industrial farmhouse is mid-century furniture.

And this is slightly amusing to me: Scott took a picture of me operating the dump trailer, while unloading a bunch of construction debris a few weeks ago. Proof that I do work, I suppose. 

I haven't used that since Colorado...probably two years ago. 

So, who is decorating for Christmas this weekend?


  1. the stores already have christmas decorations out and some of my neighbours as well!

  2. lol at the funnies... Stone fireplaces can be a real hazard with kiddos lol

  3. Cute halloween decorations...and checking out the leggings now!!

  4. lol @ $100 leggings. i used to spend that much on running leggings at home, but it's definitely not necessary here. right now my limit is $20 for running leggings and $15 for round the house leggings. why pay more?

  5. OK - so I want those soft pads that have the wood grain in them!!!!
    That is so me sneaking up on my dogs - especially in the morning when they're still sleeping :)

  6. Wells looks adorable in his Halloween costume. That clueless pet meme is so me! My poor kitten gets snatched up and cuddled by me all the time. Poor thing.


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