June 24, 2019

Summer Weekend #1

Last week, Scott called from work and said he was bringing a calendar home so we could plan out the rest of the weekends of this summer.

This made me feel a nice low level of anxiety because I knew it meant he had something planned or something that needed to be done every weekend. This also is proving to be an opportunity to document each weekend, though, because I know in advance what we're going to be doing.

We'll see how that goes. I have no loyalty to weekend recaps just because my weekends are usually pretty boring.

So this past weekend, Scott was in Milwaukee. He's in a wedding in July (spoiler: that's a weekend we put on the calendar and we'll be away), so this was the bachelor party. I should've made more Bachelor jokes about this, now that I think about it.

We started Friday with swim lessons and no morning nap which was the opposite of delightful, but swim lessons went well. My goal is to go once a week until Labor Day and then we'll see. It's not something I want to do year-round or indefinitely, but it's nice exposure for him right now.

My parents came to visit on Saturday and Sunday, and thank goodness. Wells has been fighting naps but also fighting bedtime in an unprecedented way. It's exhausting. I think he's been going to bed at 9:30-ish each night. It's really unfortunate because he's still getting up at 6am if I let him and usually still gets up for a 2am bottle, but not every night.

Anyway. I was able to go to the grocery store, instead of ordering and picking up (I'm sure those pick-up people are getting sick of seeing me like clockwork each week), and the dogs enjoyed having others around.

Sunday started with the dogs trying to kill a rabbit. It's a long story of unfortunate circumstances but whatever. I feel terrible that they can't hunt every day.

I was able to go to a Turbokick class since Wells had someone else to take care of him (even if he was registered for childcare at the gym, it's not open on Sundays).

Then I cut the grass. Cutting grass something I'd practically made a career of each summer in Colorado but it's next to impossible to do alone when you have a baby/toddler/kid who needs to be watched.

After some birthday party shopping, we went out to eat....

And then the dogs got a walk sans stroller, which is what they always prefer. It was almost too hot though, so they didn't want to run for long.

I've also been trading emails with a bakery all weekend and trying to deal with a birthday cake situation...I don't mind paying $$$ for a cake IF it's what I want. But if people can't straighten out their communication issues, I'll go to Costco and call it a day. Everybody likes Costco cake. I just don't want to give up on the fondant Larry the Cucumber just yet.


  1. FYI, costco carrot cake is the best.

    sleepless nights...awful. no one truly tells you about that before kids and the whole 'sleeping like a baby' phrase? LOLLLLL THEY DON'T SLEEP.

  2. Hang in there with the naps!!! 11-12 months is a classic nap fighting stage!! Imogen did it too and then went back to normal until about 14 months when it became super obvious it was time to switch to 1 nap. I know some people force it early which is fine, technically a kid is “capable” at around 12 months, but it’ll be easier to wait until he’s fully ready. Only took Imogen a week to adjust since we waited, instead of a month of torture.

    I’ve completely forgotten that renting/owning a house with a yard means having to mow it. Any lawn mower recommendations that are just push mowers?? ;)

  3. Wells face from the swim lesson is cracking me up.
    I need you to come up with some Bachelor party jokes - I mean, you are the QUEEN of The Bachelor so yeah, I know you've got them :)

  4. Cyrus has been going swimming just about every day recently since Angel's on break and can take him. A good evening activity. The Larry cake sounds like it would be really cool, hope it works out!


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