June 27, 2016

Weekend Work

I think I did more work this weekend than I did all last week. Productivity breeds productivity breeds satisfaction I guess. 

I spent some time mowing the pastures. 

^^Sigh. I can't believe I typed that. 

I took a good chunk out of the front pasture.

And then I mowed down the back pasture. I completely forget about it because it's behind the trees, I never go back there, and I don't see it from the road. I really hope that's our pasture actually, because otherwise I just mowed down the neighbor's field.

I found another snake. Not a poisonous one though, and I spent a lot of time trying to figure this out. It is a Great Plains Rat Snake. I will take one of those any day of the week.

AND, to end on an exciting note (because my weekend was super exciting), I really love my Rodan and Fields sunblocks. I mentioned on Instagram that I keep them by the door or in my bag because I put them on every day. The Soothe Mineral Sunscreen doesn't clog pores, is very lightweight, and doesn't cause breakouts. It's the jackpot of all facial sunscreens if you're looking for a new one!

Before I went out to investigate the snake that I saw through the window, I put on my sunscreen. You never know how long those snake ordeals will take. 

Full disclosure: Scott googled the snake for me. But I tossed some rocks in the general direction to see if it would strike. It was a joint effort. 

How was your weekend?


  1. I love the R+F sunblock!

    I'm glad you solved the snake caper and that it was not poisonous!

  2. I love the joint effort on the snake detail! It sometimes takes a village or, at the very least, a dynamic duo!

  3. hahahaha tossing rocks at a snake. thank goodness it wasn't poisonous.
    so i know this isn't the same as a pasture, but at home, your lawn ends when your driveway starts, if that makes sense. here, in KY at least, sometimes there is a little bit on the other side of the driveway that is yours, does that make sense? i refuse to mow it, because i feel like i am mowing their lawn, and i mow too far on the other side because i go all the way to the driveway. does any of this make sense? haha. anyway. it drives KC nuts.

  4. It's always a huge relief when a snake is not poisonous!

  5. That full disclosure part truly makes this whole post! Haha! :)


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