June 26, 2019


That's all caps because I haven't done one in a very long time and I definitely haven't done one with Wells around...get ready:

(In case you're curious, this is what a DITL post looked like two years ago.)

This was originally supposed to be a whole day but it was exhausting to attempt that and I was met with a sense of what I can only describe as overwhelming defeat around 5pm, so here we are. A morning-and-early-afternoon-in-the-life-of...

6:11am Wells is screaming "mamamamamama" which he only does in the middle of the night or in the early morning. I walk the 5 feet to his room (I do not recommend a basic ranch house with the bedrooms next to each other if you have a baby). I try to give him a bottle but he won't take it, so I change him because he's soaked and put a new sleepsack on him. He still refuses the bottle.
I go back to bed and he's still yelling. I block it out and eventually he goes back to sleep. I knew he wanted up but there's no way I can function. I made the horrible decision of watching The Bachelorette until 10, and then reading for an hour last night. I also forgot to drink water before I went to bed and having a baby is a bit like being hungover all the time so if you don't drink water before bed, it's so much worse in the morning. Also, he'd been up 3 (THREE) times throughout the night, so there's that. I got up with him once or twice and Scott had once or twice. I don't really remember.

7am-ish Scott gets up and leaves for work.

8am I wake up. Brush teeth, put in contacts (realizing I had forgotten to put contact solution in my case??? so I had to dig out new contacts), let the dogs out, make coffee, pick up things from the night before, and finally go get Wells, who is yelling again.

(If I were smart..or well-rested...I would get up before him so I do something meaningful with my morning time, but I just can't give up sleep right now.)

8:25am Wells does always wake up happy and when he sees us, he's even happier. I change him and put him down in his play area with his nursery rhymes show on and he starts pulling out toys.

8:30am Start writing this post, check email, go over Google Calendar for the next few days. I am surviving by Google Calendar these days. It has all my reminders and it so much easier than paper calendars or planners right now. Send a few text messages, check Instagram, and Twitter. Drink coffee.

8:50am Make breakfast for Wells and give the dogs their antibiotics and their breakfast. Jett is distracted.

9:00am Eat breakfast.

9:15am Put Wells in the tub and read while he splashes around.

9:30am Wells plays in his room and crawls all around while I put clothes away and pull out his outfit for the day.

10:00am More crawling, more playing, etc. I basically just follow him around until he looks like he's ready for a nap. I know we have a set amount of time for tasks today if we're going to get to his playgroup on time.

10:30am Wells gets a bottle and I change his bedding. He goes down for a nap without a fight which is different than the last few days so PTL. I clean up the kitchen and wash all the bottles.

11:00am Get a shower. Make up the bottles for the day/night while listening to a podcast.

11:30am Prep Wells' lunch and squeeze in 15 minutes of Pilates. Try to cut the dog's toenails. He doesn't cooperate, so I'll have to ask Scott to do it later.

Our living room is too small.

12:09pm Wells wakes up. Change him and put him in the car and drive the dogs to the park to walk. We leave the house at 12:19. We get to the park, walk the trail we always do, and drive home. We get back at 1:15. It almost always takes exactly one hour, depending on traffic.

1:15 Plop Wells in his highchair and he eats lunch while I get dressed and put make-up on. The reason I picked a Tuesday for this post is because we actually go somewhere on Tuesdays. Of course, I knew when he woke up late from that nap that we'd be late getting to his playgroup. It's just a gamble I have to take because I can't not walk the dogs or skip feeding him lunch these days. Life was easier when it was just bottles all day, every day.

1:45pm We're more or less cleaned up and ready to go. The place we go to is about 15 minutes away, depending on traffic, and it's come and go as you need to from 1:30-3:30. Most people show up at 1:30 and leave early, but I'm more likely to get there late and leave on time. Anyway...no pictures of that yesterday. But it was a very nice mix of younger babies around 8/9/10 months and not those 14/15 month olds who run circles around Wells and are so loud. This was the calmest he's ever been there because he wasn't overly-intimidated.

Post-playgroup, bags in hand, because I forgot to take a picture before we left. 
Also, I hadn't washed his hands yet, so he was getting all the germs off of it, I suppose. : / 

After that, Wells took a nap and it was all downhill and I was exhausted.

Any time he's left alone with the vacuum in sight, he figures out a way to get to it. 

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  1. hang in there; the sleep deprivation is brutal but it does get better as they get older and their sleep regulates. that's the thing that no one talks about - the sleep (or lack thereof). LIKE GO TO SLEEP ALREADY HOW CAN YOU NOT BE TIRED. we've all been there, mama! hang in there!!!!

  2. Your day sounds exhausting but also fun. I feel like it would be amazing to hear your child shouting "mama" (even if it is way too early in the morning). At least I keep telling myself that - gotta justify all the money ivf is costing us somehow!

    I usually only do photo an hour posts and they're always on a weekend. I should do a day in my life during the week sometime.

  3. I love this style of post, I should try one sometime! Cyrus is pretty consistent with a 6:30 a.m. wake up these days, which works out pretty good because we all get up at that time and have enough time for breakfast and showers before we need to leave. He started sleeping through the night most nights around 13ish months old--hang in there, I've heard that badly-sleeping babies often get the hang of it somewhere around that one year, and it was true for us.

  4. You are completely right... having a baby is like being hung over all the time. I have always considered the newborn days to be the zombie days I lived through.
    Praise Google Calendar! I switched over from a paper planner last year and it's basically lifechanging.

  5. These are my fav types of posts! Looks like an exhausting day for sure but you got this!

  6. I just cant get over how Wells all of a sudden looks like a toddler.
    I just discovered the glories of Google Calendar. It's been so helpful to me lately


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