June 28, 2019

Bachelorette Thoughts. Week ???

I wanted to write this yesterday (but needed a nap) and then I wanted to write this last night (but Democratic debate) and then I wanted to write it this morning...but I had like 4 things to do before we had to leave for swim lessons and, let me tell you, the days we have somewhere to be at a certain time are the most stressful days. I always found it stressful in Wyoming but here it's so much worse because of the traffic. Unfortunately, in my journey to not be a SAHM recluse, I'm trying to have somewhere to go *most* days and it's starting to backfire. 

So now I'm that blogger posting on a Friday afternoon, where no one will likely even see it until Monday. (I also wanted to write a Stuff and Things post for yesterday and clearly that also didn't happen. I think just the fact that I attempted to timestamp my day on Tuesday ruined the rest of the week  That will not be happening again.)

I don't know what week it is because I haven't been keeping track. Also, with that weird half-week thrown in, I think everyone's count is off.

But I did something I never do and that was that I sat on the couch and watched the show, in its entirety. (Scott watched with me.)

1. Luke P. Oh, Luke. I don't like you. I don't hate you. I don't care about you either way, to be honest.

Scott doesn't like Luke at all. I can't commit to disliking him the way I disliked, say, Corrine, but I'm just apathetic on it. I am glad he's sticking around though because I like seeing how much that fact annoys the other guys. He reminds me, like I said, of a 4th grade boy. He's just so bad at lying. But I'm perplexed about WHY everyone seems to hate him so much. He's just there, and I appreciate that he ruffles up the feathers of everyone else because they need to made uncomfortable, in my opinion. They thought this would be a smooth vacation-filled ride to extra Instagram follows but little did they know that they'd have to deal with him for 8ish weeks on the way.

Leading to..

2. Jed. Ugh. If anyone deserves a rough go, it's him. He's being deliberately deceitful and Luke is just being dumb. So who's the real jack wagon? If Luke is an idiot and Hannah wants to keep him around anyway, whatever. It's not really for us to judge that. If Jed went on the show having a girlfriend and specifically for career ambitions and we know this, I feel like we can judge the crap out of that. Also, he's-not-a-good-singer. 

(Going back to the Luke thing...I hated Jordan Rodgers a few years ago. He was slimy and he was clearly the frontrunner and could do no wrong but no one ever said anything bad about him because they like wanted him to be on their podcast or something and I couldn't understand why no one would call him out for just being him...now I can't understand why they're so quick to hate Luke when he clearly won't be the winner..I mean, I'm just assuming he won't be, I guess.)

3. Peter. He's nice enough. I think he may be the winner? Or at least top two? I still don't know anything about him other than he randomly breaks into Spanish.

4. Garrett. I have this theory about Garrett. I think he's pretty two-faced. He was a nice guy on the date with Hannah and if I just saw that in a vacuum, I'd really like him. Aside from the fact that she didn't straddle him and that's the tell that he won't win, he's kind of a bully when it comes to Luke. I know these guys are bored but seriously. Garrett just comes off as incredibly immature and annoying when he's having these group discussions. 

And 5. Tyler C. 

I still don't get it. I think he's a showboat. I think he's just as much of a bully as Garrett but he's better at hiding it. Also, I was never a James Taylor fan. In fact, I never thought he was going anywhere either on this show three years ago or as a country singer in general and apparently there was a lot of lying, a lot of girls, and a lot of scandal. WHATEVER. I don't really care. But the little Twitter skirmish between him and Tyler just shows how dumb Tyler is.

And the thing is: James Taylor is right.  "But I can't make the Bible say what y'all want it to say in 2019". That's exactly how so many people interpret the Bible right now by twisting it to fit their beliefs and we're made to believe that because Hannah says "Jesus still loves me" that she's some authority on the subject.

It's the only watered-down version of Christianity that's acceptable on this show.

When people like Tyler, who is so loved and "respected" by the incredibly secular Bachelor podcast world, run with that and people bow down to him in response...it's annoying.

(Scott's Thoughts: He reallllllly doesn't like Luke and he thinks Hannah should maybe stop climbing on top of every guy on national television. I said that's the only way the viewers can tell who she actually likes. i.e. not Garrett.)



  1. I'm pretty much in total agreement with you. I think Luke means well but has zero self-awareness and terrible communication skills. Garrett is an instigator and I can't stand him. I love Peter, but I'm LOLing at the Beto reference--that's on point. Jed is the worst on every level. He's a TERRIBLE singer. And clearly a smarmy little liar. I heard James was a mess after the Bachelorette, but he seems to have come around. I loved his tweets on the subject and wish I could high-give him. Tyler is bending over backwards to be a woke feminist and it feels like pandering at this point.

  2. Haaa I laughed out loud at the Democratic debate picture. Peter's gotta be one of the top candidates because it seems like no one else is really in this to become a husband at the end. It's sad but true about Garrett - no straddling = no rose eventually! Also, Jed is honestly grasping for straws here. He really isn't a great singer, but for some reason they keep giving his chances to sing. No thanks! Also, I realize this is all super judgy and I do feel slightly bad for that :)

  3. I'm so confused about the debate pic with Peter - BAHAHAHA...
    My issue now with Luke? That Hannah keeps him around & then doesnt understand the drama. That's what gets on my nerves. I love when Chris Harrison even asks where' What do you see in this guy? ... In the end I feel like Hannah just keeps showing she's so young & a mature young too. I still am taken back at how she talked to the guys last week. It's like Ali (the past Bachlorette) said - if a Bachelor talked to ladies the way she has the guys - or treated ladies the way she's treated guys? It would be a riot & a half.... I'm just in this now for the hot mess however it plays out because I just dont see smart decisions being made down the road.
    & I'll end with the stupid strattle thing. Isnt there a song about save a horse, ride a cowboy? I think she may have listened to it ONE too many times & taken it to heart.

  4. Did you catch that she's been engaged 2x already...and she's only 24? I was like ok then, which whatever, but if she's so ready then why did the 1st 2x not happen? As for Luke, I'm done with him, he makes me cringe and I think she picks Tyler. Jed probably a runner up, even with all the drama surrounding him now.


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