June 21, 2019

Mid-Season Bachelorette Thoughts: Hannah

Confession: I get so much second-hand embarrassment from this show that it's hard for me to watch half the time.

So I half-watch while I fold laundry or something.

But I do listen to several Bachelor podcasts because it's just a weird sick hobby of mine, I suppose. So I do have to watch so I know what happened.

I generally start with Bachelor Party because it's up first on Tuesdays and Juliet is knowledgable and has an in with the creators so it's legit. Then I listen to Here to Make Friends but sometimes it takes a day or two to pop up. Another Bachelor Podcast generally rounds out the week and it really is funny. If I really need something to listen to, I'll listen to I Hate Green Beans over the weekend but I really don't like how Lincee tries to be so politically correct and not mention things that might be controversial. I really enjoy Some Guy in Austin though.

Anyway, if you understood that, then you're my people.

If you're new to Bacheolor podcasts, you might ask when I listen. Generally while I fold laundry or do dishes. While I drive. Sometimes while I walk the dogs.

And, a note: I'm completely unspoiled here. It's much harder to go unspoiled than you would think. I had to delete the Reality Steve podcast for the season. I did see a comment that said RS changed his "winner" so maybe there's some drama there.

Thoughts on this season...

1. I do NOT get the Tyler C. love. He is uncomfortable to look at, even. I do. not. understand. I don't care what his sob story is about his dad wanting him to go on the show. He's in it for the clicks. I mean, I appreciate the fact that he hasn't brought up his professional football career (#JordanRodgers) but he's a model. His motives are not pure.

2. Jed is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT in it for the fame/recognition and he even said so. We've reached a level of self-awareness that could never have been predicted 5 years ago. So while I admire Jed for at least owning up to it and not trying to pull a Luke Pell, he has no business calling anyone else out for supposedly being there for the wrong reasons.

3. Speaking of Lukes...I don't get the Luke P. hate. I mean, I don't like him necessarily and maybe he's made a few bad decisions, like during the rugby game, but I don't think he's evil incarnate. I mean, he's no Lee (though Lee was 100% sussed out by producers two years ago just to make waves) and he's no Corinne. There's no evidence that Luke is actually a bad person. I think he just had no idea what he was getting into and said some dumb and/or uncertain things and the show ran with it. It almost seemed like this crop of guys was just looking to make an enemy of someone and he was an easy target? To be honest, Luke P. reminds me of every 4th grade boy who's ever tried to lie to his teacher. He just comes off as uncertain and like he doesn't even believe what he's trying to say. I mean, if Hannah likes him, she likes him. I don't think he's a bad person. Like the Scott guy on the first night: HE was a bad person. There's a huge difference between that and the way Luke has been acting.

4. Mike. I really like him. He seems to have an air of common sense and maturity about him. However, I didn't really consider it at the time the episode aired but, on Another Bachelor Podcast, they talked about how he basically appropriated the joint pain he and his ex-fiancee felt over losing a baby by telling the story on national television the second he was first alone with Hannah. Like that would be the kind of thing you save for a one-on-one closer to the end of the season OR maybe for the fantasy suites when there's no cameras around. It just seemed like too much, too soon and a way to get a pity rose.

5. Garrett ruined every chance he ever had by completely ruining the cocktail party. He'll probably go home next week. Also, as was said on a podcast, his title is "golf pro" which is MUCH different than "pro-golfer". He could be a waiter at the clubhouse and read golf magazines on his breaks for all we know.

6. I do like Hannah. I think her age is starting to show in that she's probably the youngest Bachelorette and that may be where her uncertainty comes from right now.

7. I don't care for the beginning few episodes because weeding out guys like Cam and JPJ is just annoying work that needs to be done. So I don't have much to say about all of those characters.

8. Speaking of guys that need to be weeded out...can anyone even tell me the names of these three? They act like they're superior to Luke P., but I literally don't even know their names and I bet Hannah doesn't either.

Thoughts on the season???


  1. I agree with most of what you said. I think my favorite is Pete. He just seems sweet and genuine. He’s probably too nice. But, did you see him push her up against the wall? Very steamy! Who knows what is real anymore with these types of shows?

  2. I like Mike, but there’s something about him that gives me a red flag. I don’t know why. He’s made some pretty intense comments which makes me wonder if he’s got a temper.

    I totally agree about Luke. He keeps digging himself in a hole, but I’m convinced he’s trying to be malicious. I think he’s just sort of an idiot and doesn’t understand how to talk to Hannah or relate to the guys. Part of me feels bad for him.

  3. HAHA - There are so many guys still on that I have NO IDEA who they are!!!
    I'm the same way with Tyler - I dont get how everyone is so gaga over him - he reminds me of every snooty snobby rich boy in school that was only a player. BLEH....
    I like Jed - I do think he's on for an opportunity - but hey, so is Hannah ;) LOL
    & BTW - I'm SO your people :)

  4. I was in the country for long enough to watch one episode only and was hooked so, I totally get it. I think it was the second or third episode? Anyway Luke P was annoying but like you said, I don't get sinister vibes from him. Just idiot ones, ha. I'm with Amy, I like Pete - the pilot one, right? A lot of the rest all seem the same to me...

  5. Ahh I'm so excited to see this post!! No one I know watches it and I'm sure my husband is tired of me talking about the pros and cons of the boys. I will admit I am totally googly eyed over Tyler, even though he's definitely the classic rich boy player. Maybe because he's made a few terrible puns and I think that's stupidly funny? I'm also not a Luke fan, even though I don't think he's as horrible as the guys keep saying. There's got to be so much more going on than what they cut/edit to maximize drama. Poor Garrett. He's way to caught up in the other guys and has no chance now of making it to the end. I don't even know who I think she'll end up with? None of them seem stellar... Maybe nice guy Pete will do better than I expect?


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