March 14, 2018

2018 Goal Update

2 1/2 months into the year, I can say that I've not *quite* been on track with these goals I set. And they're pretty low-bar to begin with. Here's the original post, but I'll copy/paste the details for the sake of recapping thus far.

1. See one new movie each month.

Sure. I half-watched parts of Allied as I graded papers and Scott watched it on Amazon. But I thought it was dumb and wasn't invested.
I did go to see Game Night in February and it was good. Also, I watched The Girl on the Train on Hulu, but it was also in February, so does that count? I suppose it can as long as I see 12 new-to-me movies in 2018.

2. Write one in-depth book review each month.

I did this in January, but not in February. 1 out of 2. 

3. Really dig in to writing about teaching.

I have actually been doing this! Here's everything tagged Teaching and Teacher Stuff and I'm attempting to get something up every few weeks. 

The interesting thing is that I know not everyone is interested in this and not everyone reads them and probably skims over them in blog-readers the same way I skim over most link-up/reintroduction posts. But this is a huge part of my life, so I want to have it documented to go back to later. This is one of those "this is for me, not for you" blog post topics. 

4. Try making macarons.

No. I actually don't anticipate this happening soon, if at all. With a move, a baby, and alllll the things that go with those two things, I don't think baking will be my outlet in 2018. 

When I originally wrote these goals, I knew we'd have some big changes coming with a move, trying to sell the Colorado house, etc. To set some shorter-term goals, I would say that I'd love to get a couple of rooms painted in Wyoming over the next few weeks and I'd like to get a lot of things packed up in Colorado so they are ready to move to Wyoming.


  1. I need to make the movie thing a goal too - I've slacked so bad at seeing the big movies I've WANTED to see. I surely can carve out 2 to 3 hours to see these things. I've just not wanted to go in the theater with the flu so bad this year. I'm a weirdo like that

  2. Maybe you can just EAT some macaroons and not worry about making them. I say it still counts as half right? :)


  3. I agree with the above...just eat them, that's counts ;)

  4. I am so behind on blogging...and OMG A BABY...Going to find the post about that!

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  6. macarons are hard to make! i tried and failed and haven't tried again :(

  7. I don't even want to look at my goals. I was so amped up to take on the world at the beginning of 2018--and while that mindset is still there, I'm just emotionally worn out. This is a nice reminder that I need to get my ish together. I also really like the idea of a "this is for me, not for you" kind of post. That's how blogging used to be and the people who read were just interested in all things "you." I miss that. I do want to say that we went to see Game Night in theaters because of your "review." We'd been tricked into seeing that HORRENDOUS "Downsizing" film a few months ago and had fear of the theater ever since. But when I saw that you liked it, I texted J and said that it was safe to see. I then followed it up with "she's a big walking daad fan (or used to be) so you can trust her opinion." We really, really enjoyed it! Laughed out loud a bunch!


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