March 15, 2018

Stuff and Things 3/15

+Jett turned 4 over the weekend.

Picture quality is skewed because we were away from the windows and I had to lighten these up. 

And a windblown selfie after a walk. I can't even explain how much I love this dog (mostly because he's so loyal).

+I've been more or less struck down by round ligament pain. I can't believe people don't talk about this more. The spasms, the stretching, the burning, the itchiness: I've really been barely able to function this week. It's honestly why I didn't post on Monday...we had a fine weekend, but it was eclipsed by me being in pain. It messes with my appetite and all productivity goes out the window. In fact, I've gotten nothing done this week because of it. I can barely do my job well at school and then I come home and just sit. Not that sitting helps. I'm doing all the yoga, and all the Pilates, and all the stretching, and all the walking, and taking all the Tylenol, and nothing actually makes it better.
It's really a shame that, now at 22 weeks, I can't call this the easiest pregnancy ever anymore.

+I cried at this for awhile. One of the many reasons we'll never fly with dogs. Other than the fact that United should be strung up and sued (I would sue), we just won't fly with dogs. I think that, when we got Scout almost 5 years ago, we just silently agreed that we'd have a lifestyle change. Dogs stay home or go with us, but they never go with us on an airplane. This is also why we will never voluntarily live "overseas" again, unless it's back to Alaska because you can drive there (and Scott would love nothing more).

+To brighten your almost-Friday:


  1. Such a tragic and senseless event with the dog on the plane. Why in the world anyone would think that was an appropriate place for a dog is beyond me.

    Change of topic, but your little budding artist has quite the sense of humor, too! Those are great!

  2. I couldn't even get past the headline on that story -- just the fact that it happened was enough to bring me to tears. I can't imagine how the family felt.

    I've never heard of Round Ligament Pain but it doesn't sound like fun - I did have trouble with my sciatic nerve with my 2nd and wore a lovely maternity belt for the rest of the time. Wonder if that would help with the pain you're having. Hopefully the rest of your pregnancy is easy-peasy!

  3. I saw that story. It really is terrible, there was something about the girl who shared the story that screams "Look at me" about it all though.

  4. Those sentences :) So cute!
    I have turned off every news channel & turned off any screen that has that story about that dog on the plane. I just cant handle it. I want to punch that lady in the face that told them to put their dog up there. (I've obviously seen enough of the story - I cant handle any more of it!!!! My heart!)

    GIRLLL - I have ligament pain & not even pregnant. They think that's what causes all my rib pain - from when my appendix ruptured & they didnt discover it till 6 years later (true story) & they think the scar tissue has attached to things pulling my ribs down - its MISERABLE. It's a pain like no other - so I feel for you.

    Happy Birthday to your sweet baby!!!!

  5. Man, your RLP sounds awful! I never had it that bad...only a few sharp pains here and there but nothing debilitating or anything. I wonder if a maternity belt might help support your belly and lessen the pain? At least it’s supposed to go away by the 3rd trimester, so hopefully it’ll fade fast!

    Those student drawings are cute.

  6. Round ligament pain - ugh! Epsom salt baths. Chiropractor. Look up Spinning Babies Daily Essentials.

  7. I didn't get round ligament pain as bad as others but it definitely doesn't feel good. I agree with Chantal, epsom salt baths are a must!


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