March 13, 2018

February Books 2018

I am a serial did-not-finisher (DNF) when it comes to books. I will try almost any book because I know I don't have to love it. My DNF issue presents in the way of me WANTING to like a book, so I will attempt to push through, even if I dislike it a little bit or am bored by it or never want to read it. I know that when I never want to read the book, it's time to quit. I will not be interested in a book if I can't feign an interest.

I read two great (or, at least really good) fiction books in February and then I wanted more fiction, but I wanted it for free. I didn't want to actually buy books because I hate spending money on books. I'm on the library wait list for a few books I suspect I'll like, but this weekend I listened to a book (Overdrive is an amAzing app) and then I'm in the middle of another hardcover. Both non-fiction.

This was what I officially finished in February, though.

The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn A

I went back to Audible at a discounted rate for the next couple of months and I thought this might be a good time to try to get back into audiobooks. I have the time to listen right now, so I might as well.
This was a good story. I suspected the first twist pretty early on but kept at it. I did not see the second twist coming because it seemed pretty layered into the story. This was hard to turn off.
If you'd like a mystery or suspenseful story, this is for you.

Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo A

Heather was kind enough to mail me a copy of this that she had already read because I couldn't find it at my library. It's the first in a series and my library has other books in the series but not this one.
I really enjoyed it. It moved quickly. It didn't lag or drag like a lot of other mystery series I've found (i.e. Louise Penny). I am looking forward to tracking down the rest of the books (I'm thinking I'll visit the UW library again when I go to Wyoming for my spring break). It's pretty graphic, but in a way that, I think, lends to the story. If you like police dramas, this is worth a try. I gave it to my coworker to read. I LOVE it when books can just get passed from person to person with no expectations. It just seems like that's what a book's job should be. (Thank you, Heather!)

In Due Time by Caroline Harries
This is a devotional, but I'm going to count it because I finally finished it this past month. I bought it as soon as it came out in the fall of 2016, because I'd been following the author's blog. The devotional is one of the best I've found (and written by a blogger, really, so there's that to don't need to be some sort of proselytizing professional to reach people), and I've been jumping around through it over the last several months. I took a systematic approach of working through it in January and I will say that if you're waiting for something, anything, this is a good one.

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What was the best book you've read in February?

Are you a DNF'er or someone who must-finish-a-book??


  1. So glad you liked Sworn to Silence. I haven't read any more in the series yet although I have the 8th one on I need to get to it. I know exactly what you mean about it vs. Louise Penny (who you know I LOVE)...the mystery and intensity is a bit stronger with Linda Castillo for SURE. I read The Woman in the Window this month too and agree with your thoughts - it was a good quick thrilling read for me.

  2. Someone else raved about The Woman in the Window last month (or maybe the month before, I don't remember) and I added it to my TBR. I might have to bump it up some and get to it quicker.

    I used to be a "come hell or high water book finisher" because I viewed myself as a quitter if I didn't finish it. After a very long, tedious, torturous month of reading Cold Mountain, I said never again. Life is too short and time is too valuable to suffer through an agonizing book or any book that's just not doing it for you.

  3. I have The Woman in the Window waiting for me at the library now -- I hate paying for books too, unless I know it's one I'm going to reread. I'm better at skipping out on books that aren't doing it for me -- I used to stick with them to the bitter end, but there are too many books out there for me to waste my time with ones that don't hold my interest.

  4. DNF is a reader's best friend. I have zero problem with it.

    I feel like I need to get on The Woman in the Window bandwagon. So many good things being said about it.

  5. A friend just go TWitW at our library, sounds interesting! May check out the devotional also, I need a good one.

  6. I need to go dig out my In Due Time devotional & do it again - I sort of slacked at the end of it. easter will be a good starting point again.

  7. I have seen Sworn to Silence a few times and people seem to really like it

  8. yay so glad to hear you liked The Woman in the Window, it's next on my list. sworn to silence is on my TBR, so glad you liked it. audible always gets me with the discounted membership!

  9. I don't have to finish a book but I am also not a serial DNFer.

    A new Kate Burkholder book comes out later this year.,

  10. I want to be a DNFer. But I cannot quit a book. I keep thinking it will get better. It must get better. Rarely does it. I really enjoyed Sworn to Silence and need to pick up the next book in the series. And when the library is missing one book in the series is my biggest pet peeve. I get that they cannot always afford to replace a lost/stolen book but it frustrates me, although I should be irritated at the person who lost the book! I was unsure about the Woman in the Window but now I'm going to add it to my TBR.

  11. I love ALL of the Linda Castillo books. They are all fast reads because I need to know what happens.

  12. I also really enjoyed The Woman in the Window. I thought I'd probably like it going in, but it pleasantly surprised me in some ways as well (always a plus).

    Sworn to Silence is on my list, so I'm glad to see another rave review!

    I wish I could quit books, but I just can't seem to actually do it. Obviously when you're laboring over a book, it's probably time to stop reading it ... But, for whatever reason, I need to see it through. It's kind of dumb, but I've been this way for as long as I can remember and I doubt I'll change that any time soon. On the upside, really shitty books can make for interesting/fun reviews. Haha.

  13. Can't wait to read The Woman in the Window! I really suck at DNFing books. I need to get better at it.

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  15. I need to read Woman in the Window. I have heard many good reviews. I would say the best books I read in February were: Beartown and Evelyn Hugo. So glad I finally go to those. Pam :)

  16. Glad that you enjoyed your reads so much! Quality over quantity for sure, that's sometimes the best! :) XO - Alexandra

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