April 13, 2017

Stuff and Things 4/13

+First, let's get real: I'm sitting here on Wednesday evening, soaking my feet, because I simply must give myself a pedicure tonight because I (a) haven't had time on the weekends to get one, and (b) it's so warm out that I have to wear sandals to work.
The dogs have been walked and fed.
Dinner is not ready.
I should probably do some yoga because I did yesterday and it really helped with stress.
Also, the Roomba is running and I'm listening to a teaching podcast.
Scott will likely be home late.
I'm just hoping my toenails dry before it's time for me to walk the dogs again (#twowalksanighthere).

Let's talk about TV.
Stuff, Things, etc.

+We started watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix this week. It's well done. I could've sworn I thought read the book in 2010 but apparently my amazing memory has failed me. It didn't come out til 2011. But I did read it long, long ago and...I didn't like it. I remember it was just blah to me. I never, ever recommended it to anyone. I do remember that I got it from the Ft. Richardson library so it was quite possible I read it as soon as it came out in the summer of 2011. I read a lot of books that summer. Now that "everyone" is reading the book, I decided to try the show...it couldn't be any worse, right? I like the show a lot and would recommend it.
(ETA: I was right. I read it in 2010. Whew. My memory is still in tact.)

+Who watched the season finale of Homeland?

It was unsettling. I miss the old Homeland. Like, the 2012 Homeland. Maybe I'll go back and rewatch.

+I have an undying love for The Great British Bake-Off now. Where can I access the seasons that aren't on Netflix?

What are you watching these days? In case you missed it, here's what I'm listening to and what I'm reading


  1. So I watched 13 Reasons Why and really liked it and have gone on to read many a thinkpiece about how it's a decade old this year. Maybe that version came out in 2011? I think your memory is right. I didn't love the book, either. It was just so dark and hard to be in. The show didn't affect me that way for some reason.

  2. i haven't watched a show on TV since last year! the only thing i watched was a boxing match last week but i couldn't even stay up for the main event :(

  3. I keep hearing great things about that show! I've watched Season 1 and part of Season 2 of Homeland and really, really liked it. I should get caught up.

  4. I haven't watched 13 reasons, but I probably will at some point.

    I stopped watching Homeland after my favorite character was axed.

  5. I read the book years ago too... cant remember much about it so interested to see if the show rings any bells.

  6. My daughter liked 13 Reasons Why on the Netflix. They sure liked the F word huh. Got my attention when I was passing through the room ;) I do want to read the book and watch the show. I'm watching Dancing With The Stars. It's a good one this season.

  7. Oh man, isn't The Great British Baking Show the best? I'm happy they went ahead and added two more seasons to Netflix, but I checked IMDB and there are SEVEN seasons!? I think it's the earlier ones that are missing? I looked around and couldn't find anywhere to watch them online, sadly.

    I keep eyeing 13 Reasons Why but I just can't get into suicide stories.

  8. Ok so that Netflix series is based off that book? I read that a long time ago...

    And all I did was Netflix last night and I'm okay with that 😎

  9. I'm not a fan of Homeland anymore! It's just not the same.

  10. I read Thirteen Reasons Why a couple of years ago, and now I see everyone talking about the series. I may try to give it a go.

  11. We are a bit behind on Homeland...at least one season. I love that show though. SO good. I haven't watched or read 13 reasons why but have heard good things!! We just finished watching Season 5 of Suits on Netflix and I'm thinking of starting a show called Quantico because it seems like it might be a little bit like Homeland.


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