April 12, 2017

5 podcasts you should try.

So, March is over. March was #trypod month. As in, recommend a podcast to someone else and let them try it. Here are my favorites:

1. Daily Hope. I listen to this while I get ready for work. It has 110% changed how my mornings go. I have a lot of trouble leaving the house in a positive mood in the morning. I just always feel...something and I don't know why (well, I know why but that's forthcoming and doesn't need to be discussed right now). Listening to this is very beneficial to my mood.

2. Appointment Television. I love listening to people talk about T.V.

Sometimes I wonder what they have against Showtime because, aside from the odd mention of Homeland, they never talk about those shows. HBO too...they'll mention The Leftovers or GoT once in awhile but nothing else. I wonder if there's a whole genre of t.v. they're missing?

3.  S-Town.

I feel like this is all over the place and for good reason. It's unlike what I expected (I don't know what I expected). I'm not a huge fan of This American Life; it's too broad. I liked the first season of Serial. The second season of Serial needs to rot away slowly (much like Berghdahl should in a prison cell). When S-Town was compared to Serial, I didn't want to try it. But I did. It's fascinating. Go for it. If I tell you what it's about, it'll ruin it. The less you know, the better.
This is exactly the kind of thing Scott loves, so I insisted we listen together as we were driving the other day...so I will have listened to it twice by the time he's done.
I wouldn't read anything about it or ask anyone about it (click here if you've already listened)...I'd just listen.

4. Body Kindness. This is fascinating. I always thought I wanted to get involved in the RD field (aside from the fact that I can barely do basic math), so this is a way to educate myself about what's going on out there in layman's terms. There's good tidbits too, about why we should avoid diets.

5. Happier. I don't know why I like this podcast so much. It's so basic...just talking about daily life and how it can be made easier, therefore made happier. I've listened since it first started two years ago. I can't even legitimately say I'm Gretchen Rubin's biggest fan...she doesn't seem like a ton of fun (but hey, neither am I)...but I love her message.

I listen to others but these are the first five that came to mind.
What's your favorite podcast???


  1. I'm absolutely going to try #1. I dread leaving the house every morning!

  2. #1 sounds amazing and I think I could use that in my life too. We started S-Town but have not made much progress yet. I love Happier and Gretchen Rubin in general...she is one of my favourites. I listen to What Should I Read Next most weeks depending on which books they are talking about :)

  3. I love that the Daily Hope podcast has changed how your mornings go. It's amazing how one thing can turn everything else around. :)

  4. I listen to almost all the Afterbuzz recap shows because I love hearing what they say after I watch a show.
    I'm off to check out Daily Hope right now!

  5. This makes me think. I liked that Vox article, thanks for sharing it. I really did start to have a problem with the consent factor of examining John's life as it did come across as exploitative for me. I like This American Life and short series podcasts as I appreciate that they're self-contained. Those that are better when you listen to them often and get to know the hosts are always hard for me to get into. I'm in the market for something new to love.

  6. I'm not a huge podcast person, but I'm saving S-town for my next roadtrip. The only one I listen to regularly is Book Riot's All of the Books, that talks about new book releases each week.

  7. I'm glad to know that you like S-Town. I haven't listened yet, but it's in my unplayed episodes. I have trouble balancing audio books and podcasts sometimes. So I've been binge listening to the BSCC to get caught up with Jack and Tanner.

  8. Favorite, hands down, is Stuff You Should Know. I also like 99% Invisible. And the Mike Rowe podcast. Love it. (Btw: How are you liking the charcoal bar?)

  9. You are my podcast guru! Everything I listen to I'm pretty sure is a recommendation from you. I am a subscriber of What Should I Read Next, Happy Hour, and our church. I am looking for more motivational podcasts lately too. So I'm going to check out Happier and Daily Hope. I just listened to a great audiobook called The Power of Discipline: 7 Ways... by Brian Tracy. Definitely encouraging.

  10. I really love Gretchen Rubin's Happier books and Better Than Before, so I'm curious about the podcast. I'm still listening to My Favorite Murder which is GREAT.

  11. I'm definitely going to try #1. I could use a dose of hope/positivity on a daily basis.

    And I agree with EVERYTHING you said about S-Town. Everything.


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