April 17, 2017


Let's start the week with some current happenings.
I've got another 5-day one ahead of me.
There's no Easter break in Colorado.

Relating to:

(obviously I scroll feeds as I'm getting ready in the morning)
If I'm not ready for bed by 9pm, I consider the night a failure. Lately it's been closer to 10/10:30 and I hate that. 


Listening to:
Since I follow Reality Steve on Twitter, I got sucked into reading about the Luke drama last week, which led to me listening to a few episodes of his podcast. 
I don't read Reality Steve, really, because I don't like spoilers but I also don't care about Bachelor/ette spoilers so I'll probably read and then watch next month.

Also listening to...

I like this. It's a bit different than I thought it would be but interesting nonetheless.

Positive thoughts.


Scott and I have spent all of 3 or 4 Easters together in the last 8 years, so this is what I make for dinner when we are together. If we're celebrating with others, we have ham too, but it wasn't necessary this year. 

I love a good vinyl bag. My favorite cloth/vinyl bag was $40 from Nordstrom's and was discontinued. Even though it lasted me a solid 3-4 years and is still perfectly usable, I wish I could replace it. The handles are starting to go. 
So, I picked up this one for half price last week. It was backordered and came in early, which was a nice surprise. 

Laughing at:

When I see people wearing too much make-up

And that's all. 

What's currently happening with you?


  1. "white girls were here" hahahahah!!!

    I also just found out that Americans dont have the Easter long weekend! that surprised me; I assumed everyone in North America did.

  2. I wish I could fall asleep early. I'm lucky if I'm in bed by midnight.

  3. I would love to be IN bed by 9:20 every night but it's more like 10 or 10:15.

  4. What Luke drama? I caught something on ET but never got to stop and actually listen to what it was about.

  5. 9 p.m. is my preferred bedtime--occasionally that gets stretched to 10 but there better be a good reason!

  6. oh i am the same. i like to be in bed by 930, but i want to be ready or on my way to ready by 9pm. any later and i might as well just stay up all night. haha. love your new bag!


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