April 18, 2017

The enemy of Jett.

Scott shared this video with me on Facebook. We rarely "talk" on Facebook and I'm tossing around the idea of deactivating the ol' account again because seriously....
However, I watched this yesterday afternoon and it was amusing enough.
Perfect for Tuesday, right?

I should say that Jett's mortal sworn enemy is the rabbit (or the "bun-bun" as we call them). They make him so angry; I think he was very upset at the idea of Easter because it's a holiday that celebrates the evil bunnies. 
Even Jett might think this little guy is cute. 

(Make sure listen with the sound on to get the full effect.)


  1. I watched a bunny eating Kale and washing its face for a good 5 minutes yesterday and it make me feel so warm and fuzzy.

  2. I love that you call it the bun-bun, that is too funny. Poor Jett, I'm not a huge fan of rabbits either.

  3. Ahhh - I'm so impressed the bun-bun keeps his focus straight ahead the whole time. Who knew a bunny eating was so cute.
    Bunnies know to steer clear of my yard.

  4. oh my gosh, too cute. love that you call them bun buns. poor jett.
    i want to deactivate facebook. but it's literally the only way my family will talk to me, because apparently they don't know how to email or call. i wouldn't care except my mum created a facebook account when i moved and she would absolutely take it personally if i closed it haha. eh. i did delete 90% of my 'friends' a couple years ago which makes it definitely less annoying.

  5. Ha, I love rabbits. I'd totally have one as a pet.

    Facebook is evil. I deleted my entire friend's list and all my personal information, kept it set to private so the public can't really find me, and I literally only use it for buying/selling stuff in town. I finally had one day where I was sick and tired of it being the ONLY way people would get ahold of me (even those who know my email/phone number) so I just did away with it. I still use FB Messenger to talk to one or two friends who I don't have their email address, but that's it.


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