February 23, 2017

State of Confusion (S&T 2/23)

It's late February and I'm not ready for spring. I would rather it be winter for another few months and...well, I'm kind of wishing we could move back to Alaska. I mean, give me a few weeks of summer and a solid fall and then it can be winter again. I figure I made this transition into someone who hates heat when I realized I didn't love the never-ending Colorado summers.

Also, this pseudo-springtime, that starts in January in Colorado and then kind of bobbles back and forth until June, just messes me up. Days go from 20 degrees to 60 degrees and back to 20 degrees in one week. It's unsettling in general. I will forget what month it is very easily.

Along with that, this spring marks three years since we moved to Colorado. We bought the house in April of 2014, Scott moved here with all of our stuff in May, and I got here on June 7th. The next day we started gutting this house and re-doing it.

We lived in a remodel before, according to blogland, living in a remodel was trendy.

It's not for the faint of heart.

Back to the point of the post:  Ever since we've been here, a whopping 3 full years, Scott has deployed in February.  In 2015, he left on February 13th for 5-6 months in Europe. In 2016, he left on February 28th for nine months in Afghanistan. That has been, obviously, enough to color my opinion of this month. It's always about rushing, and finishing, and packing, and tying up loose ends. It. has. been. exhausting. 

So when I realized that it was February and he wasn't deploying (um, that we know of), it was an interesting feeling. He's never been here for spring. Maybe I won't be spending my spring break sitting alone, listening to the wind howl, and grading papers. It doesn't matter if I'm prepared for summer...because I won't be doing plumbing for the evaporative cooler via Skype this year. He'll get to set up the garden he's wanted since we moved here. I'LL not feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders when it comes to tumbleweed-control. I won't have to shoot every snake I come into contact with because he can do it. Although, after last year, I might want to do it anyway.

While we still don't have a solid plan for next year (and it's slightly all-encompassing in an anxious kind of way), the fact that this is the first year since 2014 that he's not picking up and leaving [me with a list of instructions] during the month of February is not going unnoticed.

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  1. aw yay for him not leaving this month :) that's definitely something to celebrate or at least acknowledge. i know you said you don't have a solid plan for next year, when do you have a plan up until? if that makes sense. probably not.

  2. It has to be exciting to experience this season with him in this place for the first time. The good kind of exciting, where you already know what's coming but it's going to be different. I hope you guys have a productive spring with minimal snake sightings... eek.

  3. I can't believe you have already been there that long! It seems like it was yesterday that you moved there.

  4. How have you already been in CO for three years!?

  5. The weather is out of control.

    I'm happy for you that he didn't deploy this month and you'll get to experience spring together.

  6. I couldn't help by chuckle at "tumbleweed control." LOL! I agree, you still may want to shoot some of the snakes. I imagine that might be a satisfactory experience and small stress reliever.


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