February 24, 2017

Oh it's Friday.

This week realllllly got away from me. I've not commented on blogs, I've barely scanned blogs, I've written next to nothing, and I've been spending my spare time grading essays.

Anyway. Here's a few things about shoes.

I ordered these flats at 9:30pm (from bed, on my phone) the other night. I love Dr. Scholl's shoes from Famous Footwear because they're comfortable and they are cute. And you'd never know they're Dr. Scholl's unless you looked at the bottom.

I checked out some of the recommendations I got on Instagram and found a few that would probably work. I might have to actually try some on and I don't like physically going shopping. I'm also thinking about these from Target. And these Lydia Loafers are one of the types I usually buy. 

These flats are maybe two years old. They're similar to these, but dressier (if that's possible).

Anyway. It's windy and snowy again so I won't have to worry about flats (or pedicures) for another week at least. 

Do you have a favorite pair of flats? I get blisters SO easily, so it's not that I'm picky...I'm just never able to wear many of them. 

Happy, happy, (happy) Friday!


  1. These are my absolute favorite. I have them in like 5 colors and I wear them all the time. http://www.target.com/p/women-s-sam-libby-chelsea-leather-bow-ballet-flats/-/A-17018381?lnk=rec|pdpipadh1|related_prods_vv|pdpipadh1|17018381|0

  2. I definitely need to check these shoes out! I love flats but have never tried the Dr. Scholl's ones! xo

  3. Mine always come from Kohls - Candies or So brand. Love those and they last forever with me!

  4. Flats are sooo hard to find for my feet! I finally purchased some from Nine West 2 years ago, and ended up buying them in every color I could find since they fit so well. :)

  5. I really like those flats! I have such a hard time finding comfortable ones. I may have to check these out. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I have one pair of black flats that I wear so much - they are starting to wear thin & I'm panicked because I need to find a new pair. I may have to check out the Dr. Scholl's - I'm all about comfy!

  7. A good pair of flats are so hard to find & yes, I get awful blisters from them too. Surprisingly, the best & most comfortable pair of flats I've ever owned are from Payless! And you think they make them anymore? Not a chance. I've seen the Dr Scholls ones before & figured they would be comfortable but just haven't tried them yet!

  8. Those shoes ARE cute! I have trouble with flats being comfortable. It's not that I don't like them, it's just that in many ways, they often hurt worse than heels at the end of the day. Unless we're talking boots. Boots are fine. :) I'm not supposed to wear heels at this stage in my pregnancy since your balance gets worse. So I'm glad it's boot season.


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