August 1, 2014

Unicorn Room No More

Next week, we have guests coming.  Friends from Pennsylvania.  They've never shown us anything but lovely hospitality when we've visited them, so I couldn't very well let them stay in a room with this on the wall.

If you missed it, here's all the before pictures.

So, I appreciate the push of having this task to complete because now the guest room is finished. Aside from the carpet and the ceiling fan.  Those things just need to be replaced.

The wall color is Valspar Gray Silt, just like the entryway.

The closet doors are the same antique white as the kitchen cupboards.  We just didn't glaze them.

The bed is old, from Ikea, and needs a box spring, but we're getting to that…I bought the bedding last year at Marshall's, love it, and insisted the paint color go with the bedding (not the other way around).

End table was $9 at The Salvation Army in Alaska.  I painted it.  I got the lamp at Lowe's last week.

The bench and chair are only in there because we have nowhere else to put them right now.  Curtains: Homegoods.  I like it when curtains drag.  I think it disguises the small, crooked window nicely. However, I might see if we can raise the curtain rod just a bit.  I didn't measure anything beforehand.

No unicorn!  I eventually want a small dresser or cute desk against that wall since we won't have guests all that often.  All of our linens and clothes are in the closet.

Built-ins painted antique white.

The fish is pottery from Afghanistan, the boxes and baskets are from Jo-Ann's.

I bought these curtains at Lowe's 5 years ago.  They're 63" so they fit the windows well.

 That pillow is hopelessly crooked (JETT) and it's bothering me.


  1. Looks great!!! Want to come finish painting my master bedroom? Or decorating my house? I'm sure your guests will love the room!

  2. I can't even believe the transformation!! I just realized I forgot to respond to your email about the unicorn room--but seriously? I'd get rid of it too :)

  3. I love the shade you chose! We bought a charcoal gray sectional and I **think** I want a similar color to yours for our walls, but I can't seem to commit, lol. RIP, unicorn "art".

  4. Looks great!! I think the bedding and the wall color go nicely together!

  5. That room looks *so much* better.

    Have you thought about raising the curtain rods to just a few inches below the ceiling? We did that with every curtain in our house (including the shower curtain!) and it's amazing how much taller it makes a room seem!

  6. This room looks great! And I have to admit, I am the exact same way with bedding and paint!

  7. It looks fantastic! I love the color.

  8. Love it! Especially the bedding, I'd insist the paint match that instead of getting new bedding to match paint too.

    I adore built ins. I want them everywhere in my next house.

    I agree with raising the curtain rod a bit. I am forever having to do things like that because I typically think I can eyeball it and I don't do it well. That said, I like when curtains drag a little as well!

  9. Great work! Did you name the unicorn before you slayed him?

  10. I love the paint color and the bedding!

    Looks a zillion times better than the unicorn!

  11. Wow! What a change! Might I suggest a dragon painting on the wall to brighten it up?

  12. OH wow, that unicorn. Apparently I missed the post with before pictures. The unicorn is hilarious. I mean, I'm more quirky than actually stylish anyways...but the unicorn is too far, even for me. The room is looking really good now!!

  13. We will all miss the unicorn just a little bit ;)

  14. Very cute! Are the closet doors each its own or do they both open to an adjoining closet?


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