August 4, 2014

Outdoor chores

The fact that I am a Little House on the Prairie fan is starting to backfire on me.  I'm pretty sure that Scott used this to work in his favor when he decided to pitch the idea of a 35 acre ranch to me.  You see, we do live on the prairie.  And that gives Scott the freedom to do pretty much to do whatever he wants.  We've got a place to store our trailer, our tools, our hunting and fishing equipment, etc.   He put in a garden and installed a quail pen to hold the…quail.

The tumbleweeds are growing out of control and the only way to deal with them is in the winter/spring and we didn't know that.  Luckily, every other place is equally run down with them.

Whoa.  That's bright.  This is around sunset.


This section was burned by a wildfire a few weeks before we moved in.  

This was a horse ring.  Now it's just terrible, terrible tumbleweeds.

Waist-high tumbleweeds


That's a potato barrel.  Like an above-ground garden of sorts.

Raised beds for lots of vegetables

So, when Scott's away for a couple of days at a time, all this…land..falls onto me.  I end up doing stuff like "watering the garden", which I've forgotten to do in an embarrassingly often way, and "feeding the quail", which I haven't really done to Scott's satisfaction.

And then I think, "What would Ma and Pa do?".  Well, Ma and Pa would shoot and eat those jackrabbits that are constantly eating the crops in the garden.  And they would probably get ahold of a goat to eat all the tumbleweeds.  But Scott hasn't quite talked me into getting a goat yet.  Not that he hasn't already asked.


  1. What a beautiful place to call home!

  2. What do you do with quail? Eggs?

    You should get a goat! Low maintenance, takes care of the weeds, and they're kinda cute. My sister wants one...and they live in the suburbs.

  3. Beautiful BEAUTIFUL property, friend! You're braver than me! I want an easy to manage yard and people at an arms length haha! I need to come visit though!!!! And hey--a goat could be fun :)

  4. Gorgeous!

    You'll need to build something to protect you from zombies ;)

  5. I mean...I am freaking over getting things doen in our 1450sqft home, so I know if we had to add acres of land OUTside, I'd have a breakdown (I am kidding...I hope), but really I love these photos and wish we had some land! Wow...also, quail pen?

  6. That is definitely a lot of land, which certainly makes for beautiful pictures! I'm insanely bad at outside chores. Scott just got made the other day because I didn't cut the grass (a job he said was his in the first place.....). lol

  7. Wow... just wow. I grew up in a town like that, but after being in Charlotte for 5 years, I have forgotten what that is like. How beautiful, it is. But your right - the maintenance when your partner is gone is grooling. Do you guys have to mow all of that land?

  8. You're practically a homesteader now! Hey--at least you don't have to do laundry by hand....have "bath day" it's been so long since I've read those books, I'm trying to remember all the crazy stuff they had to do to survive...I can definitely understand why you're a fan!

  9. Your land and home are absolutely beautiful!! I laughed at your comment about getting a goat, because my husband jokes all the time that if we had a goat he wouldn't have to mow the lawn so much. :) Enjoy all these new adventures!!
    ~Amanda from His and Her Hobbies

  10. You live in a gorgeous place, but I don't envy all that work! I think you should get a goat though- you could do so much on instagram with a goat, plus- they're freakin adorable.

    Yes, my reason to get a goat was instagram. I am ashamed of myself. But also really want you to do it.

  11. It's gorgeous but work!

    I would TOTALLY get a goat.


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