March 24, 2016

Errands and Things

I'm looking at spring break as a time to relax but also as a time to take care of stuff that I can't usually do with a completely rigid and inflexible schedule. Because I have a completely rigid and inflexible schedule and it's starting to get to me.

Stuff, Things, etc.

For example...

The pharmacy I go to is on the Air Force Academy, which is an hour from my house and about 30-40 minutes from my work.  So when I need any kind of refills, I have to either take half a day off (waste of half a day) or schedule it for a day I'm already off. My last pick-up was a day in January when Scott was off, so I took off. Before that it was Christmas break, and before that it Thanksgiving break. They're not open on weekends OR any bank/school holidays. Life is very inconvenient sometimes.

Same for going to the eye doctor. I hate the eye doctor a lot. I always have. It's always such a production.  I needed an appointment though because my prescription had expired in November and I was about to run out of contacts and 1-800-Contacts doesn't let you use expired prescriptions. The very last place I'm ever going to waste a Saturday or an evening is at the eye doctor. So I went on Tuesday, and there was a bunch of paperwork even though I was already a patient there and then there's the whole contact lens fitting thing: they always reschedule me to go BACK for another appointment so they can "make sure" my contacts are fitting correctly.

I've worn contacts for 18 years. I guarantee you that they will fit.

And then they try to dilate my eyes and I tell them no because last time it was miserable. Also, I hate eyes....and I have no one to drive me home. I can't believe they let me drive home last time. That was irresponsible on their part but, then again, this is an eye doctor on a military base is true when dealing with military doctors...credibility isn't usually high.

Tuesday's trip was less traumatic than usual, but I think that's because it was an older male doctor and he actually explained what he was looking for while he was shining bright lights in my eyes. I appreciated that. And upshot is that at least my eyes are healthy. I don't have a whole lot of health problems, but I rarely go to the doctor these days without them telling me something is amiss.


Then I went to Starbucks and they dropped my drink all over the floor.

Iced coffee with cream and sugar. Much cheaper than fancy syrup-infused iced coffee when all I really want is iced coffee.

Also, I ordered something from and it just never showed up. I never got any kind of confirmation emails about it so I couldn't track the package. When I talked to customer service this week, they pulled the item up right away when I provided my email. So there had apparently been an order. But the representative placed an order for another one at no charge and gave me an order number and said a confirmation email would be sent to me. I never got an email. So I'm just kind of wondering how this will play out...will I get two? Will I get any at all? If I get two, I'll give one away on here. Because no one needs two identical 2016 calendars from Target. I probably didn't even need one.


  1. You just made me appreciate my pharmacist and eye doctor so much more. Both are in the same hallway as my shop in our shopping center. The pharmacist is two doors down from me...the eye doctor is four shops away.

  2. Oh that stinks about your doctor stuff. I avoid the eye doctor usually BC I have 2 insurances and they still somehow find ways to charge me an arm & a leg out of pocket. It stinks!!

  3. Is there a closer pharmacy? That would drive me freaking INSANE.

    I don't like syrupy coffee.

  4. I hate the eye doctor - last time, I was kind of mean about coming back to make sure the contacts fit right. I have been wearing them for ten years...if there is another reason, tell me! I feel you on that!

  5. Getting appointments with our eye doctor is a huge hassle. It's far away (I won't switch because finding a good doctor is HARD) and they're always running an hour behind (which is fun when you have a kid in tow) and every year, they do a fitting on my husband for his contacts (he's worn contacts for 20 years. I don't get this. Don't they have records?).


  6. There is just nothing worse than dropping a fresh cup of coffee. That sucks so hardcore.

    And you live an HOUR from the AFA?! What the what?! That's so far away! I'm like 5 miles from them. That's where Owen goes to preschool. I mean it takes me a good 15 minutes to get there with traffic and lights, but still.

  7. Funny. I have my eye doctor appointment today (first day of my spring break). Apparently this is a good time to go to the eye doctor.

  8. This sounds like all the administrative crap I hate doing that I mentioned on Tuesday! At least you didn't drop your drink and have to pay for another one? I don't get your eye doctor. I don't remember the last time I was fitted for contacts or dilated. But yay for healthy eyeballs!

  9. I always hated when they made me come back to fit my contacts, it was always such a pointless process.

  10. That happened to me with an order from Etsy. I had gotten the shipping info but never got the package. Still waiting on that!

    And I am so glad I order my contacts from one guy that my friend went to. You go before 5pm, he has it the next day! And doesn't make you get fitted for them. I have been wearing contacts for 16 years now so I think they fit lol

  11. I don't mind the eye doctor, but it would be nice if it took less time. I've had basically the same prescription for the last however-many years, but each appointment still takes at LEAST an hour. I need new glasses so I have to go soon, plus I want to ask if I'm a good candidate for LASIK.

    Syrupy coffee is disgusting.


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