November 30, 2014

Blogging in Real Time

It's Sunday morning and I'm sitting down to blog.  I often sit down to blog on Sunday mornings, but I almost never blog in real time.  I usually put together posts for the coming week or jot down some notes in my book posts that I do once a month*.  However, I rarely write and publish a post all at once.  In fact, that phenomenon occurs maybe once every 6 weeks.  Strange, right?  Joey got me thinking about this after her post on Friday.  So.  Here we are.

I spent most of yesterday with my face scrunched up like this because I had to have my eyes dilated.  I've only had this done once before and that was, most likely, on a cloudy Alaska summer day.  This time, it was the brightest, warmest, windiest November 29th that Colorado Springs had ever seen.  It wasn't a good combination and I didn't make it to the post office because I assumed they'd think I was there to rob the place because I wouldn't be able to take my sunglasses off.  So there are still 4 boxes of Christmas presents sitting in my car.  Maybe next week.

My car also decided to spontaneously light up the AWD warning light yesterday and I don't know what that means.  Scott can't find anything about it in the manuals or online, so I need to call the dealership tomorrow…which is just what I will feel like doing on the first day back to school.

The highlight of our evening was letting Scout at the popcorn bowl while we watched a movie.

He loves popcorn and if he's asleep, I like to hold popcorn under his nose. He'll snap awake and start chomping away.

Also, we think Jett is deformed because he has this crazy underbite.  When Scott first picked him up, he wasn't our first choice (ha ha ha…oh, I laugh at the irony) and he said, "He's pretty cute.  He's got an underbite and it makes him cuter."  I was skeptical.

And that's real-time blogging.  

*When I write book review posts, I actually keep track of what I'm reading in a blog post draft.  I add to it every time I finish a book or think of something important to say about a book.  I realize that a normal person would keep track in a journal or in Evernote or something, but I'm a fan of working smarter, not harder.  Why would I write something down just to rewrite it later?


  1. I haven't had my eyes dilated since my eye surgery in 2012, it's been glorious. haha.

  2. I haven't had my eyes dialated in a really long time. I plan to continue that for as long as possible. Although, I am looking into getting LASIK.

    I think it's actually very smart that you keep a draft for your monthly book post. You're absolutely right thar it doesn't make too much sense to write it down and then type it up. (Unless you're not near a computer when the idea comes to you!)

  3. I love blogging in real time and think I might actually pick a day a week to do that regularly. What a smart idea about the book posts--I like the idea of working smart not hard!

    I had a cat that loved popcorn! And Bailey lays the same way all the time--I'm convinced she and J would get along famously!

  4. I keep any monthly link up type report back post in a blogger draft form. I'm not transferring stuff around.

    I used to blog in real time a lot but it made me feel rushed. I like doing it before hand.

    My dogs love popcorn!

  5. I typically don't blog in real time. I try to do things in advance, even if it's a day or two. Sometimes, though, something will hit me and I write about it that day and then publish.

    My dogs LOVE popcorn!


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