March 25, 2016

How to have a Spring Break without going anywhere

I got a massage. 

I mailed all gifts and packages.

I watched some shows (binging FNL while I work on house projects/clean/grade/etc,  finished The Man in the High Castle, watching season 2 of Bosch, started and finished The Returned, keeping up with Jane the Virgin and 11.22.63).

The library was a bust. I have a pretty extensive to-read list on Goodreads and my libraries had next to nothing. I don't really like buying books, so I just kind of stall out. Thank goodness for audiobooks.

I need some new sneakers. I have some that are fine, but I think I need ones with more cushion if I'm going to be doing any kind of impact movement. These are more like court shoes.

I need a new Pilates mat. I almost always do Pilates or yoga on carpet, so thickness hasn't been an issue. But the mat I have was a gift from my cousin when I was in college. It was probably less than $20 and it's followed me from house to house for TEN years now. In fact, I specifically remember packing up my bedroom to move from Pennsylvania to Alaska and Scott handed it to me and I was all, "No...I don't need that" and he was like, "Just take it...we have a U-Haul to fill". And I moved it to four different houses before I actually started using it. I did Pilates without a mat for an entire year (again, carpeting) before realizing the mat did kind of make a difference.
Anyway. Need a new mat. Haven't gotten one yet. To-do list fail. Pilates mats are actually different than yoga mats anyway, and what I have is definitely a yoga mat.

So I checked off about half of my to-do list. I did not get a pedicure because it's snowstorming today and tomorrow. Maybe next weekend. Same with the rings.

I have made remarkable progress on the basement and I think it's getting more and more homey (is that a word?)...

So not the most exciting break, but it's better than last year when I had the flu or the year before when I had the stomach flu.

I'll take it.


  1. I could absolutely occupy a break doing all the things that slip to the bottom of the list / admin stuff.

    I always refresh my sneakers in March for my birthday, sometimes with one pair and sometimes with two. This year it was two.

  2. Gah, my kind of spring break (maybe I say this because I live in Florida? And everyone comes here??? LOL)

  3. oh wow, definitely better than the last 2 breaks. it actually slounds like a lovely break.
    i have gone through several yoga mats. my first one was from tj maxx or the like for about $10. since then, i have bought so many from other stores, expensive and super cheap, but i keep going back to that first one. it has the perfect grip and i never slip. my cats do like to use it to scratch a bit though, so it's not gonna last forever.
    my library is the same. i love the idea of libraries but mine never has what i want to read, so i buy or read a lot of ebooks. boo.

  4. That actually sounds like a nice spring break to me. Then again, with my busy schedule, I enjoy my rare days of nothing but binge watching TV and getting random home things accomplished.

  5. I like it. I'm craving a week all to myself just to get shit down and mix it up with some down time for just little ol' me. Does you library have their catalog listed online? Can you reserve books? I find this EXTREMELY helpful before a library trip. I don't ever go to the library without visiting online first.
    From a girl whose husband is a jeweller, get those rings checked. My cousin's middle stone fell out just last week because one of her claws/prongs snapped, and she hadn't even noticed.

  6. As much as I love a good vacation to a fun destination, I love staying at home on breaks, too. I'm a bit of a homebody sometimes, and I love not HAVING to go anywhere/do anything. I had a lot of running around and things to do this break. But oh well, at least I didn't have to get up at 6 AM.


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