December 3, 2015

Stuff and Things 12/3

Stuff, Things, etc.

+Well, I'm not sure how exactly it's December already.

+I'm more than a little disappointed that I found a purse on Nordstrom's website that I LOVE after months of searching. And it's $365.  Such disappointment is being felt right now. I think it's currently sold out too.

Like, it actually hurts.

+Speaking of gifts...check out Rodan+Fields for just about anyone you're in search of a gift for...

Not gonna lie: I, as a teacher, keep my Daily Body Moisturizer in my desk at school.  School soap is harsh on the hands.  

+And hey, that's it. Oh, unless you want to read something funny.  I've posted this once before, but #roofbreakup never gets old. I showed it to Scott and we had a laugh. 


  1. The #roofbreakup was seriously riveting, lol. And the part about them referencing to the guy sitting on his phone "not paying attention" is hilarious. Thanks for the funny :)

  2. I hate when I find something perfect and it is one million dollars more than I want to spend. Because once it's in my sights, I can't get it out.

  3. Did you put that purse on order for when it does come back?

    I'm trying to tell myself I don't want another purse but I fell in love with a Michael Kors who knows! Keith told me that if we buy a house, my future purses will be Jordache (funny how he remembered that brand, haha) and I said well then no more cpu items for you...he quickly shut up!

  4. well $365 is totally less than $400. haha. but out of stock? boo. maybe you can ask for nordstrom gift cards for chrissy and then it will be like free money.

  5. Bloomingdales has them IN STOCK good luck

  6. Never heard of the #roofbreakup before and it just made my day! Too funny!


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