December 17, 2015

Stuff and Things 12/17

Stuff, Things, etc.

+Homeland thoughts? Why must there be 56 minutes of nothingness and then 4 minutes of exciting twists at the end?

+The Leftovers thoughts?  It's so weird but is so well done.

+I stopped watching The Affair in October.  That's what was on t.v. when Scout had his accident.  I don't think I can watch it now.  (This sounds ridiculous, right?)  Plus, I hate Allison so much. And Noah is no prize so I'm not sure where it was going with the second half of season two and I don't really care. After you watch an episode of Homeland, you can't really follow it with an episode of The Affair. It's too trivial.

+Tomorrow is Pajama Day at school.  I wrote out my thoughts on pajama day a few years back.  I think I'm going to be the only one not in pajamas.

+I will say, in my defense, that I have a tough class this year and they are hard to manage even
when I wear teacher-clothes. I don't even wear jeans on Fridays because it's like as soon as they see me in jeans, they assume they can do whatever they want.  There is no WAY I'm wearing pajamas or lounge clothes or slippers.  Most days I feel like I'm playing Survivor and my goal is to outwit and outlast them. I will win, ultimately, of course. It's just a long road to victory.

+A friend started using Redefine recently and is concerned about the cost. Cost was my #1 concern when I started using Rodan+Fields.
Comparisons like this always make me do a double-take. 
Unblemish is $2.57 a day
Soothe is $2.40 a day
Reverse is $2.69 a day.

+I came across this article on a Facebook page I follow and I couldn't agree more: I don't want a 6-pack.  I will tell you that the closer I've been to a 6-pack in my life, the worse I've felt about myself. I can't remember if I've talked about it here, but trying to earn and keep ripped abs is a lonely path and I'm glad I'm not on it anymore. 

On that cheery note...

I took today off of work for an army function. It involves me picking up 15 dozen donuts plus gallons of coffee first thing this morning.  
Wish me luck.

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  1. I had just started to realize that the attitude of the kids depends on what I wear. I'm hesitant to wear my PJ's tomorrow, although its a half day and we are having a holiday party so madness will ensue no matter what.

  2. Whenever people talk about not paying for expensive planners, I'm like but you will drink a glass of wine out at a bar for $7 when the entire bottle cost $9. LOL Price for me is always all about how much I'll use it/how good it works and I break it down like you did above. When you do that, it makes sense if you're going to use something.

  3. Haha, it took me a while to buy good skin products (AS YOU KNOW) but yes, very good comparison and worth it! Anything I know I will get a lot from is worth it to me.

  4. I still haven't been able to try Homeland, although the show intrigues me and I've always liked Claire Danes for some weird reason even though she's not really the best actress ever...

    I've always hated pajama day, too. Even in high school I refused to wear pajamas to school...why would I want everyone I encounter to know what I wear to bed? It's weird.

    I like having defined abs (still working on that), but a six-pack, regardless of all the other health issues she mentions, are just way too much work. I can't commit to that strict of a diet and that strict of an exercise regimen just to be able to count the muscles in my stomach.

  5. I hope the Army function went well!!! :)

  6. Good luck...on not eating them while transporting ;)

  7. I never thought about the change in behavior from the kids if they see the teacher dressed differently. #themoreyouknow

    I'm going to read that six-pack article. I'm trying to work on a healthier approach to body image.

  8. i don't want a 6 pack either! no thanks. loved that article.
    i think we watched one episode of the affair. i know it sounds silly, but it made us both a little uncomfortable.. hard to explain. it wasn't our jam. i really do want to start watching homeland though, maybe over christmas holidays.

  9. Ahh. One of those classes. Been there.

    Sounds like a day off was a good idea. I'd wrangle donuts and coffee any day over that kind of class. ;)


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