December 20, 2015

Crispy Gnocchi and Veggies

Recipe challenge, recipe #50.

I didn't plan on adding this one in as I rounded the homestretch of this recipe challenge.  But I made it for dinner last night and it was so easy and tasty that I thought you might like to know about it.
The picture is evidence that I made dinner around 6pm when it was dark out and not conducive to food-blogging, but gnocchi is gnocchi I suppose.

Along with pearl couscous, I usually try to have a package of gnocchi in the pantry because it makes for a quick dinner.  I stretch it with whatever veggies I have on hand, and sometimes top it with pesto or marinara.  This time, I kept it simple with grape tomatoes and saut√©ed zucchini and garlic.

I used my cast iron skillet (which I love) because it could go in the oven.

In the skillet, I heated some olive oil and put in a diced zucchini.  I added about 20 grape tomatoes, halved, and a clove of thinly sliced garlic (I slice my garlic instead of mincing it to give it a sweeter flavor) once the zucchini was crispy.

In a separate pot, I boiled some water and cooked the gnocchi for 2-3 minutes until it floated to the top.  I strained the water and then added the gnocchi to the cast iron skillet to let it brown up a bit.  I added another tablespoon of olive oil because gnocchi will stick.

After a few minutes, I tossed it all together really well and then added about 3/4 cup of shredded mozzarella to the top.  Then I put it in the oven to broil for a few minutes.

And that's it.  Dinner.


  1. Yum, this looks so good! Mike is a huge gnocchi fan, so I need to make this for him.

  2. I must confess I have never ate gnocchi but this looks delicious. May have to try it soon!

  3. Apparently gnocchi is a foreign concept here because NOBODY sells it. I saw it one time at the bigger grocery store and should have stocked up because now it's gone and they never restocked it (story of my life here, I swear). I should just break down and make my own, it's just so labor intensive...

  4. this sounds and looks delicious. i love gnocchi. i bought it one day soon after i moved here and kc was like what the heck is that? i was dumbfounded. i love gnocchi! tomatoes, zucchini and cheese? sold.


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